Writing Skills: Pacing - Instantly Improve The Impact Of Your Writing | Elizabeth Bezant | Skillshare

Writing Skills: Pacing - Instantly Improve The Impact Of Your Writing

Elizabeth Bezant, Writer and House-sitter

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    • Welcome

    • The Importance Of Pacing

    • The Secrets Of Pacing

    • Course Project


About This Class

Have you ever wondered why one piece of creative writing has more impact than another? Why it has you totally enthralled while another story seems to simply plod along?

Well… in many cases it has a lot to do with the pacing. A subtle, but vital (and rarely taught) skill that can have a huge impact on all kinds of writing, everything from stories, to articles to promotional material.

Over my decades as freelance writer (who focused mainly on Personal Essays), I’ve learned a lot about pacing. To the point where I wrote a short story in Australia and had a lady in tears as she read it from a magazine while in a shopping centre on the other side of the world.

This course contains it all; everything I learned on pacing. I’ve also included a short writing project at the end to reinforce all that I’ve covered.





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Elizabeth Bezant

Writer and House-sitter

Hi, my name’s Elizabeth (Lizzie) Bezant and I’m an internationally-published, freelance writer and writing coach, currently house-sitting full-time across Australia.

For the past two decades, or so, I’ve had a wonderful time inspiring and informing writers (in person, in print and online), but recently I've also expanded my tutoring to include all aspects of house-sitting as I share my ongoing house-sitting adve...

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