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8 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. INTRO

    • 2. Warm Up

    • 3. Kicking Up into Handstand Against a Wall

    • 4. Fall Out Of Handstand With Wall

    • 5. Fall Out Of Handstand Without The Wall

    • 6. Finding The Balance

    • 7. Work With Fingers

    • 8. Last Tip

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About This Class

Hello Everyone, in this yoga inversions series this is my 3rd course. in this course, I will guide you How to do Handstand. my advice is first to watch this video a few times and after you understand then follow through. 

Meet Your Teacher

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Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. INTRO: almost everyone. My name is Vero. I'm your teacher and in this year and wouldn't city. This is my third course. In my previous two course, I taught how to do head Stan and how to do for imbalance. And this is my third course here. I'm going to teach you how to do hander Stan. 2. Warm Up: welcome back. So before you go for Henderson again, Wall, let's do some warm up is a simple in the lock fingers like this and rotate doe 10 times its side and then switch other side So I can go toward three wraps like this and then offer that each shoulder rotation like this 10 time front to back and then 10 times rewards back to front. You can go toward to wraps 10 10 and then after that, go to the wall. All right, now using the bar. But you can use the wall. So just put your hand like this and like a push ups. So 10 times like this, you can go to reps. Total is 20. And then what were the scapula in and out? So come to the news and pumps like this, and then 10 time in hill, relaxing your chest and then exhale chest away from the ground. Your upper back 10 time So you can do again this one. So sex 10 10 total is 20 and then foreign plank like the Sinus posture. Don't lift your hips like this. Essay hips coming down and bring your front of the hip bone and the lower rips toward each other. Reeling is your core and give noticing chest. How if on the mat, shoulders away from the years and hold this position around 20 to 30 seconds and you can repeat this 13 times. No, I'm working with the race again. So again, come to the tabletop like this and 10 time. Lift your wrist up and then don't up and down, up, down, up. Don't so do this one. Also to sex and his time. 10. And after this, do just reverse your pumps, your hands close to the knees like this and, if possible, your elbows right. And from here, call your fingers and then it's writing 10 time. Do this one also to sex, and it's time 10 and 10 and then relax. 3. Kicking Up into Handstand Against a Wall: one come back now. Once. Obama. So first the staff were going to do anistan against the wall. So right now I'm using this bars. But we can do against wall. So the basic is your first your hands position. So as you can see my hands index finger and middle finger. So a line in between this one with the rest center of the wrist. So your hand position is something is like this not out and in ideal position, OK, and then your hands of Mistura's worth not too in and not to out. And then second is your shoulders not over the race Direct slightly forward over the knuckles, off the fingers, slightly forward. So this is a handstand position so you can see when I do my anistan, So shoulders likely forward now Just watch. I'm not moving my shoulders from that position. So from very beginning you must form the habit. Keep your shoulders over the knuckles of the fingers, moves like a father from front of the wrist. And one more thing. Don't go like this. Don't movie shoulders funding back. So once his Children in the correct position, this stack your shoulders over the rest OK, and then from here 30 step It's your lex position. Not like this. It's like a running position. One like front one is back Now from your lift your one leg up. So which one like you feel more comfortable? Go with that. So I'm using my right leg up. So right knee upper leg should be straight and point your toe Do not bent uni now from here this one like which is down on the on the floor Benjani and use the force from this one leg and kick up does the wall and come back. So keep noticing I'm not sent sending my shoulders forward and backward. So first shoulders over the race Likely forward and from the lift one leg up, bench any and push does the wall and come back. Maybe in the beginning you might feel his little difficulty kick up. But this keep trying Once able to touch the wall Then try to lift your both legs up. So from here, once he able to touch the wall Then try both legs up and hold this position. Hold this 1 12th 20 or as much you can and then come down. So does this one, maybe 10 time, and it's time for at on 10 to 20 seconds or maximum as much you can. 4. Fall Out Of Handstand With Wall: so a lot of a stern had the fear inside. When you do your Henderson without wall So you have fear if you go over and you're gonna heart your shoulders, your back or your neck. So now here is the one is skill If you learn this one first safely, quite easy for you. So now what you do simply go to the wall for sister. I understand on the wall. So if you're kicking with the right leg, you have to move your right hand if you can with the left, like you have to move your left hand. So now I'm going toe kick with my left black So hander Stan are in the wall There's a force to stop. So if you're kicking with the left hand left like so move your left it's likely forward and come from the side way So one Henderson second Move your hand Slightly forward and heart come from the sideway. So now I'm going to show you with the right leg surpluses Stop hander Stan Second movie. Hence, like a forward and third come down from sideway practice. This one asked many time. You can 5. Fall Out Of Handstand Without The Wall: now the next step. So it's still before we go for Henderson without wall. Try this on first. So in this time, view off. Find that tradition. Where is a Henderson, actually, so what? I mean, so here is the wall. I'm going to find my understand. So I'm kicking up feet together and come down. So actually, this position is almost is a understand position. So whenever you kick up, try do not touch the wall. If you're touching the Wallace means you're going out of balance. You're going too much forward. And we don't want that because if you're going over, you're gonna fall down. So every time, a new kick up, so find this kind of sense kick up. Don't. Does the wall fit together and down because this is a handstand position. If you find here going too much like this, you're already over, so you should have this kind of sense. So anybody going over you have to move your hand immediately. Not one to show you from here. So kick fit together like this feet together. Now, when you're going little over, just move your hand. You are safe. I want to show you one more time. So just imagine, Good as a wall. You kick touch your feet like this. Try to catch balance. If you go over, just move your hand site and come from the side. 6. Finding The Balance : welcome back. So once Heberto do hander Stan kick up without wall means you know how to protect yourself . If you go over in this movie a one hand immediately come from the site way. Now it will become very easy for you to find Afghanistan. So now I'm going to demonstrate there's a two way Are you confined? Which one suits for you? So if your habit if you form the habit, this one both legs together, up and touch to try to find balance here just try to find balance here and come down. But some off defying this one is still challenging and they feel this one is much easier. So it doesn't matter your expedition in the beginning, if you feel comfortable with this one with the open legs like this or like this, so just try to find balance here. Ask much. You can hold us long. You can and then try feet together. So in my sedition in the beginning is a release is fine. It's very a big challenge to find balance even for a few seconds. So do this one with the with the wall, go to the wall and just try to find balance. So you're not gonna come down, Try to find balance as much you can. And then sometimes you try without wall. 7. Work With Fingers : Welcome back. So now here. One more idea. You can't the balance. So I will show you from my feet. So just notice my feet. So, for example, this is my if you go upside down Afghanistan. So this is my pumps, okay? And this is my legs. So you're doing hander Stan against the wall. Something is like this. Okay, so right now you're going over so from here, but we need to find balance. Okay, So your palms, right now, my toes is my fingers. Okay. So by pressing your finger tapes down, you try to move your legs away from the wall. Something is like this. You can see my feet right on pressing my toe so I'm able to move my hands back. As I relax my toes, my body is falling forward. So I like this one matter. In upside down position in your hand is Stan. So go really close to the wall like this. So right now, my toes touching the bars now impressing my fingers and relaxing, progressing and relaxing, pressing and relaxing. If you press too much, So you gonna come down. So you have to find the coordination. So if if you're going too much or oppressive fingers, so your feet moves likely back. If you press too much, you're gonna come down so you don't press too much, then try to relax a little and just work with a sense of balance. So now when you do, you understand. Without wall, try this fingertips. If you feel you're going over press fingertips. If you go too much lower, just move your hand. Little forward. Okay, so eventually your finger this will prevent you to fall over. Okay. So must, as you feel, you're going over. Press your fingertips if you go over press fingertips. So, really, what were the fingertips? If you go too much, move your hand side. So no need to be afraid and just be playful. 8. Last Tip: So now we're going to wrap up this video with the last point during the Afghanistan. Do not put your all the body with on your wrist. Try to see a little bit here, the new Nichols off your fingers. So how fit here? Half it here and be safe. Remember, whenever you feel, tire must take rest, save energy and then use that energy in the right correct way. So thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions, please send us over your messages and we'll see you soon, I must say.