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WunderList: Exceptional Task Management Made Easy

teacher avatar Jason Allen, PhD, Ableton Certified Trainer

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

15 Lessons (55m)
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About This Class

In this class, we will walk through using the free application Wunderlist 3 for guiding highly productive behavior. Wunderlist 3 is available for Mac, PC, iPhone, iPad, Windows Phone, Android, and as a web utility.

This is not just an "app class" - in addition to learning the application, we will highlight tips and tricks that I've learned through years of freelancing and working on multiple projects at once.

Keeping a detailed task list doesn't need to be a bother: you can turn it into a joy and a reward. Join me in this fun and exciting class!

Praise for other classes by J. Anthony Allen

  • "Dr. Allen does it again with his music theory for electronic musicians series. This course really opened up everything I learned from the 1st section and now I understand more about the composition side of things for music. I highly highly recommend this course to anyone!!! Really opened my eyes to many things I wasn't aware of."
  • "The Best Teacher Ever, who makes you understand the in & out Music Theory by all mean without giving what you don't want to know."

  • "I have never had any formal training in music at all. Trying to learn all the notes and how everything translated was a serious challenge. After going through this class, Dr. J has totally brought down the barriers. The content was very useful and was easy to grasp for me."

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Jason Allen

PhD, Ableton Certified Trainer


J. Anthony Allen has worn the hats of composer, producer, songwriter, engineer, sound designer, DJ, remix artist, multi-media artist, performer, inventor, and entrepreneur. Allen is a versatile creator whose diverse project experience ranges from works written for the Minnesota Orchestra to pieces developed for film, TV, and radio. An innovator in the field of electronic performance, Allen performs on a set of “glove” controllers, which he has designed, built, and programmed by himself. When he’s not working as a solo artist, Allen is a serial collaborator. His primary collaborative vehicle is the group Ballet Mech, for which Allen is one of three producers.

In 2014, Allen was a semi-finalist for the Grammy Foundation’s Music Educator of the Year.

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1. Wunderlist1: Hey, everyone. Thanks for checking out this Wonder list class like I always do. I just finished recording thing entire class. Now I'm jumping back to make the first kind of intro video. Now that I know everything that we're covering, um, it's a good, nice, brief class. Um, we had some fun. Keep it real light this time around. Ah, this is what we made in this. Ah, in this class, it's, you know, basically, really, we talked about how to use wonder list. But also, we talk a lot about my of kind of personal tricks as a freelancer for being really, really productive by using lists to track everything and using a list program like Wonder List to keep me on task, keep me focused and keep my energy levels up. So, um, this is a class not only on how to use wonder list, but also on some of my tricks. Ah, that I hope that that you'll find useful. Ah, and we'll get you get your productivity kind of kind of rocking through the roof. So that's the goal of this class. I hope you decide to join us on the inside. It's nothing too heavy. We're using all free software here. Ah, wonder list is free. It has a free version. And a You can do a pro account that costs a couple bucks. Everything I'm doing here is in the free accounts. Um, I think I do explain at one point the pro accounts and what you get with that. But you totally don't need one and to, ah, take part in this class and you'll have a great time. So please join us on the inside. It's fun. It's it's light. It won't take you very long. And your productivity will skyrocket after this class, so we'll see you inside. 2. Wunderlist2: Okay, so let's get started. So what is Wonder list? So this is an app. There's a free version and a paid version. I'm gonna be working with the free version on here, so Ah, the versions. There's only one version of the app. Um, but you can have a free account or, um, pay for some pro features of the app. Um, I think the majority of the pro features are have to do is sharing, and I've actually never needed them. Um, I'm sure they're all really great, though, Um, and I'm considering buying them for some of the collaborative projects I'm working on. But right now, um, I've just been using a free account. So that's what I'm gonna walk through in this, um, tutorial. So wonder List, I believe, is on all platforms. It's It's Mac windows, IOS. Ah, and then the new thing is the windows phone. Ah, android. Um, as well. So I believe it exists on all those platforms. Now, there's also a web version, so you can use it on any Web browser. Ah, and it does cloud sinking between all of them. And what that means is that if you're running it on multiple devices, they all stay in sync. So, um, I run this program on three devices on my laptop, which is what you're seeing here, and my phone, which is an iPhone and my iPad. And if I check something off on one device that checks off on all my devices, so it's really great that way. Um, this is Wonder List three that we're gonna be working with. This is made by a company called Six Wonder Kinder's, which is out of Germany originally, although I think I read that Ah, at least part of their operations have moved to the Bay area in California. Um, I don't know anything about the company. Really. I don't work for the company. I just really like this program and use it a lot. And ah, some people have asked me to show how I use it because I've got some tricks, um, behind using it. Like I said in the first video, I'm ah, kind of freelance guy. So I have a very complicated life. So Ah, keeping track of everything is sometimes very difficult in this program. Has been great. Um, yes. So that's what Wonder List is Wonder list. Three. It's a free app. Free to download. You have to create an account, but it's free account unless you want some of the pro features. So, um, I'm gonna get started in the next video. We're just going to, ah, create a free account and I'm going to start from scratch and build up my whole workflow over the course of of this course and show you how I manage everything, so let's do it. 3. Wunderlist3: Okay, So I have wondered this running here on my Mac and now, like I said in the last video platform is, is really whatever you like. It's gonna work no matter what. Ah, on all the different platforms that it has. So I'm gonna say, create a free accounts. I'm gonna start from scratch here. Going to say my name is J. We'll see if you'll let me do that. E mail. Now, I don't want to use my main email because I already have my main wonder, Lissa. Count on that. I want to start fresh for the purposes of this class. Ah, so I'm going to use a different email. Let's use you could also, by the way, use Google or Facebook toe, create your account and just skip through all of this. But, um, I'm going to use another account that I have, and I probably blur that out because this is one that I use for some business stuff. Ah, Now I need to create a password for it. Um, Okay. Okay. So now I've, ah, credit account. That's all I really needed to do. Um, and now it says, Ah, what would you like to use one Derlis for Here's a selection to get you started groceries, movies to watch. Just some, some things you can some pre set up stuff that they're giving you here. Let's just say get started. I'll leave those things there. Oh, and it just made lists for me. That's neat. Um, OK, so we've started from scratch here, So now we're set up. So now Ah, we haven't account so on all your different devices you can use you can log in with that account, that email address and password that you just created there. So before we start adding ah, items and start really taking advantage of this, let's walk through a couple of the set up things first. Now, a lot of your set up is going to be right here on new your name. So I'm gonna click there, and I've got a couple options here. So sink now it's automatically going to sink. Um, but you can force it to sync by hitting sink. Now become a pro, which is upgrade to the pro features account settings. Let's see what's there. Okay. So account settings here I can change my name. My email address my password and then connect Google and Facebook to it if I want. Um, let's go to this general tab here. Enable sounds. So it it gives you this nice little sound when you click things off the list, which I really enjoy because it feels like I've accomplished something. Good. Um, a couple other things there. Shortcuts. These are key commands that you might want to do. Um, you can change them here if you like. I've never had a need to smart list. These are great. We're gonna talk more about smart. Listen, a later video, So let's not deal with that right now, so, um, our count is great. We could if we wanted Teoh at a picture here. There's me so you can add a picture there. I'm not gonna do that right now. Um, but yeah, you can either use your internal camera, which is what it just did when I clicked that for me. Or you can upload a picture. Um, and the picture is gonna be really just for you unless your sharing accounts are not sharing accounts, sharing lists and collaborating with people on lists. In which case they're going to see it as as your kind of icon. It's kind of just like you're you're like Facebook icon in that way, if that's what you're using it for. The last thing for set up that I want to do here is also under this eyes, this change background how this is trivial, but important. For some reason, I don't know. I get into this. So, um, these are the different backgrounds you can have. So right now I've got this. Ah, this one here, I can go here and just say, contained it to this green thing. This kind of wood paneling. Ah, this little cartoon, A cat, a dog? Um, some kind of abstract stuff. Rainy window. Ah, kind of a skyline from the bottom up. And there's a couple more down here that are that are kind of great out for pro account users. So you can't just upload any file ah, to use as the background and I'll tell you why. Actually, that might seem frustrating, but, um, I did some homework on this because I was like, I want to change my background all the time because I use this program way too much and, um, there I did find a way to just like manually. Ah, kind of jam your own backgrounds in there. Ah, it takes some some dirty work that you don't wanna have to dio. But it ended up being not very useful, because what you really need is an image. It's laid out just right so that all of the items that happened over this are gonna be, ah, usable. So ah, and it's not gonna be to cluttering and hard to read. So I ended up scrapping that and just going back to their defaults. So, um, let's stick with the Eiffel Tower IRNA Eiffel Tower. But let's stick with this one for now. Okay, so that's all the set up. It's really simple program. Um, that's all we need. 4. Wunderlist4: So we've got three views that we can use three different ways we can look at. Ah, wonder list. So this is the 1st 1 which is the normal view. If you go up here, we see normal view collapsed view and men ified view which we can get to with these key commands. Come in 12 and three. Ah, so normal view collapsed View is gonna hide the list of lists over there and then Min ified view shrinks it all the way down. So what I like to do is I actually m I basically go between normal view and men ified view . So what? I'm just when I have my list all made and I know what I'm doing in a day. I keep it like this so that I can tuck it away. Um, and I could work and check things off. Um, but when I'm kind of making my list for the day or for the week or whatever, then I have it in this full view, so I can really kind of organize my all everything I need to get done and make sure that everything is in its right place before I Ah, dive into it. But then when I'm actually like trying to plow through all the work I need to get done, I keep it just like that. So that's it really simple. Just three different ways you can look at it. 5. Wunderlist5: Okay, So the next thing we need to do in orderto, um, start being productive with this thing, it start making our lists. So what this application actually does is give us the ability to have multiple lists. So we're gonna have many lists. Um, I think I have about 20 different lists in my normal set up, So the lists are over here, so they've given you groceries and movies to watch. I'm actually going to get rid of this movies to watch. I think I can just double click on it and hit delete list. And so, yeah, I don't really want that one. I'll leave groceries, though, because that is actually a list that I use. And I have it as a shared list. Um, so that we can ah, look at it together. And, ah, my girlfriend and I when we go grocery shopping. So, um, it's easy and weaken. Both add to it throughout the week, and we don't have to keep a separate like hand written grocery list. Just gets added here. Then it's always there. Um, So, uh, we're gonna add some are less. So we've got this big plus sign down here So you can pretty much at a list for kind of anything. This is Think of this. Is it, like a category of stuff of which there's going to be projects. So sometimes, um, it's handy to create a list that is based on a location. So I could say, like, um, home. I could make a home list. So let's create that list. Okay? No, I'm gonna make another one. Ah. What's another location I might be at? It's a coffee shop. So these are gonna be things that I can get done when I'm just sitting in a coffee shop. Another might be, Ah, work, But I don't really come on a call it work because this is kind of all work. So I'm going to say office, I'm gonna say office, Like when I'm in my office at work. These are things that I can get done there. Um, so ah, location is a good one. Another one projects like individual projects. So I might say one thing I'm working on is, um, online classes. Because I make a bunch of online classes. Oops. That's not We want to dio Ah, I made an item in office in the list office is what I did there. So I'm gonna get rid of that. I could just market as done. There's my handy thing. Now I want to go back over here because I'm actually making lists, not items We'll get to making items in a minute. So, um, another list? So Ah, what was it? Oh, yeah, online classes. So that's something that I do That's a project to me. So in when I'm making online classes, there's going to be a whole bunch of different things that I do in order to complete them. So I'm gonna put them in that list. So what's another project that I could list? OK, so let's say it's create another one say websites, because sometimes I make websites and I have to ah, do that for people. Ah, let's say ah, I'm going to say what I'm gonna because you know, I'm I'm an artist. That does a lot of freelance stuff, So maybe I'll put some art stuff in here to keep track of what I'm doing. So I'm going to say, um, book because I'm working on writing a book s so I'm going to keep all my notes for the book here. And also, um, keep track of my chapters in my format, my progress and all that kind of stuff Here, Um, let's think of one more thing and let's say it is. Let's say it is, um, lessons going to say lessons. So I give lessons. Music lessons sometimes. So ah, I'm gonna put that in here as different things. So all of this is, you know, whatever works for you, whatever works best for you. So we're going to set up a whole bunch of these now there are a couple more lists. There are things called smart lists that we're gonna look at in a minute. And there are also some special tricks that I've found that are just lists that I like to make that have, like special properties. It's kind of weird, but this has been really useful to me. So I'm so in this class, I'm both showing you how to use wonder list and also some of my like secret tricks for, like, being hyper productive, um, using this application as, like, the main like task manager for my life. Okay, so we've set up some lists. Um, we're gonna send Atmore in a minute, but let's move on for now. 6. Wunderlist6: okay. Shared lists. How do we share a list? And why would we do it? Ah, the best example I could give you. Is this groceries? One that I mentioned a minute ago. So we've got groceries. Let's say I want to share this. Ah, with in my case, my girlfriend. But maybe in your case, your housemates. Ah, your your spouse. Um, your parents, You know, anyone that you might want to share your grocery list with. This makes it really easy, because then everyone can add to the list. Eso You know, throughout the week, everyone could be adding, and then when you go grocery shopping, you can say, you know Okay, you started at the top of the list. I'm gonna start at the bottom of the list and you go in different directions in the grocery store. Then you just start checking stuff off as you run around the grocery store and you get it done. Ah, if you don't like grocery shopping as I don't, um, So anyway, to do all that just and this is just one example there's a 1,000,000 examples why you'd wanna share a list and collaborate. There's a couple different ways we can get to this setting. We can click this little edit button here, this little ah list options, or we can go down here and hit share actually takes us to the same place. So edit list groceries, list members. So we're gonna type in the ah name or the email address of someone here. Now they have to have a wonder list account. If they don't have a wonder list account already set up, I think it sends them an email and says, uh, you know, Jay invited you to this list. Um, please set up an account, so they're not gonna be able to really do anything until they set up. Ah ah, Wonder List account. And I could just be the free account that shows me. And I'm the owner over the list. Also here we've got list options and there's this. Do not disturb here. That just means that basically, you can kind of mute the list. You'll get notifications on your device if you have allowed it to give you notifications. Ah, when like things are becoming do or when it's due date has arrived are sometimes when things are done, things like that. So, um, I never really used this. Do not disturb. I don't really have a need for it. But you might eso if we wanted to collaborate with someone, we would put it there and then we'd say, done, and then it would share it with them. 7. Wunderlist7: Okay. Ah, in this lesson, I'm going to show you some of my, ah secret lists that I like to make. Um, these are these have been really handy for me. So the 1st 1 is I'm just gonna make a list called daily. And what I'm gonna end up putting here is things that I have to do every day that I need a reminder to do. Ah, and it's not so much that I need a reminder. It's just that I need it scheduled, you know, like, I'll remember to do it. Um, but I want need it in a schedule. Things like, um, like, for me, a good example is, um I like to run, and I like to go on and run almost every day, so I might put run or go for a run in my daily list so that every day it's on my list, you know, somewhere so that I know, like, Okay, I gotta carve out some time for that today, And I don't want to put go for a run in any of my other lists, cause it doesn't really make sense. Like maybe in home, it might, But in all of the any of these others. It doesn't really make sense just to say, like, this is a daily thing that I'm gonna that I'm going to do. Ah, and I want it on my list. So ah, daily ah is a good one for just those kinds of things thes air, things that happen every day. And, um, I have toe just I just needed to show up on my list somewhere. So I just call it daily. So it's a good one. Another one that I like to do is I have these little storage lists, things like books to check out and music to check out. What I do with these two lists is I just leave him there until, you know, I am somewhere in a conversation with someone and they say all you should hear this new album by so and so or they say, Oh, man, you would really like this book blah, blah, blah. Then I put him in those lists. Ah, and then the next time, and I pretty much put those items in those lists. And then I forget about him and I just say, Cool. Um, they're written down somewhere But then the next time I'm like, I need some new music to listen to, I just go to my music to check out list or if I'm like on, you know, like Karoo cruising on Amazon and I'm like I need a new book to read. Then I say What's in my books to check out list. And then I've got a list of books that people have recommended to me that I have not forgotten about because I jotted them down in this little list. And when I'm doing it on my phone, it's like, super easy to do, so it works out great for that. I love these two lists. Okay, the next one of my my list tricks is a list called Time Killing. I don't know why make that one word. I just kind of think it's fun time killing. That is another list for that where things will go in there that don't really fit anywhere else. But they are things like, um, like, ah, learned photo shop like I don't have an immediate need toe learn Photoshopped, but I want to do it, so I'm gonna put that they're in this time killing list so that the next time I'm laying around I'm like, I wish I had something to do. Um, I feel like being productive, but, um, I've got all my work done for the day. I could go to that time killing list and be like, what? Something like an due to productively kill some time and I can see off learn Photoshopped. So then I can go onto one of the many, ah websites that offer classes, which you are on now, probably. Um and I can say Cool. Ah, take some Photoshopped Ah, lessons or something like that. So things like that they just kind of go in these these random lists and I can sift through them when I'm ready to do some stuff. So a time killing list came. The last list that I like to make is called waiting. Now waiting is crucial because what that means is that once you get really into making lists and using this program, if you like, I get into mode sometimes where I can't sleep until I've checked everything off of my list . You know, like I've got to get everything done that's scheduled for the day or else I feel like I haven't, You know, I'm leaving something dangling and it's just frustrating. So I want to be able to click off everything that's scheduled on the list for the day. However, sometimes things are out of my control. They can't get done because I'm waiting on some other piece of information or another person or something needs to happen that's completely out of my control. So what? I do them as I take the item, Uh, no matter what it is, no matter what list it was in, and I put it down into waiting, meaning it's still gonna show up. It's still gonna show up as something it needs to get done. But because it's in my waiting list, I'm like, OK, that's nothing I can do. I'm like waiting on that. So I still see it every day. But, um, it's ah, out of my control for the time being. So I really like having this waiting list. I've ah, sometimes before I figured that out. I've been getting really frustrated with, like I can't check everything off of my list because I can't get this guy to answer this email like he's just gotta answer it. Then I can check this thing off. Um, but ah, if you just file it down and waiting, you can say Cool. That's down and waiting. Now I can move on to the next thing on my list. You can keep getting things done and being really productive. So the waiting list is a really great trick that I figured out a while ago. Okay, so those are my kind of four, like, ah, secret tricks for lists, you know, things that I really like to do that are, um that have been really valuable to me. Okay, let's move on. 8. Wunderlist8: Okay, There's one last kind of list, um, that you should know about because it is really important and we have to do a little bit of set up with it. So let's go to Preferences. And I have mentioned this earlier. It's this smart list button here. Smart list, our list that automatically get populated. You know, things pop up in them automatically. Ah, so these are the ones that I created. You can't create more of. These thes are just what's here. This is what the program offers you. So things assigned to me that would be if you're doing a lot of sharing and collaborating with people on list. You can say if they only show me the things that are like my tasks rather than the things that are signed him. Everyone else. Ah, starred. That means there's a little star icon. You can kind of see it right here. Ah, that happens for every item and you can star items, and then you could make a list that shows all the start items today would be every anything that's assigned to today or do today. Um, this one I always show so you can do auto meaning. If there's something there, show it. If it's if there's nothing there, don't show it. Um, I leave this one all always here. So when I select Visible comes up here at the top today week, I always show week as well. And this is just my preference. Everything. All your tasks in one giant list, I believe, is what that is. And then your completed tasks. This is sometimes fun to see, Like you can see. What did I do today? I did all of these things today that sometimes really rewarding and makes you feel really good. So it might be good to dio Ah, I don't do it. So this is how I always have it set up. I have, ah, these two on auto These too. Oh, invisible. And these two hidden. That's the way I like to roll. But this today one is the most important one to me. Because whenever I'm working when I'm in like work mode, I always have it set to today. So it shows me everything I need to get done that day. Ah, and it's automatically populated. So it's really great. So these air called smart lists. You can set these up however you like 9. Wunderlist9: okay things. Let's put some things on our list. Like to do items, items that need to get done. Eso There's a couple different ways we can do this. We're gonna always just type them in this box up here. But what list? We've currently got selected, which is which is means it's blue here matters. So if we say lessons and I type something here like say, like, ah lesson with Steve, I hit return, it goes into the lessons list, and I go to, um, online classes and I say, finish wonder list online class. Okay. And it goes into here. So now both of these have one item in them. That's great. Ah, let's say lesson with, um Claire. Okay, now I just put lesson with Claire into my online classes. Ah, list. So that's wrong, right? That doesn't go there. That goes in lessons. So here's what I can dio watch this. I'm just gonna click on it once till it gets this kind of light blue color. I'm not clicking drag. And I just dropped that item right over in the lessons there. This is all it takes. So now lessons has lessened with Claire listen with Steve. Ah, online classes just has the one. Um Now, as a habit, here's what I like to do. Um, I go to this inbox in boxes, just anything that you have inputted into under list that hasn't been assigned to a list yet. Right? So you can type all day long here. It's not gonna show up on any of these lists until you manually assign it something. So what I do all the time is just type a whole bunch stuff here. So I'm thinking, OK, what have I got to do tomorrow? I do this every day, every day. I say at the end of my day, I say, OK, what needs to get done tomorrow in addition to the stuff that's already scheduled for tomorrow. What really needs to get done? I'm gonna say, OK, um, finish at its for wonder list class, Post Wonder list, class videos. Um, what else do I need to do? Ah, call Mom. Um, she would rather that was on my list every single day. Um ah, I could say Ah, right. 400 words for the book project I'm working on, um, pick up more coffee, which is probably also should always be on my list. Um, I can say, Ah, we are out of peanut butter. You know, you can You don't really have to write everything like it's ah, in a list item, you can just kind of write whatever you want. Um, also tomorrow, there is a lesson with Jocelyn. Um, and I have a, ah, music theory class. Ah, that I need to prep for. So I'm going to rearrange that a little bit, I'm gonna say prepped for music theory class. Okay, so here are the items that that are gonna happen tomorrow. So what I'm gonna do here is I need to assign them kind of in two different ways. I need to assign them to a day, and I need to assign them to, ah, there appropriate lists. And I don't actually have to assign them to the appropriate lists. But if I want him to show up in this today thing, they need to be assigned to today to the right day. So these are all due tomorrow, so I'm gonna select them all. And then what I'm gonna do on a Mac, it's like the two finger click I think on on a PC, it's gonna be the right click or the left click whatever the not normal one is. So I'm going to do that. And I get this list and I can say, Ah, set due date right here. I can you just say do tomorrow, do today or set on date and just click wherever I want. Hear someone say it's due tomorrow. Okay, Now, right here. We see tomorrow all the way down. Um, and I can also assign each item to the appropriate list. So I'm gonna click somewhere just to un select him. Going to say, prep for music theory class. So that's going to go into office, because that's what I do in my office. Lesson with Jocelyn is gonna go into lessons. We are out of peanut butter is gonna go to groceries, pick up more coffee, is gonna go to groceries, right? 400 words goes to book call Mom. I'm not really sure where that goes, so let's just leave it there. Let's just leave it in a box. That's okay. Post Wonder list class of videos. Let's put that in my online classes. Finish edits online classes Okay, so now you can see that groceries as two items. Office has one online classes as three. Book has one lesson says three and weak has eight, because week shows us all the whole week. So if I click on week, it says tomorrow. Here are the things that are all these are all due tomorrow. Here are their lists. Okay, so now I want to show you the today list. So I'm gonna reassign all of these two today, which I have two ways of doing. I can do it the same way by, ah, the two finger click or right clicking and had say, do today. So I'm just gonna do the two finger click thing here and say, assigned to today hurts. I do today. Okay. And now it says today, But I also have my today list. So this is where I really like to live. So I say today and this is what I see us is so rewarding. And I can even do this. I can go into the men ified view, get rid of that. And I could say Great. Here is my list for the day. This is so rewarding to me, I can say, OK, I have to call Mom. I have to get some groceries to go to the office and do this and prepare for this class. Have to finish his online classes after a 400 words for my book and I have a lesson with Jocelyn. Great. Um, so I can really start to outline my day this way and just really start checking stuff off like, Ah, this is my today list. So I can say Okay, I just got off the phone with Mom. Great click that it's gone. So that whole list disappears because there's nothing in it anymore. I can say, You know, I I'm at the grocery store. I can just pull out my phone and say, Here are the two things I need to get. That's great. So there's there's a little bit more here that I'd haven't showed you yet. Let's go into the full list of you again, and if you double click on an item, you get some more options here. This is really great. So let's break to a new video. Then we'll talk about these options 10. Wunderlist10: Okay, let's talk about the options we have for each individual, Uh, item in our list. So let's say ah, prep from music theory class. Let's go to that. Someone double click on it and we get this. Ah, window. So here we could set the due date. Um, and we've already seen a couple different ways that we can set the due date. But this is just another way weaken type. Here we can click on a date. We can also hear set repeating events, and we're gonna talk about repeating events in the next ah, video. So let's hold off on that one for just a minute. But we'll get to that next, I promise. So we can change the date there. So here we can say, you know, maybe you might say, Ah, I'm not going to prep for music theory today. I'm gonna push that off till Monday. You can just click the 11th here and ah, it'll get moved to Monday. I'm going to say cancel. So I don't wanna do that. Consider Reminder. You know, you could say remind me at five oclock on that day, or any time that you want for reminders and see. So I just turned down a reminder. If you want to get rid of it, you just hit this little X over here and now there's no reminder now sub tasks. Now, this is really great Soon click here and you can say OK, prep for music theory class. What does that entail? What does that? Um, what do I have to do to consider that done? Really, is what the question is here. So let's see. I need to, um, make photo ops caps. Lock is on May loops make photocopies of handouts, and I just hit return, and it creates another sub item. Um, I need to prepare listening examples. I need Teoh. Ah, grade homework. Um, let's say that's it. So that's what I need to do in order to prepare or let's say the most important thing. Ah, right. New lecture. OK, so whatever lecture I'm gonna give can't leave that out His most more thing. Um, so this is what what it takes to complete this item. So now when I get to the point of doing this item, I can. So if I get out of this now, I see prep for music theory class. I see this little thumbtack item here That just means there's some more information in there, so I can double click on it and say, Oh, yeah, this is what I got to do. So OK, I did that. I did that. I did that. I did that. Now, when you check all of these off, the item doesn't automatically become complete. You still have to check the item off over here, or you can do it appear as well. Um, so that's like sub items. It's great. It's actually really useful thing. I'm a big fan of breaking all tasks down to their smallest possible task and then being able Teoh just really Markoff accomplishments as I go. So this is a great way to do that. Another thing here, you can add notes so you can just, you know, type whatever you want here, Um, and you can pop this out so that you get a nice, big no pad and this text stays with this item Now, In addition, Teoh, this I kind of post it note note pad area. You've also got this area down here which doesnt looking and do very much But what? This is fours. I believe this is for comments. So if you want to type something, you can kind of leave a note here. Ah, and I'll say, Jay said, blah, blah, blah. So the comment isn't very useful to us because we're not sharing this list with anyone. If we were sharing things with it, we could have AH, items here in the comments from us and the people that were also on the list. And they could say, You know, don't forget to do this and this needs to get done and you know this needs to get redone or whatever you need to say, but you can also attach things here. So if I take like, here's an image, I could just throw that right there and just add images or other things that you want to add there. So I double click honor opens. It's pretty slick so you can throw things there, um, and attach them as comment. If it's just, you know, something you need to remember for later. You can add it there so you can think of all this stuff is things that need Teoh that you either need to know or do in order to accomplish that. That's kind of what this is all about. So eventually we get it done and we check it off and come. Um, you can always see it if you go to that smart list setting. Here are smart list and we say, Let's see completed. We could go back and see completed items And there it is if we need to get that information back for whatever reason, So it's always hidden in there. Let's leave that completed on. So those your options inside each item has all of that stuff in it. And we could also star an item by clicking here or here and now our start A smart list came up so we could see all our start items. I like to use start items by, um, just looking at my list of what I need to do today, I might say, OK, the most important thing to get done is ah, finish edits for this wonder this class and just click that, um, just to draw my eye to it. No, no other real reason. I'm sure there's much better reasons for the start thing, but that's the way I do it, just just, you know, Ah, catch my attention a little bit more and make sure that that gets done. That gets kind of pushed to the top of my list, so to speak. Okay, great. Let's move on and talk about recurring items. 11. Wunderlist11: Okay, Recurring events, These air so great and so useful. Um, to be able to lay out your day and keep track of what needs to get done. So let's create one. Let's use the example that I used earlier and let's say ah, going for a run. Okay, so I'm gonna say go for Ah, Run. Okay, now I'm entering that while I'm on the today list What that means that it's automatically going to assign it to inbox, which means unassigned. It's not assigned to any of these lists. So it's just in inbox, which is fine. Ah, and its assigned to today because today list was highlighted when I input it. So it's in today, and it's an inbox. Um, since this is gonna be a recurring event Ah, I'm gonna move it out of inbox. I like to not keep stuff in the inbox azi much as possible. So I'm gonna move this to my daily list. Casey was gonna drag it down to daily. It's still gonna be listed as today. So there's daily. And now, um, let's make it a recurring event. So I'm gonna double click on it and says do today so I'm gonna click right on this bar here on the do today bar and the bottoms has never repeat. And I can say Repeat every day, week, month, year or custom on a click custom and say, Repeat, everywhere I can do every one day every two days, so every other day is what that would do. Kind of a thing. So if I wanted to show up every other day, I could do that. I'm just going to say every day items could say everyone day, so I didn't really need to do that custom. But that's OK. Now it automatically jump back to yesterday, and I'm not really sure why that did that. So let's just go back and say, starting today, repeat every day, right? Okay. Um, I'm gonna unclip this star a nstar, that one. Okay, so now we see you go for a run. Do today. There's this little, like, kind of I think it's like a sort of a little clock face that says that it's repeating. Um, it's like almost like a recycle icon. So it's gonna happen every day. Now, if you go to the week setting here, you're not going to see it. You're not gonna see anything listed for tomorrow, even though, technically, we do have something listed for tomorrow. We have go for a run, but it's not going to show up under tomorrow until we get rid of it today. It kind of, um recycle is kind of a good word for that. Ah, it doesn't show up on the next day until you click it off for today. So once I click it off for today, let's do it. Let's go to today to go for a run, Okay? I did it. Uh, now we should see it under tomorrow. Yeah. Tomorrow. Go for a run. So now I've already got my tomorrow list started because I'm working with recurring events . Let's see if there's anything else in my today list that might be a recurring right. 400 words. That's a good one. Um, because I need to get this book done. So I'm gonna try to set that up to happen. Ah, every day. So double click on it when you go to Tab to say, repeat every day. Done. And again it jumps back to yesterday. Really? Sure. Why? Okay, So now that's due today, and it's going to cycle through every day. So that's a good one, that, um I do this a lot where I'm going to say right, 400 words. It's gonna be do every day. And then when I'm done, when I'm done, I can actually go in and just stop the repeating and say, Never repeat, done. And now it's still gonna be here. But when I click it off this time, it's gone for good, cause it's not repeating anymore. So that's how you would kind of end that, um, that thing. Um OK, so you can set up a ton of recurring events. I have so many recurring events, Um, that I just have pop up, like every day, Do this stuff, um, and or every week, you know, I have, like, something like, Ah, take out the trash. You might think, Why don't you just take out the trash when you need to take out the trash? I dio I'm not, You know, I don't want to make you think I live in filth, but what I mean by take out the trash here is actually take the trash cans out to the street, which we do on Friday morning is when the trash comes. So what I said I'm going to do, I'm going to set that to be due on Thursday, and then I'm going to say every week, Done So now, it jumped forward to Thursday, so I could go to a week here and see it on Thursday. And then I could say, you know, remind me at, Oh, I don't know, eight oclock at night. So now, at eight o'clock at night, I'm going to get a little Wonder list pop up that says, Hey, all that trash can out Ah, to the street. Another one that I do on the same vein is, um, take out Riis cycling since, um, over using that were This one, however, is due the same day Thursday. But every other week, I'm gonna go custom every two weeks. So now every other Thursday Ah, it's gonna show up. So, um, because my recycling comes on Friday morning with the trash, but they only take recycling every other day where I live. So now, on Thursday night, I'm gonna get this notice to take out the trash, and every other week I'm going to get one that says Take out the recycling. That's really handy for just keeping track of, ah, stuff like that. Okay, so that's recurring lists. Let's move on. 12. Wunderlist12: okay, I have just a couple more things to show you. I've pretty much showed you everything with this program. It's not a ah, incredibly complicated program. It's very simple. It's got a very nice interface. But the last couple things I want to show you are just some Ah, a couple more. Just tips that I've figured out for, um, keeping me on task and keeping me keeping my productivity really high. Um, there's ah kind of philosophy behind ah, doing this list, Ah, list based time management. And one of the things that I found that's really valuable is, um, to distribute small things and big things on your list. What that means is, here's Here's the stuff I got to do today, but, um, I want to be sure that I have, um, a couple just little things on my list because I want things that when I just don't feel like really getting into it, I still want to feel productive. I don't want to lose my, you know, productivity groove. So I want some other stuff on there, like, let's just going to say, um, what's something that, uh, I'm trying to think of something I have on my actual daily list, Um, something like, um, check into Facebook. Five minutes. I'm gonna do that. So do a five minute Facebook check in no more. Okay, I'm gonna put that on my list, and maybe I'll even put that in daily and set it to repeat. No one said it do today. Repeat every day. Sure. Um so every day I get a five minute facebook check in or something like that, You know, just some of these little things. Um ah, if you're into working out, you could say, you know, um, So I do this. I used to do this, actually. Ah, 20 push ups, 20 push ups, 20 push ups, 20 push ups. The reason we're without four times because I'm gonna do this, select all four of them, gonna put him in daily, and I'm gonna set all of them. I don't think I can group set stuff like that, so I'm gonna set them all to repeat every day. So now what I've got here is four little breaks where I'm just gonna sit down and do some push ups, walk away from my desk And what's nice about this Oops. Forgot Hit. Repeat on that one. Oh, what's nice about this is that Ah, throughout your day, you'll you can take a break. You know, you can do 20 push ups or you can check Facebook, or you can do whatever you want to do. But then when you get back to your computer, you can go. Yep. One more thing done. Even though it was a really simple thing, it feels good. Just, like click something off and say that you feel like you've accomplished something. So make sure that everything on your list isn't Ah, big, huge. You know, thing that's going to take, ah, lot of time like writing 400 words, Um, put some little things on there that are just, you know, little dumb things that that you can click off. Maybe it's something that takes five minutes. You know, um ah, One of the things that's on my list that I just remembered is make tomorrow list. This is always the last thing on my list. Last thing I do, um, and what it what it means is, ah, think about what I've got to do tomorrow. Ah, and plug in everything for tomorrow. Now there's not a lot that needs to be plugged in because with recurring events my tomorrow list has already made. But I might say, OK, I've got a couple other things that aren't on my list yet that I want to be sure and get down. Maybe I gotta make a run to the grocery store and I got to do a couple of little things. So make journalists usually takes two or three minutes, Then I just check that off on that I'm down because it's usually my last thing that I do today. Um, okay, so, yeah, I like to have these little breaks in there that I get to check off. I get that rewarding little bell and then I can still feel like my productivity isn't slowed down. So that's sort of my philosophy about stuff. Make sure you've got some little things peppered in with the big things so that you never, um, loose lose. You know, your your focus 13. Wunderlist13: All right, So the last tip I have for you is kind of a sad one. But don't worry. I'm gonna give you one more video so that we don't leave on a sad note. But, um ah, this is something that I call list bankruptcy, which is sort of my, um ah, slightly humorous word that I've created for, um, dealing with things. Sometimes life just gets out of control. So you've got all these recurring events happening, and your your list is all organized in your, like, super productive every day, and it's great. But then something happens. And, you know, you've got to go out of town for a couple days, or and you can't keep up with your list or, you know, maybe even you take a vacation. You take a vacation when you get back and you see that your recurring events are stuck at where you left them before you went on vacation because you never clicked anything off. Maybe. So, um, sometimes you just have to do this list bankruptcy thing. So when you get behind, for whatever reason, and your list is kind of out of date, um, what I usually do is instead of trying to, like, finesse everything and make sure that everything kind of got done. I usually do go through this process that I call this bankruptcy and a consist of two things. Either I will click on something if it needs to get done. I'll change it to do today or tomorrow. So I'll just update the date so that it gets done or I'll set a new date somewhere in the future so that it's still on my list. It's because it still needs to get done, or I'll just check everything off as if it was done. You don't want to do this very often. Obviously it be better if you did it. Never. But sometimes you know, like life happens, you just get way behind. So you just check everything off and just say, OK, Mulligan, I'm starting over. Um, that's fine. Your recurring stuff. Um, once you get caught up, you have You'll have to check recurring stuff off a couple times because it will come back and back and back until it gets up to date. Um, so But once you get them all up to date, then, um, you're right back where you left off. You know, you're you're back up and running with a fresh list. Everything is blue and says Do today If it's due yesterday or earlier than that, it will be read. So you want everything blue? Ah, so that's my little list bankruptcy trick. Try to avoid doing it, but sometimes you just gotta do it. 14. Wunderlist14: Okay. That was it. Ah, Nice short little class. Ah, I hope you got something out of it. Um, the goal of this class was just to get you. Ah, using ah list tool to be more productive. I love this Wonder list program. I think it's great. There are other list programs out there to, um I've tried a lot of them and ended up sticking with this one. Um, because it really seems to have everything that I need in it. Um, So you know the trick, Teoh doing ah, list based project management is just sticking to it and coming up with this system. So find a system that works for you. Um, it'll take a couple of weeks of, you know, figuring out those recurring events and how you want everything Teoh look and feel. But sooner or later, it'll start to lock in and you'll find your productivity just increasing, like exponentially. Um, so, yeah, that was it. I hope you had some fun. Please check out some of my other classes. Ah, and ah, we'll see you around soon. Thanks a bunch. Bye bye. 15. SkillshareFinalLectureV2: Hey, everyone want to learn more about what I'm up to? You can sign up for my email list here, and if you do that, I'll let you know about when new courses are released and when I make additions or changes to courses you're already enrolled in. Also check out on this site. I post a lot of stuff there and I check into it every day. So please come hang out with me and one of those two places or both, and we'll see you there.