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10 Lessons (10m)
    • 1. Meet Your Instructor

    • 2. Safety

    • 3. Strengthening Exercises 1 ( Forearm Plank Hold ) 3 Times

    • 4. Strengthening Exercises 2 ( Scapular Streght )3 Times

    • 5. Strengthening Exercises 3 ( Forearm Downward Dog ) 3 Times

    • 6. Understand Body Weight Ratio 90% & 10% 3 Times

    • 7. Headstand Against the Wall

    • 8. Improve Your Balance

    • 9. Headless Headstand

    • 10. Forearm Balance coming soon...

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About This Class

Take your hatha practice to the next level and join Viru for the brand new series for inversions and arm balances. Whether you’re a regular hatha yogi or a beginner fresh to the mat, this series is for you. See you soon!

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viru Badwal



My name is Viru. I am a Yoga Teacher and I have been teaching yoga since 2006.

I love to practice yoga and love to share my skills with others. Just found Skillshare and I like this, I think it’s a good place to meet people who want to improve their yoga skills.

I love all kinds of yoga styles but my favorite is INVERSIONS balancing pose, arm balance, and handstand.

I love to meet people and share knowledge so please give your comments and let me know if you have any request about yoga I will do my Best.

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1. Meet Your Instructor: most everyone. My name is zero, and I'm your teacher. And in this important cities, I'm going to teach you how to do Harris, Stan Hedestad Variations and the Progress and four for Imbalance and anistan. In this video, I'm going to teach you how to do hedestad. This really good for beginners. And it won those who can do a headstand. They will find something very informative information from this video. 2. Safety: so as a safety, if you're super new in yoga, I will say this. You must go to the yoga classes nearby your town. And when you prepare, maybe after 10 or 20 classes you will be able to do harassed an. Now, For those who are experience in the yoga, you just go straight away in respect is this is a safe prospectus. 3. Strengthening Exercises 1 ( Forearm Plank Hold ) 3 Times : welcome back. So before we go for the head is Stan. We need to go through some of the basic exercise which help you to build shoulders and the back his friend. So the 1st 1 is a foreign plank. So for a black is quite busy. Your hands position is like this. Interlocked fingers respond together, and your hands looks like a triangle safe like this. So from here, lift your knees fit together and keep noticing. Your lower ribs in front of the hips should move toward each other toward each other. People who are fighting in your abdomen, so forearm plank hold for 30 seconds. Keep noticing your chests would be away from the mat and Children away from the ears. Keep noticing you're not going to lift your hips, moving your front of the hip bone and lower its toward each other, so keep a little tightening or investment in your abdomen. So after 30 seconds, just relax and repeat this one three time three sets 4. Strengthening Exercises 2 ( Scapular Streght )3 Times : welcome back. So now next one is I call this one forum push ups. So when we do a headstand are arm balancing any variation like a foreign balance. We not only knew the shoulder restaurant, but we also use side of the ribs. This is called legs, so just less fine how to feel these muscles. So in the forums come to the forums like this interlocked fingers. You have two options Firstly, easy one dropping in his down from here, relaxing your chest and notice your show loveless moving toward each other. Read X hill away from each other. So then you do this accent. You must push your elbows down, down and in towards each other and move your chest away from the Met. So inhale relaxing. That's hill. Move your chest away from the match. I keep noticing how you feeling? Side of the ribs. So do this 10 time now. You want a little more challenging than lift your knees and 10 time by pressing your elbows down and in, and many move your chest away from the match. You will approve a lot of his friends from your side of the rapes from the legs, and we need this for Hedestad. So, David, this three sets 10 10 intent. Remember, if you find it's too challenging just 55 and five. 5. Strengthening Exercises 3 ( Forearm Downward Dog ) 3 Times: welcome back. So now the next one is I call forum downward facing dog. So now again, your hands position like a triangle Interlock your fingers from here you have to walk forward. So in the big cars, your challenge is are your fast ops and A's bended knees Do not touch your head down. That's your challenge. Lift your head up by pressing your middle of the forums and walk forward. Maybe for the beginners. Just bend the knee and pressing it forms. Don't lift your head up like this. Now those are goingto had Stan, you must walk your feet forward some bring your hips on one's shoulders and keep pressing. It forms down, maybe lift one leg up and hold for 30 seconds. So we're slowly building the foundation for Holliston in a headstand. We need to use a lot of strength from the shoulders and our hips position is over the head . So by doing this is almost you're preparing yourself for the hedestad. So try this street time and this time, hold for 30 seconds 6. Understand Body Weight Ratio 90% & 10% 3 Times: while come back. Now, this one is a last real. After this, we will go for Harris, Stan, against the wall. So in this, a drill again, your hands position Like a triangle. And like a downward dog, you're walking your feet forward. So in this real, we are going toe touch our head to the mat between the wrist Okay, So before we done with the forum, we're not touching overhead. So our 100% waas body weight waas on our shoulders. But in a headstand racial change So ratio is around 90 10. So what I want, I want you put your weight 90% here and 10% in your head. It means when you do, your head is Stan Make sure there is not too much weight in your neck. Otherwise, sometime after Kurdistan, you'll feel unpleasant feeling on the neck and we don't want that. So from here, the tradition like a triangle interlocked fingers walk your feet forward and your head down between the raced on the Met Maybe lift one leg up and a state here cardy seconds and then come down. So I again repeat. This is very important. When we before we go for Harris and make sure you understand the ratios. Many people that don't understand are aware of this ratio and this reason after hardest, and they feel unpleasant. Feel it on the neck and we don't want that. So ratio is 1910 90% rate in your shoulders. 10 person weight in your head. So repeat this 13 time at this time. Hold for 30 seconds. Mixture, you're a strong 7. Headstand Against the Wall: welcome back. So now you're ready for headaches? Stands against the wall. So here's a simple five. Fingers away from the wall, interlocked fingers, and make sure your elbows less than 40 degree angle trying out shape. So from here, walk forward your head down between the priest and rituals against 90% in your hands, 10% in your head. Be safe from here. Walk forward as much you can and lift one leg of 40 45 degree angle. And from this one leg, which is down on the mat bench early on cake. I want to get the wall just to stay here. Try to make your head a little more light and hold for 10 seconds 20 or 30 according your comfort and then one leg down once you can see your foot, then released another. So try this three time on maximum five time. 30 seconds maximum poured 8. Improve Your Balance : in the next video has a bonus video to show you how to build balance with headless hedestad . 9. Headless Headstand: welcome back. So in a headless understand, we're going to use three blocks so you can see it's looks like a the ship. So Grogan's of all now in your position, he's fingers coming behind the block like this, and head is coming under the block like this. So you're not going to touch. That's why is headless Holliston. So make sure pick support. Your back is such in the block and lift one leg hand kick. So once you are here, push your head on the block and one foot away, then another and hold for 10 15 or 20 seconds and then one leg down and then another. So headless, understand? Is the best four to find balance because he had little support behind your back. And when you're not touching your feet to the wall, you can engage your abdomen muscles, your core to find balance. So try this and give me your comments. 10. Forearm Balance coming soon...: in my next video, I will teach you how to do for imbalance. We'll see you soon and I must say