Writing A Kissing Book (Romance) By The Beat. Romance Writing. | Robert Chalmers | Skillshare

Writing A Kissing Book (Romance) By The Beat. Romance Writing.

Robert Chalmers, Robert Chalmers - Author

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14 Videos (1h 4m)
    • Writing a Kissing Book (Romance) Introduction

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    • Templates and Links

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    • Project 4 Phase 4


About This Class

A more in depth look at Writing A Romance...

Writing By The Beats - Make The Story Zing!

This is a very specific class for a very specific niche. The romance arc. Within that, specifically the Story Beat.
The Oxford English Dictionary defines a story arc as '(in a novel, play, or movie) the development or resolution of the narrative or principal theme'. Story arcs are the overall shape of rising and falling tension or emotion in a story. ... A strong storytelling arc follows this principle.



The Beat is the smallest unit of Story. A beat is an identifiable moment of change. And like all units of Story, the writer must have the raw materials to create a stable beat. There is an inciting incident, a complication, a crisis, a climax and a resolution inside each and every beat.

This will provide you with a new writing tool. If you focus too much on external plot, if you know something is missing but not sure what, even non-romance writers who need romantic elements in their work will find this useful. 

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Knowledgeable and with a sense of humour. I'm not much for Romances, but I found the lessons well organized and detailed, with a serious look at romantic story arcs. The Resource video offers useful links. I recommend this course for anyone who's looking to write their first Romantic tale with attention to pacing and planning.
Udern Stroud






Robert Chalmers

Robert Chalmers - Author

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