Writing a Picture Book/Part Three - Building Blocks | Lisa Michaels | Skillshare

Writing a Picture Book/Part Three - Building Blocks

Lisa Michaels, Pro Freelance Illustrator/Author

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6 Lessons (51m)
    • 1. Intro Class 3

    • 2. Let's Talk

    • 3. Solid Ground

    • 4. Tools of the Trade

    • 5. Construction - Tools in Action

    • 6. You, the Architect


About This Class

In this series, award-winning and published author/illustrator, Lisa J. Michaels, shares over 15 years of experience in children’s publishing. You’ll study her process for writing a children’s picture book that kids will love! Once you’ve completed the series, you’ll be well equipped to confidently submit your own book to traditional publishers or you can self-publish with relative ease. 

In this class, "Building Blocks", Lisa reveals the components you'll need to build a great picture book story. She'll also share some simple-to-use formulas that have helped today's successfully published children's book authors to create the stories that kids love and parents want to buy.