Writing a Picture Book/Part Two - Gathering Story ideas

Lisa Michaels, Pro Freelance Illustrator/Author

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7 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Your Idea Box

    • 3. Time Management

    • 4. Your Writing Space

    • 5. Stalking Your Story

    • 6. Ideas That Fit

    • 7. Wrap it Up and Get Busy!


About This Class

In this series, award-winning and published author/illustrator, Lisa J. Michaels, shares over 15 years of experience in children’s publishing. You’ll study her process for writing a children’s picture book that kids will love! Once you’ve completed the series, you’ll be well equipped to confidently submit your own book to traditional publishers or you can self-publish with relative ease. 

In this class, "Gathering Story Ideas", Lisa will show you where to find and how to create a treasure-trove of story ideas that you'll be able to pull from for years to come. We'll discuss ways for even the busiest authors to carve a little writing time into their schedule. You'll discover that writing doesn't always require a desk or absolute silence! Finally, we'll talk about how to come up with ideas that inspire learning, action and empathy without "preaching" to your young readers and we'll touch on subjects that are best to avoid in children's book publishing. If you've always struggled to find something to write about, this class will prove (once and for all) that you've been walking around with blinders on!!

Don't forget to take Class #1 in this series. It will help you to create wonderful, unique characters for your picture books!

Keep going! Class #3-"Building Blocks" is a comprehensive class that gets down to the business of writing. It's jam-packed with information and all the tools you'll need to construct a wonderful children's book! 

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