Writing on Weird Stuff: Hand-Lettering on Various Surfaces | Ashley Buzzy | Skillshare

Writing on Weird Stuff: Hand-Lettering on Various Surfaces

Ashley Buzzy, calligrapher, printmaker, writer. basically, words

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7 Lessons (22m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Wood

    • 3. Glass

    • 4. Stone

    • 5. Fabric

    • 6. Food

    • 7. Now Go Explore!


About This Class

Have you ever found yourself skimming through inspiration images, wondering how artists get their hand-lettering from paper to crazier things like wood signs, fabric banners and more!? In this class, you’ll learn how to use custom hand-lettering to write all over your world. You will learn how to use various writing materials to make effective and clear marks on lots of different surfaces like wood, stone, glass, fabric and even food!

The best part is that nothing fancy is required! Just your hands, a few writing materials and lots of things you may already have in your home or yard. Whether you are making objects to fill your home, give as gifts or sell as a business, the process is the same.

Students who practice hand-lettering will apply their skills and lettering  styles to non-paper objects that will be used for signage, place-settings and party favors. You don’t have to be a lettering pro to have fun with this - you will be learning to apply your own, unique lettering or illustration to different objects in order to beautify your homes, gifts and parties!