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12 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Meet Your Instructor

    • 2. Safety

    • 3. Forearm Balance Demo

    • 4. Shoulders Stretch for Flexibility

    • 5. Build Strength & Stability 1

    • 6. Build Strength & Stability 2

    • 7. Kick up Forearm Stand at The Wall

    • 8. Falling out of Pincha (With Wall)

    • 9. Falling out of Pincha (Without Wall)

    • 10. Find Balance

    • 11. Bonus video Forearm balance with Blocks for core stability and balance


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About This Class

Going upside down makes you stronger and more flexible. Plus it changes your perspective. Use this sequence to build a Forearm Balance and watch your body and mind transform.

As you work to build up to Pincha Mayurasana, a pose that requires a courageous, open heart, not to mention flexibility in the upper back and shoulders, notice when you feel challenged. If the physical part is hanging you up, concentrate on your upper body or your abdominal muscles to create the conditions necessary to go upside down. If fear is the problem and it takes hold, fully experience its texture as it arises, stay steady as those feelings move through you, and watch how they naturally dissolve.

The seeds of change already exist within you. Even if you don't go upside down today, you have everything you need your breath, your patience, and your resolve to transform your fear into curiosity and your cautious preparations into the exhilaration of a full inversion. Good luck!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. Meet Your Instructor: almost everyone. My name is video and I'm your teacher in this Environment city. This is my second course. And in this course I'm going to teach you how to go for our balance. 2. Safety: now about the safety if you're someone new in the yoga, so it's my suggestion. You must go for some your glasses. And once you feel confident, you can go for the new words and then you can try for imbalance. For those who are regular, you can go for this forum balance cities. 3. Forearm Balance Demo: Now, before you go any exercises? I'm going to show you how to do for imbalance. I'm going to show you how this looks alike. So you have good mental image so we can work better. So in a foreign balance, hence your forearms palette to each other. He as you can see my shoulders, shoulders forward, Helber. And then from here, kick up and hips coming over over the shorter shoulders over the rest and try to make a straight line No arch. So as you see the demonstration for imbalance, we need to work first Shoulder flexibility. 4. Shoulders Stretch for Flexibility: now for the soul of flexibility, you can use two blocks like this. Place your bets on the blocks and your fingertips together. Try to keep your respond away from each other so you need a little extra gradation from Shorter's and then from here, your hips over the knees and then gently push your chest down. You must do this one exercise or a stretch before you go for the forum and my citizen. Invest your time here as much you can and minimum maybe 10 minutes so you can go this time one minute cold and then back, little relaxed and then try it again. 5. Build Strength & Stability 1: Welcome back. So now once you did your shoulder stretch, the next step will work with the shoulders and the side of the ribs called legs. So come to the fore wrong, Like this. Fit together. So here you have two oxen. If you are you feeling this one is quite challenging for you. Drop your knees down and then within Hill, relax your chest. Here, you'll feel something. You're sure lumbers toward each other. And then as you exhale, push your elbows down and move your chest away from the mat. So is it moving a chest away from the Met? Keep noticing how you're feeling your side of the rapes on your shoulders. Keep noticing. Chest away from the mat and shoulders away from the here. If you can do this, lift your knees and the do same exercise chest down. And uh huh, 10 time 6. Build Strength & Stability 2: Welcome back. No. The next step. Find the forum balance position. Similar position with the help of the wall. You can do this One exercise with a chair, but I'm going to show you. You can use the wall now. We are going to find the same forum balanced position with the help of the wall. The benefit is with the help of the wall. You can hold this position little longer and you compare dense and how you're working with the shoulders and your hips and your back. So you have to go against the wall just like this. I didn't distance. Does your Lexus distance? Where is your hips? Your elbows would be nearby. There. So, like this said your homes, lift your hips and walk your feet the wall. So from here, notice his shoulder. Silver's coming over the edibles. Keep pressing your edibles down. Lift your chest up and bring your hips over the shoulders and to stay here. If you feel comfortable, then lift your one leg up like this. Be careful, don't go over. So it's stay here for 20 seconds, 30 seconds on if possible for one minute and then come back 7. Kick up Forearm Stand at The Wall : So now, once you master the previous one, How toe Find a position. Similar portion for for imbalance. Then you go for for unbalance against the wall. Kick up. So go as close to the wall. Set your hands, lift your hips and walk your feet forward. So before the kick up, notice again Do not move your elbow Scout, Keep pushing your elbows down and it will help you to record more restaurant from your upper back and your legs and then keep noticing you're not leaning forward. Pushes shoulders gently back over the Help us now from here, lift your one leg up. So notice er ritual like you're going to kick up. For example, my own is the right leg. So my right news this right. So keep your right leg straight and bent ill left knee from here. Post yourself up and feet together. Now hold this position as long you can and then come down 8. Falling out of Pincha (With Wall): welcome back. So once you muster, you are kick up August wall. Now the next step how to fall over. And this one is the most important. So most of the students they stuck here because you have little fear inside. If you fall over, you're gonna heart your neck or your hips. So again, if you're pressing your elbows down, not touching your head to your mat so you're not going to heart your neck. That's the first thing. The second when you fall over sometime you can hardly back is because off your falling with your hips. If you know what to do, you're not going to heart your back. So I'm going to show you the step by step matter how to fall over. So God is the wall, so I don't distances. ELEX distance. So where is your hips? Your albus would be there, so first position said your pounds. Lift your hips and walk your feet from here. Hips coming over the shoulder and keep it simple. Go step by step. This is your first position. Second, bring your one foot close to the hip like this, not here, close to the hip and make sure your foot don't point your toes down. It should be flex. So you're when you fall over. Go with the sole of the foot And from here Tartus step party step. You have to make arch and fall over with the sole of the foot, not from the toe. Remember, he is slow as you arch your back. Gently post your chest toe work, Walk flus, politician hips over the shoulders. You're looking back. Second, bring your one foot close to the hit. Now from here, pushing a chance backward as the arch your back, Arch, arch, arch So you're not going to hit your hips? First feats have come down. So as you can see, I'm using my two max so you can use three and four Merce or maybe some blankers, so it becomes a little more softer and safer 9. Falling out of Pincha (Without Wall): now, once you master have to follow over with the help of the wall. Now we will do the same technique without walk Sudden Don't afraid, because off your all the body made is in your forearms Your elbows you're not going to hearty are neck and you're going with the foot. You're not going to hurt your back, so nobody now watch again from here said your hands and lift your hips so fast Position, it's coming over the shoulders. Second your foot close to the hip. Now from here, you need to do just a little hop. So do little hop and then down a little more. And then down in this way you have a little idea how toe Push yourself up. So don't go too fast. Remember, he is slow down from here up and then dealt Now once you're good idea up and arch. So try this 10 Time and east time. Try. Toe do s low. You can 10. Find Balance: welcome back. So in a previous video, Resa How to Fall Over Without Wall and this one is the most. Tell anyone in the forum balancing now once you can do that one. In between this tradition from this side, as if all over in between there is a balance. So I'm going to show you. Set your forearms walking a foot forward, lift your one leg up, and this time, as you kick up, try to find balance. Remember, if you go over, just arch your back. But now you have to work with a balancing so kick and try to find balance. Doesn't matter your feet position. If it's open, that's fine. Just find balance slowly, slowly you can try needs together, and then you need this straight from the very beginning. If you're doing kick up against the wall, going a straight, you can do the same thing here. When you kick up, go with the straight legs. If you go over, just arch your back one more time. Either go with open legs are it's straight legs if you go over arch, so just play around and try your best 11. Bonus video Forearm balance with Blocks for core stability and balance: welcome back. So this is a bonus video in this video. I'm going to show you one off technique, which is very good for the forum balancing and headed Stan. So you three blocks setting. It's like this. This looks like the ship. So here is a gap and decide it's a gap. Okay. And go to the wall and set like this. So from here, flat your palms like this because we're doing for imbalanced. So fingertips pressing down and your head is coming under somewhere here like this. Walk your feet forward and your back. Push your back against the block and then cake up. Maybe in the beginning you will feel something like this and coming back. That's fine. But keep er first. Like it straight. So porous, straight bent your left knee and up. Now, once you're here, keep pushing you back against the block and try. Move your feet away from the wall and then come down. I remember this one really is quite challenging. Also, because your hands are open, you can do the same thing with interlocked fingers. Why do you think is behind the blocks like this? Walk and push your back against block and kick up and then one foot away from the wall than another and hold and come down. With this second, it will give you just little idea when you're not touching your feet to the wall, how you feel in the middle part of the body. This means hearing you look better helping this, your core. 12. Next - HANDSTAND COMING SOON!: welcome back. So I talked to you all the techniques and all the drills. You try your best and remember, be safe. And if you have any question, please just let me know and let me know your progress. Also give me your comments and the next video. I'm going to teach you how to go. Understand? Let's see you soon, I must say.