Xcode Series - How to Install Xcode and New Project Creation Templates | Abhijith Wegar | Skillshare

Xcode Series - How to Install Xcode and New Project Creation Templates

Abhijith Wegar, Mr.

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13 Videos (16m)
    • Welcome to the class!

    • Installing Xcode

    • Creating New Application In Xcode

    • Setting Build Path In Xcode

    • Introduction To IOS Simulator

    • Creating Single View Application With Storyboard In Xcode

    • Creating Single View Application Without Storyboard In Xcode

    • Creating Page Based Application In Xcode

    • Creating Master Detail Application In Xcode

    • Creating Utility Application In Xcode

    • Creating Open GL Game In Xcode

    • Creating Tabbed Application In Xcode

    • Creating Empty Application In Xcode


About This Class

Welcome to Class 1 from the Xcode Series.

Xcode is one of the best and most popular platforms used to develope iOS apps. It's ease of use and all the features that it offers make it an excellent choice for anyone interested in starting to develop high quality iOS apps.

Schogini Systems has prepared a great series for Skillshare on how to use Xcode to develop great iOS apps with ease.

Learn how to install and setup Xcode on your computer so you can have your enviroment ready to create your first app using Xcode.





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Schogini has always been fanatic about learning & mastering the latest and best in technology.

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