Writing Your First Romance Novel. How to Begin the Process, in Guided Practical Steps

Robert Chalmers, Robert Chalmers - Author

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About This Class

You can write your first Romance Novel. It's a fun and exciting thing to do, as you build your world and populate it with the characters you will learn to love, and to even dislike! Yes, that's right - they are your characters and you can give them what ever personality you like. 

You don't need any experience. You don't need a degree. If you can read and write, and have an imagination, that's all you need.

The Romance novel genre that has been popularised by Mills & Boon is the best place to start when wanting to begin your first novel. As you most likely know by now, it’s actually not that easy to sit down and start writing. It takes courage, and some dedication, but once you start, like any good novel, you won't be able to put it down...


Recommended Reading to go with this course. The course refers often to these books

The Innamincka Affair. "Robert Chalmers" Print and Kindle. Amazon.
The Welcoming. "Nora Roberts" Mills&Boon/Harlequin. Amazon
Optional: The Dragons of Sara Sara. "Robert Chalmers" Print & Kindle. Amazon

While the novel The Dragons of Sara Sara isn't used as an example in this introductory course, it would be good practice to see if you can find the detail that taught in this course, in that particular novel. Not all romances are the same...

Please contact me for help and advice. Writing is such fun, and I love to help where I can.






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Robert Chalmers

Robert Chalmers - Author

For aspiring Authors - selecting the right genre to writ under is often a challenge, but one of the nicest ones is Romance. Everyone wants a bit of Romance in their lives, and people love to read about other peoples lives, and to watch them on TV and in the movies. Look at the success of some of the long running "Soaps". My master course on How to "Write A Romance Story" will get you going in the right direction easily and quickly. Really, it's not as hard as you think.

For creative p...

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