Writing Your Name in Biblical Greek! (Learning Biblical Greek: The Alphabet) | Paul Weir | Skillshare

Writing Your Name in Biblical Greek! (Learning Biblical Greek: The Alphabet)

Paul Weir, Husband / Father / Teacher / Disciple

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9 Videos (35m)
    • Introduction

    • Learn the Alphabet (α-ν)

    • Learn the Alphabet (ξ-ω)

    • Practice the Alphabet

    • The Alphabet in English Pt 1

    • The Alphabet in English Pt 2

    • English Words to Greek

    • Typing Biblical Greek

    • Conclusion


About This Class

In this class you'll be learning the alphabet used in biblical Greek - all 24 letters of it!

Learning a new language is fun and rewarding. And while no one really converses in biblical Greek anymore, there's certainly a lot of reading material available in that format (i.e., the entire New Testament and even the Old Testament in a book known as the Septuagint).

Hey - you might even be able to use your new-found knowledge of the biblical Greek alphabet to write in code to you friends!

In fact, the project for this class is for you to write your full name in biblical Greek letters!

Think that sounds too difficult? You might surprise yourself!





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Paul Weir

Husband / Father / Teacher / Disciple

Currently a Business Office Manager specializing in payroll and student collections at a Christian University in Wisconsin. Have been an assistant registrar, librarian, help desk administrator, software tester, technical writer, and way too much more...

BBA in Computer End-User Technology from UW-Whitewater 
MA in Bible with a Biblical Languages concentration from Bob Jones University

Taught Greek at a small Bible college in Edmonton; Run explainingthebook.com and severa...

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