Writing Exercises While Listening To Music To Boost Creativity

Tatiana Ambrose, 44 Classes Helping You To Be Creative

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8 Lessons (11m)
    • 1. Using Music For Writing Inspiration Introduction

    • 2. Writing Exercise 1

    • 3. Exercise 2: Environment

    • 4. Exercise 3: Emotional Trigger

    • 5. Exercise 4: 5 Words

    • 6. Exercise 5: Image

    • 7. Final Writing Exercise

    • 8. Continue Learning With Me


About This Class

Are you a writer? Someone that loves to write? Or are currently experiencing writer's block?

Then this is going to be the class for you! In this creative writing class I will walk you through 6 writing exercises using music. Yes, you can pick any song of your choice that you want because you will be focusing on connecting to and exploring each song through writing.

Part of overcoming any writing or creativity block is to always have something to write about and the beauty of this class is that once you understand how to complete each exercise you will be able to do this at anytime with any song to draw writing inspiration from.

This creative writing class is for anyone that writes, whether it's your next book, next poem, diary entries or even writing in your creativity journal. Any writer can benefit from this class.

I can't wait for you to join me, go ahead and enroll today and let's start your writing exercises using music today!