Writing and Creating A Comic Strip and Book

Kendall Lyons, Writer, Cartoonist, Minister

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5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Gather Your Material

    • 2. Sketch Out Ideas

    • 3. Researching Other Works

    • 4. Drawing With You Creating A One Panel Strip

    • 5. Story Development


Project Description

Create A One-Panel Comic

This excercise will help you in creating something within one box...or panel...that is...and will help you in allowing your characters to convey thought or thoughts in one box. 

Often, one panel is ALL you need but the small story arcs often involve more than one panel. 

In order to get us started and get our creative juices flowing, draw a one-panel comic and let your character(s) express something of some kind, be it feeling, thought, idea or whatever that he / she or they want to communicate to the audience. 


Student Projects

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