Writing Towards Emotional Markers (How to Plot Your Story Arcs P2)

Charlie Aylett, www.thestorysmith.com

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8 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Story Arcs in Motion

    • 3. Establishing Context

    • 4. Writing Emotions

    • 5. Developing emotions

    • 6. Filtering Emotions

    • 7. Assignment

    • 8. Some reflections


Project Description

The best way to learn how to write is..?

1) Write

2) Read

3) Learn writing techniques

4) Giving/receiving feedback

Obviously, a combination of all four! Reading and learning will only bear fruits if you actually write!

Put the techniques into action. Experiment. Push yourself. You don't know what you can do until you try.

Don't be afraid if you don't get it right first time -- good writing takes practice.

Give constructive feedback to other writers and help them grow, too - tell them what works as well as what doesn't. Keep an open mind when receiving comments on your work. Developing an analytical eye is essential in your development as a writer.

Carve out some time in your day to write, even if it's only half an hour. Even if that half an hour is spent on staring at paper or screen just thinking about what you'll write. Once your brain is trained to take time out and think about writing, ideas will begin to flow. That half an hour will begin to lengthen, and soon enough you will have developed a writing routine.


The Project

Start your class project with a simple exercise in writing emotions -- rewriting some sentences into Showing emotions.

Add to your project with the second exercise of the class - creating emotional filters. Write two simple paragraphs.

Using these techniques, you will write a piece of flash fiction (500-1000 words), incorporating the emotional arc in conjunction with plot events.

If you feel like writing a longer piece -- go for it! There's no rules here -- follow your inspiration.

Student Projects

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