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X's & O's Crochet Scarf

Flavia Wolfe, A Happy Creative

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14 Lessons (1h 4m)
    • 1. X's and O's Crochet Scarf

    • 2. Getting Your Supplies Ready

    • 3. X & O Scarf : Our Project for this Class

    • 4. Reading the Chart

    • 5. Chain and Row 1

    • 6. Row 3 : Working with Chart

    • 7. Rows 7 thru 9

    • 8. Row 10: Using Stitch Markers

    • 9. Crocheting Rows 14 thru 18

    • 10. Row 2: Working on Our first Block and Space

    • 11. Adding a New Ball of Yarn

    • 12. Looking Ahead to the center of the Scarf

    • 13. Notes : Remember to Mark Your Chart

    • 14. Adding Border and Finishing Scarf


About This Class

Using negative space to create our design....we will crochet a scarf using the double crochet stitch and create a design in the scarf. This is a long scarf and I will go over some way to shorten it. You will learn how to use a chart instead of a normal crochet pattern, but I will supply a written pattern to help you get started. We will finish by adding a ruffle border to our scarf for a fun and flirty design.

I have been crocheting since I was a little girl and have always enjoyed the way you are able to express your creativity, and uniqueness through all the option available in yarn material and colors. I have taught people how to crochet and my hope is to encourage and inspire you to continue learning and enjoying the playful world of crochet.





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Flavia Wolfe

A Happy Creative

Flavia Antoinette Wolfe died this morning (06/25/2018) at approximately 2:45 am PST.


Original Profile:

My name Flavia Wolfe. I live in Texas with my husband, two (growing fast) boys, and two dogs (breed unknown). I am a Creative and have a BA in art from Westmont College. I enjoy learning new ways to create and express myself through art and crafts. I like to draw, paint, sew, quilt, papermache, c...

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