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Writing a Killer Conference Talk Abstract: A Guide to a Call for Papers (CFP) for public speaking

teacher avatar Stephen Haunts, Trainer, Public Speaker, Author

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Overview

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. Everyone Can be a Public Speaker

    • 4. Crafting a Compelling Conference Abstract

    • 5. Example Abstracts

    • 6. Make Rejection Your Best Friend

    • 7. Applying for a Real Conference

    • 8. Summary

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About This Class

Being able to stand-up at a conference or other event and talk to people is a fantastic skill to have, and public speaking is very rewarding. If you want to speak at conferences, then you need to apply through what is called a 'call for papers' or 'call for proposals' (CFP for short).

For your talk to be noticed and selected by an agenda committee, you need to write a killer abstract that sells the benefits of what you want to talk about. You could have the greatest talk in the world, but if the abstract isn't outstanding, you won't get selected.

In this course, I will teach you how to write a fantastic talk abstract. I will cover the theory and then walk you through four abstracts from my most popular talks. I have traveled the world, speaking at conferences, and my talks get consistently picked at events, and a great abstract really helps with that selection.

Let me help you on your journey to be a fantastic public speaker.

Meet Your Teacher

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Stephen Haunts

Trainer, Public Speaker, Author


Hi, I am Stephen Haunts, a software developer, online trainer, classroom teacher, public speaker, podcaster and author. I have over 25 years of experience as a software developer and a leader working at huge organizations from global banks, financial lenders, healthcare and insurance. 

I am now a freelance trainer, podcaster, and book author. I also travel around the world speaking at many conferences about software development, leadership, and personal soft skills, and I have a passion for helping professionals improve their skills.

I have been teaching online with the Pluralsight platform since 2014, and I am now teaching small skills-based courses here on SkillShare. I hope you enjoy the courses that I post here and I would be grateful if you could fol... See full profile

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1. Overview: Hi, my name is Steven Haunts welcomes my course writing a killer conference. Talk abstract. I'm a trainer and public speaker whose traveled the world standing on stage is a conferences and speaking to people about lots of different subjects that I find interested . Sometimes you might be directly invited to speak at a conference without applying directly . Typically, they need to apply to a conference to speak in a process that is preferred to his call for papers or call for proposals. Well, C F p for short. This means you are competing with lots of other speakers. Ref, you coveted spaces. Tell your talks pigs, you need to write a compelling talk. Abstract Abstract is a sales pitch to an agenda committee putting the agenda together once you are on the agenda. The abstract is what the conferences Hendy will read to decide if they want to go to your talk or someone else's. In this course, we're going to cover exploring the journey to be in a public speaker, how to craft a compelling app strikes. Then I'm going to take four abstracts for four of my most popular talks I've done around the world, and we're gonna break them down. So look at why I think they workers abstracts. Then there's an example. I'm going to give you a demonstration of actually applying for a typical conference. I'm actually going to apply for one live during the course so that you could see kind of what the process is like. I'm never gonna finish off by talking about how to deal with rejection, because, unfortunately, rejection is something that all speakers have to face. Not all of your talks will be selected all the time, So I'm gonna have a bit of a talk about what that means and how it feels. I've got two main goals with this cause. First only to leave this course feeling informed and inspired to go create a talk and submitted to events. Also, when you feel confident you could go ahead and write in abstracts for a talk. So with that, let's get started 2. Introduction: having a microphone in your hands. And the ability to share your story and journey is a great honor, one that most people take for granted or if they are presented with the opportunity to make it all about themselves. The key to getting started always lies in providing value, and that's providing value to your audience and those that you network with relationship building his key. You never know when you might run into someone again. Providing value to your audience is also part of relationship. Build him, take time and study them. Be there for them. I make space for the problems that they need help with Katie are content your dream audience or clients. Word will spread about the message we're here to share. Your journey is a public speaking starts long before you get on stage. People always observing you the way you carry yourself, why you speak. And, of course, the way you relate to those around you. Any public speaker would say it probably first got into this career by simply sharing a five minute video on their social media. What an in person community events. They continue to do this consistently until they gain their own mini community of following . By continuing to provide value to your audience, you position yourself as an authority in your zone of genius, sharing micro and macro content on your platforms, bit podcasts, live videos, workshops or speaking engagements could help you build your brand, boost credibility and be at the helm of new opportunities and collaborations. As you continue on your public speaking career, you will learn to become best friends with the word no, you're probably wondering why this is the case. Well, I should say that you won't be everyone's cup of tea. What is means that there's nothing wrong with year where your content, sometimes you might not be a fit for an event and hence might not be selected as a speaker . Projection stings, but if you go for the go for no mindset, it makes you feel that much stronger. It shows exactly what you want and don't want an opportunity that sometimes you might even create your own live event as a result of getting rejected numerous times. That's why it's very possible to launch your in platform and create your own banquet table says to speak. You can invite office to take a seat with you. Advocating for yourself and your expression is key. Just because you didn't get chosen as a keynote speaker or guest speaker for the other eight events you applied to it doesn't mean that your story and messages of valid or doesn't need to be shared. Sometimes the big guns and top leaders in the industry, but only take notice when you take massive action and launch your own platform. No matter what you do. Six always provide value first and foremost, and the rest will follow. So let's go on an adventure known exactly how you can overcome rejection, craft a powerful pitch, talk and make a career out of public speaking. 3. Everyone Can be a Public Speaker: you absolutely can be a stellar public speaker. Start small and start where you are, whatever that means. Speaking in a small group of 10 people according to a live video stream of social media, you must be willing to start small before you could be viewed as an expert and speak at larger events. So, I mean by this is you want to start off as a Ted speaker right off the bat, you will have moments where every time you start speaking, it feels like an out of body experience, especially if you have never done anything like this before. When you have a message is dying to be shared or a movement that needs to be created. I mean, what you envisioned is so much more than what you can fathom. It is important to utilize all avenues possible to show your story a message. No opportunity or stage is ever too small. In fact, I remember my first life video I ever recorded behinds the sweaty a fumbled over All my words went off on tangents and, of course, have massive tech issues, however, continued to persist and go live in various online coaching groups. I continue to be interviewed on podcast on life events as a guest speaker. It wasn't long after that I decided to launch my own podcast, thanks to the audience I nurtured and continue to build by sharing my message consistently before he realizes you have grown a loyal following an audience who would give anything to hear you speak at live events in the best parts, you could be regarded as a goto authority within your nation or industry. Key here is to make your presence known offline and online. How exactly do you do that? And why is it important to nurture online and in person connections? Well, it's focus and tips on how to do just that. Social media, in terms of promoting yourself, is a blessing in disguise with the Internet and social media at our fingertips. Now, more than ever, it's become so much easier to connect with people across the globe. Not only that, but everyone and their mom wants to be a public speaker authority figure of some sorts, so you need to stand out in what seems to be a crowded but small markets. You'll be surprised to see how small the online entrepreneurial community truly is. Everyone is connected to everyone, and the key to this is building relationships, taking the time to slide into those d. M's about sounding desperate with comments like I'd love to be on your podcast. I would love to be a speak with your event, especially if it's your first time. Can actually move the individual. Take the time to build up a report first before directly asking if you also host challenges and in person meet ups or host online summits with a few experts in the industry. I spoke to my mind summit last year on his Nervous As I was to do so. It was exhilarating. The best part. This was Livestream to a collective network of 10,000 views between five speakers. Suffice to say that my following requite spit, my viewership grew as well. I was able to book some really great one on one cause of potential clients who are now quite good friends of mine, and we're happy speaking at their events in 2020 and beyond. The more of this example, you never know where your next opportunity will come from, so stay open, stay curious and always seek to provide value and be authentic. You could also start a life stream or YouTube channel. Do it for fun. Do it for you. Do you say that you no longer feel the butterflies and nose in your belly? Every time you hit, go live or record, I still get nervous. City State. Whenever I am asked to speak on stage or even before I record and release a podcast episode on online course like this one or anything else to the world, I'd be worried if that wasn't the case. Maybe you could start a livestream challenge where you go life of 30 days in a row, refining your message and speaking store of every single video. Track your progress in the journal. That is how you felt on Day one verses Day five and then Day 30. I assure you that my partaking in this many challenge you're not only build up your audience and based your visibility, you'll also become a confident speaker. Additionally, you will repel those. You don't drive your message and attract ideal clients or audiences, hence building your own personal brand. Next, we have experts always learning, no matter your level of education or diversity of your life experiences. Top speakers in industry and most leaders are always on a growth mindset that is a seat to learn every single day with every single thing they take home. They asked themselves the question. Does his move me closer or further away from my goals? Vision? Wouldn't anything for you to be regarded as an expert in your industry, need to have a mix of credentials as well as life experiences? One is not. Grace is in the other. Both play a significant role in helping to establish your authority and game credibility. For instance, if you are passionate about design, architecture and engineering, you might enjoy go into engineering conventions. Perhaps you're even applied to be a guest speaker for next year. However, one of the criteria that would determine where you are selected as a speaker is your level of credibility, the topic you'll be speaking on. And if there is someone else who is more tenured in the field, speaking on the exact same topic event, use that wisely and start creating ripple effects of in your community grassroots level. Before you know it's word will spread about the difference your story makes in the hearts of people, and you're slowly grow to become a sort after speaker and finally think of the benefits. Public speaking has many benefits, such as helping to advance your career, grow your network, build your leadership skills, boost your self confidence and mastered the art of persuasion and debate, to name a few. The more you practice public speaking, the more fearless you'll be. This isn't say that you won't feel nervous before big speech over time, and we've consistent practice. You learned how to master your own emotional cues. Help you remember your speech. Master your delivery a movie audience every single time. What's more, you're no longer be afraid to take charge and lead groups of people something that doesn't come easily to a lot of people only because they haven't had the opportunity to do so yet. So that I say, create your own opportunities. Public speaking, if you are new or season speaker, will change your life if you let it. It will open up a pleasure of opportunities for you, no matter where you go. So if that let's not take a look at how you create a compelling in abstracts from a talk, which you're going to submit to a conference 4. Crafting a Compelling Conference Abstract: the art of copyrighting and storytelling needs to make the reader fill every single word, taste every single word and evoke the exact emotionally Want them to fill. If you have a chilling juice in life, experience to share can change your life of those who hear your story issue. Levicq Exactly. That's when the committee members read the abstract and guest speakers application. More than anything, your desire to create change to inspire and educate others need to be far greater than the fear that lies within your bones when you apply. To be a guest speaker at a conference is very important to capture the reader's attention of in the 1st 7 to 15 seconds. Learn about what to include. What not to include, how to structure abstract and how to apply your speaking engagements like a pro. When crafting your conference talk proposal, it's best to be concise, clear and specific. Your selection committee will appreciate It's more than you realize, as I'll have several files and applications to sift through, which they then need to make a decision on. The first thing to think about is the scope and purpose of your talk. Think of this is the written elevator pitch, A radio by or description the reader must be able to decipher your brand, your story and your message within the first hundreds. 250 words. Next, you need to make sure you proof, read proof, read at it and improve. Freed. Nothing screams unprofessional, were careless in grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. You software such as pro writing eight Gramley or Hemingway. So I hope, edits and proof. Read your proposals. Well, say reading out aloud helps quite a bit. Having a trusted friend or mentor reader and edit your proposals also goes away. Good role refinements. As you write your conference abstract, ask yourself these four questions. Is it concise and clear? Can it be refined fervor? What are three different ways? I could say the exact same thing. And would I select myself after reading the scope of my talk? Nothing. Someone more than reading something they don't understand. They could so man and say, Oh, this proposal was writing in English. And absolutely maybe, however, given the English language has its own nuances and complexities, colloquialisms and dialects. It's best not to use any of those in your proposal, so keep it simple. Keep it basic. What needs to translate and stand out is your message. The heart of your talk, not any fluff Words. Also try and avoid using lots of buzzwords or any language is currently trending. Unless you event itself allows for its speakers to do so. Be mindful of the brand and tone of the eventual prime for to be a guest speaker at. If the event is very professional of a formal, then that might put you off from being very informal. When the language using your proposal, What does it mean to write in plain yet powerful language? It means keeping your sentences short, sweet and refreshing. It means creating an impact in less than 15 to 20 words per sentence. It means using more personal language such as you, we or I in your sentences. The goal is to appeal to the selection committee's emotions so it can choose you out of the thousands of applications that they may have in front of them. It means using bullet pointed lists. It also means avoiding generalizations but also avoiding specific lingo or jargon. If you have use an acronym or abbreviation, spell it out first and then shorten it. Writing in plain English helps to read a move for your abstract faster, captures their attention and keep your abstracts more memorable. As the old saying goes, less is more always apart from being captivating, informative and interactive. Every memorable speech or talk has four components. Firstly, problem solving whose problems can you solve? And then we have to talk should be impactful. So paving the way for change personally, professionally, globally, socially or environmentally. The talks will also be informative, so it doesn't educate your audience with new information. Or is it redundant? Will their life be changed after every since you speak? If someone could take away just three wisdom nuggets from your talk, what would they pay uses to craft your proposal to is a great way to reverse engineer the talk. Then, lastly, your speech needs to be mindful of the tone, brand, voice and energy of the audience attending as well as the hosts. Is it more formal or informal? Can use minor forms of explosive words for impact and emphasis if needed? Or are they completely off the table? Is the audience of more playful Greep or their more serious bunch of corporate conference. These things are important to consider because you re occurrence as a guest speaker at this events depends on the above. Above all, stay true to who you are. You'll be much more valued and respected for being true to who you are, then portraying a facade. There's no time to structure and craft your proposal about structure proposal, ideally, comes across is a road map for the selection committee or for those viewing replication. It should have a clear structure that guides them through each segment or portion of your talk and its purpose. The following is a good example way of structuring an abstract. So first of all, you have an attention grabbing sense. And so hook this needs to be the Quran show what rules them in and continues to keep them engaged. As I read your proposal, for instance, the attention grabbing sentence or who could often be described as a how to sentence, followed by a Shock Valley statement so in that most people find impossible. I cannot even fathom se is a few examples. So how to earn $20,000 in two weeks? How I created a social revolution in my community for disadvantaged youth by hosting events . By using hook such as these examples, you can guarantee that you're maintain the reader's attention. Pique their curiosity to continue reading for your proposal. There's a fine line between attention grabbing hooks and pure Clickbait, though, to try to be careful next, you want to briefly introduce your topic and its main take Coy's. The goal is a so and promote your topic in a way that is powerful and memorable so that the reader can continue to think back to it as a review of applications. That way, your application of abstract stands out the most. So, for example, the following example have a hook, brief introduction and a key take away. So how I replaced my corporate income by owning $40,000 in cash in $20,000 in sales in only 60 days, but monetizing your skill sets as well as learning something new by focusing on your zone of genius and owning it. Take your business online. Expand your playing field by adding an extra income stream would sue, such as network marketing and investing or course creation. These are all examples of having a hook with brief introduction and some of the take aways , your speech should be tailored to your target audience. For the sake of this example, let's say they are also low preneurs, or 95 hustlers who are looking to ditch a corporate life, make their side house with four time but that know how to do so. In the case of the example, we just looked at it will not just grab their attention. In fact, they might start stalking you on social media, looking for how to tips and have a valuable knowledge you could provide to your existing community. This is especially true in the Event Committee likes your application and in actively promotes you on their social channels. Just like that. Before you even set foot on stage, you started to grow your following, and there is hype around your topic and work. Don't believe me. We'll check out some local events in your city and observe their marketing and the speakers they bring on Zerby or in responses to their ads. Finally, you want to have an end book. So, for example, we're gonna close the example we just looked at with an end hook, we might have something like having multiple streams of income is not only a luxury, but an absolute necessity. Having time or financial freedom could benefit you emotionally, mentally and physically. Or you can advance your professional career outside of the corporate world and grow your network like you have never before imagined examples. We just looks out here. Focus on the benefits. Remember, features draw people in, but the benefits. What will sold them on your services? Your speech on practically anything that you offer human cell psychology is actually very simple. In this regard that we've looked at creating are perfect patrol proposal. It's time to test it out and see how it fares. You always need to have a proof of concept, and the best way you can do this is to obtain feedback that is constructive and objective. You can absolutely show it to a trusted love one for feedback, but my experience. I find that this is the hardest form of feedback to receive and implement. As a relationship is biased, most if not all, people take things personally, especially it comes from a loved one. This case is best to receive feedback from a mentor or a fellow business colleagues or a coach or someone who could make space for you, help you grow and also give you the feedback that you need to thrive and actually land you to speaking engagement. Some other ways of obtaining objective feedback on your proposal are soliciting feedback on social media. This is where you create an online post on your social media profiles and you just request feedback. You'll be pleasantly surprised. A number of folks you want to help you out and having different perspectives is always a good thing. I've done this a few times in the past, certainly towards the beginning of my speaking career, and it really has helped me craft good proposals that get accepted. No, finally, you might want to consider reaching out to the Conference Agenda Committee. You might be feeling bold on want to reach out to the event committee themselves, maybe requesting 50 minutes of their time. But please bear in mind. Not all conferences are happy for you to do this. If they are, make this conversation about them in their events, find a shared commonality. We're finally while still feedback is a gift and a lesson to learn from. One thing I will always say is Listen to your gut instincts because your gut instinct is never wrong. So if someone gives you some feedback which goes against your gut instinct, you need to weigh up whether you think that feedback is worth implemented. If your gut instinct says strongly, otherwise go. If you got so in this mantra, we spent some time looking about how you can craft, create and words and abstract for your talks. But theory is one thing in practice is another. So I want to do in the next module was I'm going to take four abstracts. I've submitted a conferences and we're gonna break them down. Just we'll see how I structure them. These are four talks that have been picked multiple times all around the world, with different events, both technical and non technical talks. So hopefully, or give yourself a good example of what is potentially good abstract 5. Example Abstracts: Now that we've talked about the structure of a good tool cap strikes, I want to now show you four sample abstracts and some of my own talks have been selected many times for different international conferences. A little background first, my main audience of software developers. So a few of these talks are quite technical and cater to a software development audience. The last two talks I'm gonna go show are more soft skills, and people focused on the following screens, going to be putting quite a lot of text on the screen. But don't worry about trying to read it all in one go. I'm gonna go through each parts and highlight the parts I'm talking about and then read them out. So don't worry about trying to read everything for yourself. So let's get started for the 1st 1 This first talk is a security talk aimed at the mark soft dot net developer community and is called dot net core data Security. Hope is not strategy. The title is in two parts. There's a main title dot net core data security, which tells the user this talk is aimed at dot net core developers and that is talk is about data security. The subtitle is Hope Is Not a Strategy. It's insular Reda Issa security talk that talks about how important it is not to ignore security. When I first picked his thoughts conferences I didn't have the hope is not a strategy subtitle. It still got accepted. But when I added that subtitle, it started to get selected or not more as it draws the reader into the abstract. But it isn't to click baiting. The next line is not encrypting your data is a risky move. Just relying on the hope that urine get hacked and compromised is not strategy. His first line of the abstract helps reinforce the title of the talk. For software developer. It reinforces the point that not encrypting data is a fool's errand. Data breaches on unfortunate reality for technical systems on this line is there to make that explicitly clear. Next, we states that as a software developer, you have a duty to your employer to secure and protect their data. In his talk, you learn how to use the dot net framework to protect your data, satisfy confidentiality, integrity, non repudiation and authentication. My intention here is to tell the user that they'd security is their responsibility. It's down to them. Then I immediately follow up with what the talk is actually about. And I'm going to talk about how to use the dot Net framework programming system to help the listener to protect their company's data. I talk about confidentiality, integrity, non repudiation and authentication, which are well regarded as the four pillars of cryptography and data protection. If the reader is familiar with those terms, they'll be drawn into their pitch. If you're not familiar with those terms that no hope you have their interest peaks to find out more. By this point, I've hopefully hook the reader to make them interested in the talk. I admit that this talk caters to a very specific, security conscious niche to use a particular programming environment, but that's fine. I'm happy to target that group specifically on with the events that I submit this to that's perfectly acceptable in the last section are going to a bit more detail about what the viewer can expect. I don't have specifics here, and I talked about the programming libraries, concepts that I'm going to address, so let's treat this out. So this talk covers random number generation, hashing offense cases hashing and password by his kid Ovation functions. The talk also coffers both symmetric and asymmetric. Encryption. Using there's Triple Days A s, CBC and GCM on our site. You then learn how to combine these cigarettes produce hybrid encryption schemes, which includes A S. R S, a H Max on digital signatures. Now I fully admit this actually gets quite technical, and there's a lot of acronyms in there. But the audience on Katrina's two will be familiar. We have quite a few of those acronyms already. So what it is, I'm explicitly stating that if you come to this talk, I'm going to teach you how to use each of these different things and how to combine them together. Systems to reader or the passengers comes to talk explicitly, what to expect with no ambiguity. This next talk is another technical talks aimed at software developers who are familiar with the market soft azure cloud platform. The talk is called protective encryption keys with dashiki volt. In this example, the title is much more specific without any kind of click bait a hook. The talk is literally about protection. Encryption keys using the Microsoft Azure key vote service. Anyone familiar with the ASHA platform this tight was really all you need. That being said, though, I follow up with In a world where putting our company's data into the cloud, the protection of that data against a data breach has never been more important. This lion reinforces of protecting data against breaches is very important. A data breach is probably only developers or companies. Greatest fear. This talk will help remedy that. This is the problem we're going to solve now that we've hooked the reader in, Let's get into some specifics here I states in his talk. I'll show you how to set up and use Microsoft's azure Key volts to protect your encryption keys and secrets like passwords in connection strings as a key Votes uses the power of hardware security modules, RHS EMS to protect your secrets and make sure that your solutions are secures. A can be when working in regulated industries like healthcare, financial and insurance. Here I'm stating what will cover. That's not the key votes. Protect your keys and secrets also state that the key vote is powerful hardware to do its thing that is needed by regulated industries are healthcare, financial services and insurance. I've given the reader a glimpse of what we're covering, reaffirming that if you work in a regulated environment, this subject, he's gonna help you out a lot. Next life states as well as showing you how to set up configure the key voles, I'll show you how to code against it, using various different patterns for security in a cloud based multi tenant environment. My main purpose here is told to read. I'm not just talking about the guinea material or reading off the documentation. I'm covering specific usage patterns for azure key votes. This talk goes beyond the basics. You can read about the basics in the manual on the Internet. Next I follow up with I will cover topics like setting up as a key votes or fries your application to access to key votes, using as radio accessing the votes from your applications, using a vault to wrap local encryption keys for performance on de encrypting connection strings as key votes, secrets to get flexible database. Rooting in the cloud Once his talk is finished, your walkways everything you need to start using azure key vote straight away. So here I'm getting a little bit more specific building on the information that I previously provided. If there was ever any elements of downs, I'm telling the reader what they will learn more specifically now. I translated the end for the end hook that I will walk away if everything they need to start using azure key votes. It's a big claim, but my post talk feedback and ratings prove that the listener of the talk has been satisfied. This next talk is not a technical talk. It's more of a soft skills. Talk is called hacking humans, social engineering techniques and how to protect against them. The tighter starts off with the time hacking humans. I spent ages thinking about my entitle and settled on this as it's both interesting and relevant to the talk. The subject goes into more death that this is about social engineering techniques and how to mitigate them. If the reader was to read no forever, they would know what the gist of the talk was about. Next I start to set the scene of the talk with the problem that I'm going to address my state social engineering is one of the biggest threats for organizations. Attackers used manipulation techniques to coerce people into revealing secrets about our companies, so allow Attackers to gain access to critical systems. I explained that a big problem for companies use social engineering and manipulation of staff to extract information. Then I state in this talk. We're looking from techniques used social engineering. Look at how to guard yourself against him here. I'm stating my intention, what the view of the talk will here. We're going to talk about the techniques of social engineers use to manipulate people. Then I'm going to discuss how to guard yourself against these techniques. They're finally going to look more detail about some of the techniques I'm going to discuss by state. Him will cover subjects like pretexting, elicit station and body language as techniques for manipulating people. This just gives a little bit more debt from what we're covering. If someone is on the fence about whether to attend the talk out of all of my talks, this has the shortest abstract, but it's also being very successful was after defectors talk all over the world from London , Norway, Belgium, USA, Poland, and Australia that last or kind of very sure abstract. This next talk fighting back against a distracted world, increasing your focus and self motivation has a much longer abstract, but it's also been a very popular talk. So let's break it down. Hey, we have a two part title. The talk is called Fighting Back Against a Distracted World. It's quite an attention grabbing title. We live in a world of distraction. This talk will help you fight back. So hammer that point home. The subtitle is increasing your focus and self motivation. Let's hope you get more focused and motivated. Next, I set the scene of the talk by saying, we live in an age of technical wonder. With the Internets high in games and streaming services or vying for our attention, we've never had so many significant innovations available at our fingertips, accessible 24 by seven. There's a big problem, though, of all these systems who are being increasingly distracted, making it hard to focus on issues for an extended period. If left unchecked, it can affect our work, careers and self confidence. And it's better to break this cycle from frying us into a spiral of distraction while still being able to enjoy all of these innovations. So here I'm expanding on the title by stating the public. In our modern technical world, there are many distractions that stopping us from being productive. Next, I start to tell a personal story. When I first went self employed, I thought I had the ultimate freedom to do what I wanted. When I wanted to a degree, I did, but I didn't have anyone looking over me holding me to account. I started to become distracted. After a while, I decided things had to change. I started on a quest to become more productive, focused and increased. My motivation are still enjoying the occasional Netflix binge in his talk. I want to show my story of personal distraction. No motivation on increased project anxiety. I will share her. I broke this cycle, got my creative and productive mojo back. My intention here is to let the reader know I'm going to be talking from personal experience. I'm going to talk about my struggles and how I became them. People like personal stories and stories of personal growth. Now I get more specific with what guns cover this talk is aimed at anyone that strives to be more productive but struggles with distractions daily. In the talk, I will cover subjects such as destruction and procrastination, funding meaning in your work, increasing self motivation, understanding your locus of control, productivity and time management, and controlling social media addiction. Now the reader knows this is a personal growth story, and exactly what will be covered have all the information to decide if he's talk is for them or not. Then finding our states, I consider myself now to be very productive. But it was a battle getting there. Let me share my story in the hope that I can also help you be productive and confidence. In his final statement, I am reaffirming This is a story of personal growth. I'm going to show my story so I can help you be more productive and confidence. This is one of my highest rated talks. Feedback from attendees has been They loved personal stories and how I overcame a problem. They left feeling motivated and inspired to put into practice. Why discussed in the talk? Overall, this is much longer abstract, but it was very effective. Let's now take a look at a subject that all speakers fear rejection 6. Make Rejection Your Best Friend: No, you haven't been chosen as a speaker this year, but thank you for applying. Those are most dreaded words. Any African come here, and for some, it really hampers her self confidence. Rejection stings. It spares nobody's feelings. We are human after all. However, that doesn't mean that we need to stay dejected or feel like we are failures. I don't you want a little secret? There's no such fingers failure, just stepping stones and lessons learned. I know, right? For every single rejection you receive your receiving exceptions letter or congratulations , you have been chosen email. Consider each rejection is a bank deposit into your yes fund. I've spoken to hundreds of events around the world, but I still get regular rejections on the screen. Now you can see a typical rejection email from a conference called NDC Porto in 2019 where none of my talks got accepted. I've got a lot of these emails. It's a normal part process. Sometimes your application is rejected because the abstract is too long. You might not be the right fit for the events. Perhaps there is another, more prominent speaker who's speaking on the exact same topic. Well, Perhaps you haven't organized is already have certain partnerships and speakers in mind for their events. Whatever the reason behind the rejection, never take it personally. This is part of life, part of the risk you take when you put yourself out there. But that's where the fun and the opportunities lie. They frame your mind sets of you. Every single heard or an obstacle has an opportunity to learn. There are opportunities present all around us. We just need to see them and fill them. You can create anything you desire. You don't always have to wait for someone else to start first. Sometimes the best events, the bestselling books, anything control you name its are created after facing several rejections, one after the other tree story. But J. K. Rowling's manuscripts, the Harry Potter in the Philosopher's Stone got rejected by 12 publishers before Game published. She never gave up. Instead, she continued to hone our craft paver part for herself. You do. You can do the same. I have a personal example. When I first wanted to get into the world of public speaking, applied to be a speaker of more than 16 different events, and I got rejected by every single one of them. Now that this thing yeah, of course it did. But don't let it stop me. No, not one bit. In fact, I use these rejections to move forward. I created my own Meet up group Bayan podcasts and also publish courses on my own books. Sometimes in life, you just need to be able to command the respect instead of demanding it. In other words, need to first prove yourself and take yourself seriously. Also laugh a little bit and go with the flow before anyone else can view you as an authority on an expert on certain topics on issues. So you didn't get selected to be a speaker for an incredible conference. You have always been inspired by do some research and find out if they have other avenues. You can say part him what it takes. Sometimes he's getting in the room with the right people, building genuine successful relationships. The first major commercial conference over spoke at was an event called NDC London. I guess what? I was rejected for that event initially because I run a software development meet up group was able to attend the conference anyway as part of their local development community. Stand a few weeks for the events. The conference had a speaker pull out, so they needed to fill the gap because I was attending the event anyway, and they knew that I'd applied to speak. They decided to give me a shot. I did the talk where I've never been so terrified in my life. I received good feedback for the talk from the attendees, and then I started to get accepted more, more. Once I've done that first conference, so in my case, wasn't initially supposed to be there. But if you have a circumstances, I managed to speak at the event, which helped kick start my speaking career. So what are some of the other angles you can pursued? Speaker events? Let's look at a few. Not all of these eruptions rule of ends. But there are avenues that you can explore. Many events with a curated marketplace available to local businesses, sell their services and goods that's often love promoting locally owned businesses. Such is the life of an entrepreneur, so he might be able to apply as a vendor or encourage your company that you work for to be a vendor. This can put you on the committee's radar for future events, enables you to network of other vendors, and perhaps I'll have their own many events or workshops in the future. You never know the opportunities that may arise from these collaborations. Often event host and organizer offer sponsorship opportunities as a win win solution for both themselves, as well as sponsors. Being an event sponsor depend on what type of tear sponsorship it is after new voters donating merchandise or services free swag bags ordinating the payments will see Event. Additionally, for some events, being a sponsor may get you 5 to 10 minutes a stage time. This is a win win or playful win because you get noticed by the event organizes as well as the audience members. Grab your opportunity. Provide value. This one's a favor of mine. That's to create your own events or workshop. It's fun is exciting, and you learn so much. But start small. Start where you are collector of a few like minded individuals who have complementary interests and hosting events of your own tons of cafes, coworking spaces, yoga studios, photo studios, owned restaurants without your hosting events at a location A zones. You ever allow other patrons to attend it or you have them cater for you. Also hosting your own event is a great way to garner interest from other leaders, and influences within the industry you're not creating are in great fine or table and inviting others to join you on this journey. Believe me when I say this, most, if not all business owners and entrepreneurs love helping one another rise. He gets, provide value, be on stage and also have other value providers on stage beside you, I could run a meet up group in the UK for software developers. I often use this as a chance to try out new talks on my local community before I take them to a larger conferences. Been a great way to get early feedback on a talk before I take you to a much larger audience. Finally, cultivate healthy mindsets. Anything in life can be achieved on every obstacle can be overcome as long as you grow healthy mindset. Stay humble, work hard and smart. Probably so full eat whatever you take on good work and focus on quality. You will always be valued over speed and hasty nous be kind, and seats provide value and help where, if you can, I am to always make things all the things better than when you first found them. As the old adage goes, you can never be a great keynote or guest speak. If you cannot even visualize yourself being there one stage or if you let rejection, take a toll on you. Whenever you are rejected, make a windless and write down all of the things you are good at. Talented at, unappreciated. For stick that list onto a mirror frame, it's on placing anywhere where you can see it. Take a picture of it with you on your cell phone and even make it a screen saver is the same. Philosophy is a vision board, except it's a win list. Cultivator winners, mindsets and confidence Remind yourself that you are worthy off being on that stage. Sometimes things take a bit more. Time may come to a lot later. They did for someone else, and that's OK. Stay in your lane. Stay focused on your vision, practice daily and take action every single day. These little steps were add up before you know it. You have built your resilience, your confidence and your expertise. Andi will be a sort after speaker in the next module. I'm going to apply for a real conference to show you kind of what the application process is like. 7. Applying for a Real Conference: What would you do? Know show you a typical application process for a real conference. I'm going to apply to speak at a conference called NDC Minnesota. I spoke at this event two times before, but there's no guarantee that I'll get to speak there this time. I've got to go through the court papers just like everyone else. I need to apply for this conference anyway, So I thought I might as well record it and show you what you might expect from a typical events. So let's switch over to a browser and apply for this conference. Okay, so I'm on the website for the conference I'm going to apply for. So this conference is called NDC Minnesota. Now in Dixie is ah, fairly large technical conference company based out of Oslo in Norway. But they run events all over the world. And it was this company that helped give me my first big break in speaking, which is absolutely fantastic. So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna go through the application process. So this is to speak at their events on the eighth to the 11th of September 2020. Spoken at previous two years as I just stated, that is absolutely no guarantee that we'll get in this year, so I need to apply it just like everyone else. Now they use a service called Session Eyes for managing their CFT session. Eyes is quite a common system that's used by a lot of conferences, but not everyone uses it, but it's not really important. What I want you to see is the process or a typical process that you go for you to apply for a conference somewhere. You session eyes. Some will use a Google form. Some of them you know, the profits on conferences release. You have to fill out spreadsheets. Doesn't really matter, is kind of looking at the typical types of questions that you get asked. So on this website we can scroll down. We could see that See FP is open, Source says. Here, call for papers. So I'm going to click on that and it gives you some you know, information about the events. So so you hear about, you know, talk times for this particular event are 60 minutes. There's also 10 minute lightning talks on their Cem short our into our workshops as well. So here we have very Handley provided a list off subjects that the conference is looking for. So in my personal circumstance, I fall into the dot nets category, the security category on and, yep, teams people rose and how we work and software methodology and processes. So there's a kind of the areas that I've specialized in, so that's good. They're looking for what I've got to offer on. We could see that there's a deadline close by day for of mice. That's fine. So submits here. So let's do this. So this is gonna take us across the session eyes now. I've already loved in session eyes, and if you haven't, you need to creating accounts, even free Facebook or viral classic email and password. So because I view session I so many times I've got quite a lot of talk stored in here already. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to say sessions from your speaker profile or prevent, So I'm going to choose a session, so I'm going to pick my 1st 1 here dot net core data security. Hope is not a strategy. Now I know that I haven't done this talk of this event previously, so we're gonna pick it Various specialized. You do have the ability to edit what you got here so you can tweak the title if you want. I have done that on a few occasions. I've kind of tweak the titles of talks. Just if I think that I know a new title might be better in this case, I don't I'm happy with what we've got here. Now I need to let them know that this is a session to 60 minutes action. This is a reasonably advanced talk not to advance, but it's also not incredibly basics. It's an intermediate level talk on I'm presenting in English. So now we have to provide some tag. So this is a dot net talk. It is a security talks about security here on Sequels we've got Is it where you know, tours? No testing, no saw schools? Definitely not. So it's based on Microsoft technology, so we'll put that him. I guess that's fine that these types are used by the conference company to then you know about attack the selected talks on the website. So if you really want to look a security talk, for example, interview security talks and out links to other presentations. Okay, so I know that I've got a video of this talk that I did in London in 2020. So I'm gonna go to YouTube. I'm gonna go Teoh, see and contact a NDC conferences. Okay, so I know that I've gotta talk on here in the video. Okay, So, Well, here we go, the code of silence, saying it's like a history book. That what? I played there. So this is a video from in D. C. No. NDC is fantastic, cause actually filling the speakers and input water talks on their YouTube channel. If a conference company offers you this, jump at it because nothing will help your application more than having a video of your talk . If you don't have a professional video like this, then maybe you can film yourself during the talk just to give the conference organizers confidence that you cannot shoot Present on a video is by far the best way of doing that. Now I know the organizer's here quite well already, but I'm gonna place the video in. I could say that I did this at NDC London 2020 So has it been presented other conferences? Yes. Now some conferences like talks to be exclusive. It's not that common, but, you know, seen some conferences where they won't accept a talk. Unless you can guarantee that is gonna be exclusive for three months in that country. In this case with NDC, it's not at all. So where were you travel from? London UK. Well, your company cover the cost of travel and hotel, so no, my company rains. This particular conference does pay travel expenses and hotel expenses. That's fantastic. Okay, Do I agree to terms? Conditions? Yes. Great. Okay, so now I'm going to submit another talk. So let's such what we got here. Ah, So you Blockchain in tone was actually did that there last year, so I'm not gonna submit that again. Um, fighting back against a distracted world. I think this will be a fantastic talk that conference, So I'm just gonna put that in as is. It's a session introductory. It's in English. This is kind of a more people focused talk. So yes, people do anything else that's relevant, their soft skills. Okay, now I haven't got video for this year, has not been published. But I will say, um I did this talk. That's and D C London didn't 20 on its had great audience feedback. So this just lets the people know in the agenda committee that, you know, I did this previous NDC events They can Then go and look at my feet back that talk. So you have it was any good or not? Has it been since before? Yes. Where you traveled from London. Okay, No, my company can't cover the costs when we submit that. Okay, so let's submit one more. Because this is this is a live. You know, I'm actually applying to this conference. This isn't just being fought on for the video. Sorry. Let's see what else I've got. This I think will be relevant on hacking humans. One session introductory language. Now, this is actually by a security talk and people talk so early on in this course we look for the abstract for this one is security focus, talk. But it is aimed it people on how people interact with each other. Good is your present before so NDC London on D c, Oslo and D C simply I do have videos for that. But we'll come back in and had those at a later time. Ah, well, maybe trouble from from then UK. Okay, So putting out a few more to that, but you don't necessarily see that. So that is me basically applying to this conference, so that would have sent some emails to me. Now, if I go to speak a dashboard now, it's quite interesting to show You were saying about how you know, even I know I've done lots and lots of conferences, but I still get rejected. So actually looking at this dashboard is quite useful. So here we can see so small conference called d d d North was accepted at that fantastic NDC port of issue was accepted even better now Conference called Tech Karama, which is in Belgium now spoken there before, But actually the last two years I got rejected, which is a shame, but I've applied again and it's still in evaluations that have not made their final decision yet. So fingers crossed for that one. So NDC Oslo which is in June 2020 again I've spoken here about four times didn't actually get in last year in 2019 but, you know, fingers crossed. I'll get in this year K C D C NDC, Minnesota. That's when we're just applied for. There's quite a few there that I've actually put in already. Now should be out to somewhere out to sea. Rejections. Okay, so clicked on my events here. Now I can see declined events. Took me a while to find it. See your eyes change slightly, but here you can see a lot of things that has declined that. So Conference called STD His bond. It's in London. So I submitted five to that and all five were declined. I've spoken there before. It's a fantastic event, but you know wasn't lucky this year. Italy comfy, not asses in Finland submitted. One talk got declined. So you see what? He's different Events here have been declines. Now I've spoken at hundreds of events. You know, I consider myself to be a season's experience, Baker. But I still get rejected is kind of a better misconception of had people say to me before. Oh, you must get accepted wherever you want to go. So well, no, I really don't on. You know all of my fellow speaker friends who in the similar position to May or similar level of experience. For me, they're exactly the same. They get accepted a lot of conferences, but they also get rejected. There's so much competition now, earlier on in my speaking career, that probably would have, you know, hurt a little bit upsetting. But now it's just it's just part and parcel of the process. I guess we could see past events here. Hey, now you can see Sony since I've been using session eyes. These are some events that I've been accepted for. Tikaram A in the Netherlands in 2018 had to talks accepted out of seven. So just what would be interesting for you to see that? So a both the process of applying to speak conference and also show I knew that even someone like myself who speaks a lot of events, I still get rejected news. It's all part process now. We've used session eyes dot com here. Session Eyes is a fairly new service, but it's actually really gaining in popularity, so the chances are that you might actually get to use this system, but a lot of conferences still have their own private way of applying. They'll even have a form on their website or use a Google form. The process doesn't really mass. It's kind of the is looking at how the application process works in general, which I thought would be useful for you actually start seeing what's involved in applying for a conference. So let's switch back to the slides and we'll wrap this course up. 8. Summary: thank you so much watching this course. Although these courses about crafting a catchy killer and compelling conference talk abstracts there are many moving pieces to it. This course has given you the tangible tools to apply in preparation for your conference talk. You cannot simply apply without any preparation. You are your brand. You need to eat, sleep and breathe it. I need to believe in it with complete conviction. Most of all, you need to have the courage to fell forward every single day. Relationship building will always take you far in life. No matter your powerful Johnny, use out to help others. Let me benefit you in the end, Listen and observe more than you speak funny. I know, but being an active listener will help you learn the tiniest of nuances Be a habits, preferences, life lessons, etcetera all of which are very important. It s a is all about the little things in life, for they are in fact, the big things Utilize your opportunities and resources and now you are capable of so much more than you give yourself credit for. Don't let one misstep, one negative experience or 10 rejections to tell you from pursuing your dream and becoming a public speaker. Being a speaker is a great honor and a privilege, one that should never be taken lightly or for granted. You'll be entrusted to be the voice for yourself and others within your community. I encourage you to reach out to me if you have any questions or need any foe for resources on how to hone and refine your speaker application or craft altogether. If you enjoyed this course, please show of your friends and loved ones or anyone you know who may need that little boost of encouragement to finally break into their public speaking career until next time. Remember that you have totally got this with a mic in your hands. I'm Stephen Horns. Thank you for listening.