Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Selling Your First Book | John Hayes | Skillshare

Writing, Publishing, Marketing and Selling Your First Book

John Hayes, Marketing Strategist and Author

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11 Lessons (43m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. The Writing Process

    • 3. The Pitching Process

    • 4. 7 Things I Have Learned To Hate About The Publishing Industry

    • 5. How to Find a Publisher or Agent

    • 6. Going It Alone - Self Publishing

    • 7. Multiple Formats

    • 8. Embracing Your Inner Self-Publicist

    • 9. Building a Back Catalogue

    • 10. Making Money

    • 11. Conclusion: Good Luck and Happy Writing

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About This Class

Are You Waiting for Permission to Write and Publish Your First Book? Stop Waiting and Start Writing Today.

This online course is designed to help aspiring writers realize their potential and guide them through the process of writing, publishing, marketing and selling their first book. It will look at the writing process, examine publishing and distribution options and highlight potential opportunities and pitfalls.

Topics Covered Include:

What’s The Big Idea?

  • Have you got a book inside of you?
  • Inspiration and where to find it
  • Fail to plan, plan to fail 

The Writing Process

  • The writing process (think job, not hobby)
  • Setting targets and hitting deadlines
  • The editorial process
  • Common pitfalls/roadblocks 

Pitching to a Publisher/Agent 

  • The benefits of working with a traditional publisher
  • When and how to pitch
  • What you should expect from a publisher
  • When to walk away 

Going it Alone

  • Disadvantages of working with a traditional publisher
  • Digital disruption (you’ve never had it so good)
  • Indie not amateur
  • Self-publishing vs Vanity publishing
  • Getting help (freelance editorial and design support)
  • Self-Publishing platforms/distribution networks 

Multiple Formats

  • Hardback, Paperback, eBook (epub, mobi), audiobooks

Embracing Your Inner-Self Publicist (Selling Your Work) 

  • Public Relations
  • Blogging/Podcasting
  • Public Speaking
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing 

Making Money

  • Setting expectations
  • Alternative streams of revenue

Building a Back Catalogue

  • Rinse, repeat
  • eBook Singles
  • Writing a series
  • Free vs paid distribution