Writing Masterclass: Sentences (Strategy 2 in the Writing Masterclass Series)

Rachel Leroy, Stop Striving and Start Thriving

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5 Lessons (17m)
    • 1. Introduction (Please note the whole series is broken down by one Strategy per course, not two strate

    • 2. Introduction and Writing Sentences: Active Voice Strategy 2 Technique 1

    • 3. Writing Sentences: Action Verbs Strategy 2 Technique 2

    • 4. Writing Sentences: Action Verbs Strategy 3 Technique 3

    • 5. ClosingThoughts


Project Description

Streamlined Writing Project

Strategy 2: Writing Sentences in the Writing Mastery Series


This course includes three techniques to help you activate and streamline written pieces of fiction, nonfiction, and possibly poetry through effective use of sentences. The course will make your writing stand out right away!

This course includes three concrete and actionable techniques for improving your sentence structure and usage. Put each one into practice as you create a new writing piece or as you revise a newer or older already-written piece. Once you have completed the piece, please post the new piece or a before and after version of your revised piece so we can see your wonderful changes, then consider the next part of the series, "Writing Structures." Or, go through all eight courses in the series and then post your final copy or before and after copies to the "Writing Habits" course.

Three Videos/Techniques, One Exercise

  1. Introduction: This lecture introduces Strategy 2 Sentences: Activate your sentences. It also explains Strategy 2 Technique 1, Active Voice: Use active voice.
  2. This lecture explains Strategy 2 Technique 2, Action Verbs: Prefer action verbs.
  3. This lecture explain Strategy 2 Technique 3, Passive Verbs: Limit use of passive verbs.
  4. This lecture includes exercises to put the techniques in Strategy 2 into practice. The document comes in a downloadable PDF file.

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