Writing your first track is easy! (Fundamentals of music production for beginners) | Konstantin Karpitsky | Skillshare

Writing your first track is easy! (Fundamentals of music production for beginners)

Konstantin Karpitsky

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12 Videos (39m)
    • Welcome!

    • Before we start

    • Preparing a song structure

    • Preparing Instruments

    • Basic information about melody, chords and chord progressions

    • Preparing convenient framework for your melody

    • Writing your first melody

    • Writing an additional melody

    • Making a basic arrangement

    • Improving your arrangement

    • The track is ready! What’s next?

    • Final Thoughts: Where to find the inspiration?


About This Class

This class is made for those who have never been writing to the music but really want to start. You will learn only the basics of the music theory and music production that are needed for writing your first and simple ("simple" does not mean that it will not be beautiful).

I believe that if you will write your first track before the learning of the musical theory you will have more inspiration for the further education and desire to create more wonderful tracks.

In this class you will:

  • learn everything is needed to write your first track;
  • learn some basic concepts of the music theory;
  • write your first track;
  • believe in your talent;
  • understand that writing music is really easy;
  • and of course, we will talk about the inspiration. Because it’s a very important topic.

I have made a long way to understanding it is better to start writing music using the techniques from the course. They were very effective for me and I hope will be very useful for you!

In this class I will be showing everything in Ableton Live, but you can use any musical software you like. You can even do the same on your musical instruments if you like. But it will be more convenient to record your instruments as an audio file.

So if you are ready, let's begin our captivating musical journey! And may the inspiration be with you!






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My name is Konstantin Karpitsky. I have started to write music in 1999 when I was a child. Since that, I have released 3 albums under the name Eternal Love that were among the best Beatport TOP 100 chillout releases, 1 album as a part of the W&D Project and many many singles and remixes.

Now I continue writing music for my Eternal Love project but also writing music for TV, Games, Advertising and other media projects.

In 2017 I have run my own musical label "Love Empire Music" w...

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