Writers Who Launch: Break Into Freelance Writing Fast | Susan Finch | Skillshare

Writers Who Launch: Break Into Freelance Writing Fast

Susan Finch, Freelancing my way through life! :-)

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15 Lessons (1h 20m)
    • 1. Launch a High-Profile Career by Writing for Small Businesses

    • 2. Why Editors Are Dying for Your Personal Experience and Will Pay You For It

    • 3. The Power in Positioning Your Work Experience to Break Into Freelance Writing

    • 4. Get Magazine Worthy Clips Fast! Break in With Trade Publications

    • 5. Quickly Build a Reputable Freelance Writing Career with Pro Bono Clients

    • 6. Dive Into Circulars to Get Published Clips Fast

    • 7. Crush Your Obstacles with Super Strategic Spec Work

    • 8. Get Insights from a Working Writer on Building Long Lasting Success

    • 9. The Secret Behind Skyrocketing Your Success with Crystal Clear Goals

    • 10. Hunting Down Hard to Find Client and Editor Emails

    • 11. Exactly How to Study a Publication for Success

    • 12. Become a Super Sleuth: Find Out More About Your Client for Your Query

    • 13. Write a Compelling Hook that Grabs an Editor's Attention

    • 14. Answering the Question Why in Your Query Letter

    • 15. How to Close Your Query Letter and Retain Engagement


About This Class

Break down barriers, crush your obstacles and learn how to land repeat freelance writing work - fast! Learn the exact techniques to identify and warm-up clients, attract leads and nail the sale. Aspiring and struggling freelance writers will start earning money and get their first published clips fast - even if you've never been able to before. 





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Susan Finch

Freelancing my way through life! :-)

Susan Finch is a lifelong freelancer with nearly 15-years of experience as a writer, social media consultant, marketing consultant and video editor. She's written for The LA Times, The Boston Globe, The Sydney Herald, Pregnancy & Newborn Magazine, Mothering Magazine, numerous websites and 7 travel guidebooks. She mentors aspiring and struggling freelance writers at WritersWhoLaunch. Before diving into a freelance writing career, Susan was a video editor working on national commercials for Mar...

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