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Mary Karr, Memoirist & Poet

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9 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Jumpstarting Your Memory

    • 3. Creating a Commonplace Book

    • 4. Developing Your Voice

    • 5. Writing With Carnality

    • 6. Writing With Interiority

    • 7. Truth of Memory

    • 8. Final Thoughts

    • 9. Explore More Classes on Skillshare

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About This Class

“We're all in this together trying to make sense of what it is to be a human being. And it's a hard and kind of beautiful and noble thing for you to try to do.”

Join legendary memoirist Mary Karr (The Liar's Club, Cherry) as she describes the processes she relies on to write beautiful, visceral scenes that feel real to the reader, and introduces you to the ways she has prepared to write her upcoming memoir Just You Wait. 

Through a series of memory-focused writing exercises, Mary guides you through the tangled process of writing memoir and makes it clear, distinct, and actionable. Along the way, she shares her wisdom and perspective on life, writing as a craft and the distinct privilege and pain of being a person.

Don't miss Mary's lessons on:

  • Writing with the five senses to engross and immerse a reader
  • Developing your personal and unique voice
  • Using interiority to connect with your reader and become real to them
  • Getting at the truth of your memory

Using clear and actionable instruction paired with practical (and beautiful) examples across generations of memoirists, Mary makes the mystifying and sometimes painful process of writing about yourself feel not only possible, but right within your reach.