Writing and Editing: Polishing a Manuscript | Learn with Wattpad

Ali Novak, Writer, Wattpad

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4 Lessons (24m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Revising Your Draft (Part I)

    • 3. Revising Your Draft (Part II)

    • 4. Editing Your Manuscript

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Project Description

Polish a draft of your writing.


Your assignment is to take a draft of your own writing and polish it so it's ready to publish. Whether you publish on a personal blog, on Wattpad, with a publishing company, or just in your own space, use this prompt to get your draft to a place that makes you proud!

Be sure to consider the following key steps:

  • Fix plot holes
  • Examine character goals
  • Kill your darlings
  • Revise
  • Edit

Share a polished final piece of writing with the class, and feel free to include your edits along the way. Feedback from fellow students will be very useful here!


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