Writing a Picture Book/Part One - Creating Characters Kids Love

Lisa Michaels, Pro Freelance Illustrator/Author

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9 Lessons (27m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Condensing Information

    • 3. Your Audience

    • 4. Relatability

    • 5. Key to Successful Characters

    • 6. Character Chemistry

    • 7. Fleshing Out Your Character

    • 8. The Collaborative Dance

    • 9. Wrap Up

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About This Class

In this series, award-winning and published author/illustrator, Lisa J. Michaels, shares over 15 years of experience in children’s publishing. You’ll study her process for writing a children’s picture book that kids will love! Once you’ve completed the series, you’ll be well equipped to confidently submit your own book to traditional publishers or you can self-publish with relative ease. 

In this class, “Creating Characters Kids Love”. Lisa shows you her tried-and-true methods for creating unique, fun picture book characters that will bring your story to life! Once you’ve discovered who your characters are, you can draw them (if you’re artistically inclined) or follow her lead to describe them using carefully chosen, visually non-descriptive manuscript text. Either way, You’re sure to find that extra little spark that you need to light your way towards becoming a published children’s book author!  

Don't lose your momentum! Classes 2 & 3 in this series are available now!!! Class 2 will help you to discover where and how to find terrific story ideas and how to stock pile them for future manuscripts! Class 3 will take you through one of my own (entire) manuscripts from start to finish, breaking it down into little, bite-size pieces that identify all the components for great storytelling. In addition, you'll receive all the necessary tools to build your own story, brick by brick!

Get crackin' authors and let's see what you can contribute to the world of picture books!!