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Write your first GUI Java program

John Singh, Senior Systems Analyst

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5 Videos (19m)
    • Course Overview Write your first GUI java program

    • Lesson 1 : Java objects and data types

    • Lesson 2 : Graphical User Interface Theory

    • Lesson 3 : User Interface Events

    • Lesson 4 Practical lesson on writing a Gui Program


About This Class

A java graphical user interface or GUI is way that a program interacts with the user. It accepts the users input and responds back to the user in a meaningful way. This class will teach the student how to create a very simple graphical user interface. When I was first learning Java I remember that I was frustrated until I learn't how to create my first GUI. This is because software in its essence is used to receive information in some way and convert it into another form. The GUI is one way to get information from the user and it is the essential part of any program





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John Singh

Senior Systems Analyst

Hi !!. I have been designing and developing software for 20 years. I first began Java programming in 1998 and did a prototype java application that integrated to AS400 midrange computers. In 2000 I obtained my sun certification in java programming and also tried the java developer exam but couldn't complete it because of work commitments.

From 2000 to 2006 I was involved in the design and development of numerous java programs. The one program FTP'd data from the AS400 to a windows mach...

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