Writing Emails That Get Read | Barb Jacobucci | Skillshare
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7 Videos (25m)
    • Introduction Emails That Get Read

    • Module 2 What Do You Want

    • Module 3 Know Your Audience

    • Module 4 Let's Start Writing

    • Module 5 Writing Style

    • Module 6 Final Steps Proofread

    • Module 7 Contact Information


About This Class

Email is second nature for many of us….so why another course on email?

Simply for that reason.  When something becomes second nature, we tend to fall into an auto-pilot mode and draft email after email without thinking about our content, the effect on our recipient, and what our email communication style is doing to our reputation as communicators, and our relationships with our coworkers.   Have you ever opened your email box, saw an email from someone, and thought “ I don’t have time for this!”  Of course you have!  

My goal for this course, is that YOU aren’t the author of these dreaded emails. This is the last reaction you want to get when you are trying to make things happen in our fast moving world.  You want to make things happen….not spend time verifying, confirming, re-explaining.  You are a ‘get it done..and get it done right kind of professional.  That is why you are here! 

This course is presented in short easy to follow video modules.  The format allows you to repeat any section that is of most interest to you and that supports your professional growth and success. 

I look forward to joining you in the journey.  





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Barb Jacobucci

M.Ed, Training and Development Professional

Barb has spent her career in training, development and motivation. She effectively translates her experience and expertise with pragmatic presentations and hands-on recommendations. As an experienced entrepreneur and business leader, she understands the connection between product development, marketing, training, sales and customer care. Barb provides insight and training on the critical skills to reach company goals and objectives. Her training includes a focus on the relationship between de...

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