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teacher avatar Melisa Redondo, Yoga & Art Instructor.

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (55m)
    • 1. WELCOME!!

    • 2. PROJECT...


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About This Class

YOGA TO CONNECT WITH YOURSELF is a 45 minute sequence of Yoga for Beginners, but all levels are welcome!

This practice it´s the progression of my previous classes: Easy Yoga for a Radiant Day ,Easy Yoga for Self Love and Easy Yoga for a Strong Mind

In this class you will:

  • Explore your core strength ;) 
  • Work your back muscles through backbends
  • Stretch your legs
  • Improve the flexibility of the upper back and shoulders
  • Relax and renew with breath work at the end of the practice 

By the end of this class you will feel:

  • Physically revitalized and clear minded
  • Strong and Motivated to continue with your day
  • Extremely relaxed

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Melisa Redondo

Yoga & Art Instructor.



Passionate about colors and sensations, Im a mixed media human project made of Yoga, Art and travels. 

I have 10 years of experience teaching Yoga, 6 years traveling America (non stop!) and my whole life as visual artist.  

As a superpower I can paint anything with anything.

Im constantly learning in the infinite sea of awareness, color and design, and teaching the most beauty things I know: Art and Yoga.

My mission is to make people feel alive.

If you would like LIVE online clases, reach me at IG as


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1. WELCOME!!: My name's Lisa from Africa. I practiced in structure thesis class Issa Flow Dosimeters The poster, sir Asking us are not difficult, but you have to focus putting with your inner strength and 2. PROJECT...: the product for this class is too great. And look for yourself each night. You can do these injured yoga journal. This shouldn't be a long letter, but a part of, say one are two important things you need to remember. Say, thanks to yourself for doing it one day more or whatever you feel in the moment. The 80 I so great the connection with yourself in the same way you created connections with others being honest, talking in a loving way, sharing the feelings or important insights that you have had during the, you know, showing love care and that thing communication is the best way to grow a good relationship . So do it with yourself. Thank you for what? She man, Thank you for practice. 3. PRACTICE: YOGA 2 CONNECTC WITH YOURSELF: no must stay. Let's start kneeling on the mark. Keep your belly in and your chest up and rest your hands on your knees. They couldn't breath in an ally in the center off your chest. With your third eye. Breathe calmly and slowly close your rice and said the intention of knowing yourself better . Truly spread this. Open your eyes, email. Open your chest and take your hand sub. Exhale and bring your hands in front of your chest in in front of your man. Rest your forehead on the mat, it go shy. Expose. Inhale deeply and felt your back muscles stretching slowly. If your head doesn't touch the floor yet, they're afraid the good one faced on top of the other and rest your forehead on the dock your hands. But if you prefer to work more on your arms, stretch them in front of you, placing your finger tips on the month without touching the month with your arms and throws your breath failed the working your upper back and shoulders. Whatever you are emailing, look forward. Work with your finger tips to your right side. Release your head on you and feel the stretch in off your left side of your body. Keep reading slowly and feeling what you feel, and if you feel so you can walk, even be back to your right side. Oh, email. Look up and walk slowly with your fingertips to the center and to your left side. Right, I feel Hear us well, and when you feel ready, work deeply. If you feel so to your left side, work back to center. You know, look forward. An excel place again, your forehead on the floor. You know before and plays the whole hands on the floor. Bring your hips up off your knees and place your toes on the floor. Now look up. Release the weight off your butt in Excel round up looking to your been, you know, Look up in Excel. Look to your buddy. We nail look up and excel through your bank. You know one more ghost pose in excel to your belly Cats pose and now straight spine and be sure your hands are aligned with your shoulders and your niece. Align with your hips. Leave your knees, touch the flower journeys and feel the strength off your poor. Oh, now pushed your chest stores your legs. Leave your hips a bit more. Slowly straighten your knees and try to touch the floor with your heels. If your heels doesn't touch the floor of the war comes with time. Inhale. Bring your shoulders over your breasts. Left the need to the floor and straight your right leg. Place the soul of your right foot on the floor. People on your left me to find balance e mail and raise your right arm. Look up and stretched your whole body. Excel and going back to a floor. Place your right house on the floor, people on your left knee and stretch back your left leg. Keeping your shoulder several your breasts. Keep your Belene your case between your hands and slowly look foot down. Bring your knees and your head to the floor. You nail. Look forward and come back to table booze. Straight your legs toe plank. Pose them. Bend your knees and take up your hips. Exel Straight leg single No cash. Manas. Keep your red stable E mail. Look forward and move your body forward. Be work on your right. Me to find violence. Turn your left foot on the floor. Email and open your left arm and open your Just look up. Breathe deeply there. Be absolutely conscious off the's right, Mom, Excel. Look down and know your be with again on your right. Me and straight your leg back. Keep your baleen No, your foot. Bend your knees and X selling straight your legs to other cash manners Upset. How would you feel right now? Slowly woke back with your hands to your beak and take with your hands the opposite l rest your head in between your arms. Cascade all the way off your body down here and balance yourself a little bit. Sore syrah toes So you're he bones are aligned with your ankles. Slowly bend your knees, Leni's your arms. Inhale and your body keeping your knee spend and exhale. Cascade down your arms. They'll come back with your arms and excel. Cascabel Oh, your legs. Release weight off your head. Marie deeply and relax Slowly released your arms and walked the plank. Pose slowly, please your knees. Angeline steps on the floor and take your hips their heels to relax. In chance. Bring your finger tips. Besides journeys, bring your body up. Seek on journeys. You know, Bring your arm so and excel. Place your hands on top off your month, you know, and move your body forward to table bows. From there, droll circles with your chest. Come back to center and please your chest between your hands. Place your insects on the floor and leave your arms your chest in your side up. Excel and go back to the floor with your chest. Those needs to the floor and move your hips to your heels. Live your niece from the floor An ex. Illustrate your legs into other more cash. Innocent, you know, and kick back up with your left leg. Exhale with your belief. Bring your left foot between your hands with strong legs and strong car. Take your hips toe, open your chest and from there email and if your arms up, exhale and slowly bring your hands to the floor. Briny on the floor, left arm up and open your chest. E nail. Look up and exhale. Go back to the floor, walk back to blank booze. Then he stole a floor chest. Lift floor in steps on the floor and flow for the core. Oppose. Exhale down. Place your toes and your knees and thank your hips their heels from there. Straight your niece and bring your hips up, you know, right, Let up an Excel right foot between your hands E now four straight spine and strongly bring your hands to your hips. Open your chest. Leave your hands the crescent worrier. Exhale him. Still have floor. Carefully place your left knee on the floor in gracefully open your right arm. Excel, look down him to the floor and slowly work back blank pose. Place your knees on the floor. You're just on the floor in steps and flow. Board enough to portables. Excel with your chest on the floor. Those some the floor and wrote that your use go back up to Alamo Cash Renison. Civilized your bread and your doubts focus on your feelings on your sensations of this moment. Nice, though, and he expect those chads supposed and you're here. One the bread and slowly place your fingertips. Besides your knees E mail and leave your body up. Race your hands and excel. Raise your hands forward in your month. Inhale flow forward the core. Oppose excel and flew back. The child's pose. Niece up keeps up cash in l kick with your left leg. Exhale foot between your hints. Stronger. Come up the crescent, Worrier. Hands up! Looked their hands. Exhale. Place your hands on the floor, right foot flat on the floor and place the left hand by the inner side off the left foot with your fingertips, You know, and open up with your right arm. Excel, Come down. Place your right arm, place your right toes and open up your left arm. Excel, come down and kick back with your left leg. Now move your shoulders forward. The one leg Blanco's them both down the floor, knees and chest to the floor Accepts on the floor in flow Go repose, Excel called down and back Gosh, now the other side Keep up with your right leg up. Excel right leg for between the hands you knew grace and wearier. First, open your chest and then if your arms exhale strong and stable, Hand sliver left foot flat on the floor and the open your left arm and your chest excel. Come down on your left toes and open your right arm. Exhale. Come down, Kick back with your right leg toe one leg. Blanco's then fit on the floor, Niese on the floor just on the floor and flew forward. Goto, boost and Excel compound and flew back in tow. Alamo Cash Reynosa. Observe how strong you feel, mr the Floor Shine It smokes E mail finger tips. Besides your journeys sugar ssab come at if your hands an excellent place your hands some type of your mind and flew forward to core Oppose And if you feel it, lift your legs off the floor Oh, we're facing the Excel Rolling your those Alamo Cashman asana and inhale Kick back with your left leg Excel left between your hands and email Grass and warrior excel hence, in front of your chance, right foot flat on the floor. Open your arms toe warier, too and look for your inner strength. Oh, sir, how the terminate you can be without moving your legs? Move your arms and your core back and then rich forward. Then touch your right leg with your right hand and lift up your left hand. Exhale gracefully, both hands on the floor and places those off your right foot female hoping your chest left arm up. Keep your right leg really straight. Exhale come down and barrel your feet. Then we'll with your hands between your legs Keeping your feet parallel Ben Journeys Looking for stability Bulgur, Belene and leave your arms Exhale Come down with your hands and book your hand. Store the right foot Work back. Available cash on US niece and in steps on the floor the Scheide suppose place your fingertips besides journeys on, Leave yourself up. E mail your hands up Excel flew for work to go to blows and then toe or a mocha shrine asana lex off the floor Excel goto other move cash bonuses in their lives You're right. Liver Excel, right foot between your hands E Now leave yourself up the Crescent Warrior pose. Excel hands in front of your chest, left foot flat on the floor, the second warrior. Then open your arms. Hands a line with your shoulders, bellying. Connect with your inner strength. Keep your legs as they are and move your body back. I m for work and back. Place your left hand on your left leg, opening your body back in the peaceful world, you know both arms up, exhale with and slip, nor find similarly the on your left those and they'll bend your chest, Keep your belly in and the cautiousness off your inner power Really active right now. Excel with the end store floor, bright foot flat on the floor and walk to the center of your mouth with your hands. Barrel your feet and place your right hand on the math in front of your face. Inhale and open your heart, lifting your left arm and excel. Chase your arms in our twist and excel. Go back to the floor with Boldin's from there, take the opposite elbow with your hands. Release your head between your arms. Keep your arms Are your head happens. Touch the north. You can close your feet as much as junior to assure that your head and your arms her hanging. Being here, just breathe and relax. E Mail and Excel. Release your arms and place your finger tips on them up the straits. Fine. Look forward to your hips with your hands and come up. Spin the left book. Keep their right as he's extendable arms. Look for work and move your body for with your left hand, touched your caption. Open your chest and lived up to write in, they say stricken us and our our triangle pose. Exhale well. Handsome floor. Spin your right foot, pointing towards your left, work for with your hands and release your health being your arms you know straight spine. Look forward and walk back with your hands. Keep your spine straight. You're very, really active. And if it's possible, lift your arms by words. Exhale lower your hands and your feet when you're in the center off your math, look for stability and take your big toes with your middle and index finger. Email just up straight spine and exhale. Fooled for Russia, eat the appellate Denison. You can move a little bit your body to adjust if you feel it. E mail straits fine four and sear Heats and lift up your brush. Spend your right foot and extend your arms, the reconnaissance or triangle. Also, remember that your sheen, and if it's available for you, you can think even your ankle or touch the floor. But the handle machine It's perfectly OK. Remember toe. Open your chest and keep your belly in your legs. Excel. Look down. Place will dance on the floor. Spin your back food. Keep both Lex trey work for With Your Arms and Excel. Released your head between your arms. If you feel your are stretching your neck, you always skin Micro band journey. I woke. I worked with your finger dibs. Active your legs. I am. And if it's available for you, extend your arms back and fly gracefully blazer and so on the floor speaking you're fit and work with your hands between your legs. They care Duboc edible with your hands and rest. Excel. Release your arms and place a finger Tips on the floor. Keep your Lexus they are and work with your fingertips out off the food. Just stretch there and feel grateful for your amazing body. With its amazing sensations. We'll go back to the center and go directly to the other side speaker fit to the right and walk back to a more cash. Move your body forward and please your niece on the month, your hips to the hills and please your fingertips. Besides your unease in jail and lift your body up, bring your hands up up in your chest, excel and low your body float core oppose and the nail go up we're facing the give the most up your bag lengthy here, Excel, Release your body. Release your chest. Place a right for arm in the floor and then you left me so you can take the inner side off your foot with your left hand. Your fingers are pointing by works, and then you can take the foot. Look forward and lift your in. This way, you can press effectively. You. He'll do your your best. Don't get their chest open tallies and then the other side. Remember hope to cook the food. Your elbow shall be binding up and back, and your hand presses the foot theory. Excel and carefully and slowly release your foot. Bend your knees a slipper as you can, and try to think you're in close with your hands. If this is not available for you, you can use a strap around your ankles for help to the floor. In the next generation, push back with your ankles, lifting your chest, excel and really slowly place your abdomen again on the floor and last release your ankles . Place your finger tips besides your chest, inhale and leave your shoulder saying your chest into a high code, Excel and release your chest on the floor E mail Come back up the cobra and excel Going back down Continue flowing at your rhythm You know, for the last time and excel Release Ben this time on your left leg and take with your bright arm The instep off your left leg. Kick strongly back. If you feel stable and ready. Straight forward your left arm, your right leg expressing the floor all the time. Keep grabbing your ankle. Go back to the floor with your hand, then relieves the ankle and then the other night with your left him Take your right ankle and kick strongly with that leg and lest a straight your right arm up and pork. And remember that your left leg expressing the flower exhale. Press the floor with arrived him and then release the leg plays the forehead, arms and all the body resting on the floor. You know, Look forward. Leave your chest, clip your legs and last straight. Your arms up and forward. Slowly. Go back with your arms. Released your legs. Release your chest and rest E mail and place your shin on the floor and bend your knees one more time. Grab your ankles with your hands. Leave your chance and kick back. This time is this year use. Call your inner strength kickback and slowly release your legs and place your hands. Besides your chest E mail. When Gore oppose really deep and profound Bandic sale, lift your hips toe Adam Mash little by little woke to your hands, Interlace your fingers back really is the weight of your head and your spine and micro and your legs. Transfer your body way through right leg. Carefully kick back with your left leg in tow. Variation off warier three. Then I endure right and bring back your left leg. Transfer your body weight to your left leg and kick back with your right leg. Slowly bring back to center. You're rightly man your knees and bring your chest to your legs. Release your hands, place them when they're Matt, then gross. You're fit and slowly and gracefully sit also, cousin, you nail and open your chest and your trolled and exhale. Relax. Put the soles off your feet to better and grab your ankles. E mail and open your chest Excel, go way down to your feet. You know they'll go back up and exhale. Go back forward, continually Smoke man's diving in your feelings. Now your right hand pick your left me into a little twist Slowly chase your side, opening the chest us you twist and come back to center. Now put your niece together and prepare to both post as a first option. You can do it with both knees band, or you can keep one leg bent and the other straight and then change. I also said, Come up short. You can straight for the legs and rich this guy with your arms Excel, Release your legs and hold your niece. Give yourself a big hug in this travel of introspection and their release, seek, Answer Cassandra. And to relax the neck, we're gonna make five circles with the head one duration and then change the direction of the circles. When you're ready, open the chairs and release your legs. Now bend your knees a little and think the outer side of your feet. If you want to try a deeper for fooled, I guess continue running your feet and Australia or legs. Then you can bend yourself forward to your legs if you wanna try 1/3 option. Just need to wrap your toes with your index and your immune finger and straight your spine without fully go for with your chest and back with your shoulders When you're ready. Released your legs, your arms and they hold your knees once more and rock your body from one side to the other. Open your arms and let journey scotch the floor by the left side. Look to your right side with your left hand. Wrap your ride Me. Come back to center and release your legs. Sold away to the other side. - Slowly go back to center straight legs and stay in rest bows or a shove ascena for the next minutes. Okay, are only the baby? No dice is performed. Maybe seen. That's less plantas less plantas day. Venus. Yeah, try try. So only the baby. You know what I says to state right now? Hey, no