Writing Skills: Punctuation - Using Apostrophes, Semi-colons and Everyday Punctuation Correctly

Elizabeth Bezant, Writer and Writing Coach

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9 Videos (37m)
    • Welcome

    • Commas, Full stops and Consistency

    • Correct Use Of Apostrophes

    • Auto-correct, Right Or Wrong?

    • Mum and Dad or mum and dad?

    • Two Or 2?

    • Course Project

    • Quiz (1)

    • Quiz (2)


About This Class

How often do you find yourself staring at your writing trying to figure out the intricacies of English punctuation? Things like: where to put the apostrophe or semi-colon, whether you should use a capital letter, how to write numbers or all kinds of similar things.

After more than a couple of decades writing (and believe me more time than I care to admit trying to figure out what goes where), I’ve come up with a few tips to make the whole thing easier. Tips I’m delighted to share in this course.

So whether you’re learning English, learning punctuation or just fed up of asking yourself ‘Where?’ This short course is for you.

It covers the basics on some of the most annoying, everyday parts of our punctuation and ways to get them right first time.

Plus, at the end of the course I’ve included a short multiple choice quiz to reinforce everything you’ve learned.

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Thank You Elizabeth is great to watch your tutorial. I score 8/12 which is think the hardest question is no. 11 where i'm confuse about the "cows' " part.
Thanks Elizabeth. I blitzed your Punctuation Quiz - one hundred percent correct.
Pauline Bright

Business Coach and Mentor for Creators

A great little course which everyone should take! If you need a refresher on when to use a comma? Or, should you trust in word's auto correct feature? then this course is a must. I highly recommend this one for anyone who creates written word as part of their jobs!
Robin Slee

Let your inner artist out!





Elizabeth Bezant

Writer and Writing Coach

Hi, my name’s Elizabeth Bezant and I’m an internationally-published, freelance writer and writing coach.

For the past two decades, or so, I’ve had a wonderful time inspiring and informing writers everywhere, and am currently recording my online courses while cycling around Australia as a full-time, professional house-sitter.

Over the years I’ve had a diverse range of articles, stories, columns and educa...

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