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Xamarin & Azure Mobile App Services

Eduardo Rosas, Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

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12 Lessons (1h 55m)
    • 1. Intro to Microsoft Azure

    • 2. Portable Class Libraries

    • 3. The iOS Layout

    • 4. The Android Layout

    • 5. The Password Model

    • 6. Creating the Azure App Service

    • 7. Creating the Facebook App

    • 8. Creating a Table in the Database

    • 9. Authenticating Users

    • 10. Inserting into a SQL Table

    • 11. Reading from the SQL Table

    • 12. Navigation to a Detail Page


About This Class

You will learn to use Microsoft Azure App Services inside a Xamarin application, implementing:

  • SQL databases in the cloud
  • Making requests through a service
  • Facebook Authentication for users

We will start by creating the Services on Azure with a new subscription (which by the way will get 200 USD of free credit).

Then you'll create a Facebook app and connect it to the Azure App Service to handle user authentication.

Finally, you will create a Xamarin application for both Android and iOS that lets users log in with their Facebook accounts, as well as writing and reading from the SQL database hosted in the cloud.





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Eduardo Rosas

Software Engineer & Entrepreneur

I am a Software Engineer. But I'm also studying Finance and Banking.

I have developed mobile apps for iOS, Android and Windows. But I've also designed marketing strategies for some local businesses and my own company.

I'm a cofunder of an Internet of Things startup, in which my role goes from software developer, to cloud expert, to project lead, to inventor. But my role also goes to Chief Financial Officer, to CEO, to marketing, to designer and sometimes even teacher.

I h...

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