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Writing - Creating Distinct Characters

Aleksina Teto, Illustrator, Designer, Writer.

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7 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction - Character Diversity

    • Motivation

    • Traits

    • Intent

    • Influence

    • Keeping a Character True to Her or Him Self

    • Conclusion


About This Class

The protagonist has been created, maybe the character is even the main reason for writing this book or short story. Then, writing the second doesn't seem too bad. But, then you need more characters, and it's getting a little harder. And wait, you've reached chapter 6, and they are all starting too look a little too similar, maybe even starting to look a little too much like the writer.

That's where this class comes in, it hopes to help you be able to better define characters, help with thinking up characters, as well as aid in keeping those characters distinct.





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Aleksina Teto

Illustrator, Designer, Writer.

I'm Aleksina, or AlT, some weird Canadian who is fascinated in critical theory and the human condition as well as just creativity. I have a Writing and Publishing diploma from Okanagan College. I enjoy all mediums to express self and other.

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