Write your Family History | Dr Ian Broinowski | Skillshare

Write your Family History

Dr Ian Broinowski

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11 Lessons (53m)
    • 1. Session One Introduction

    • 2. Session Two Deciding on your Audience

    • 3. Session Three Finding your Voice Part A

    • 4. Session Three Finding your Voice Part B

    • 5. Session Four It ain't all Fun and Games

    • 6. Session Five Let the Search Begin

    • 7. Session Six How to Research your Family History

    • 8. Session Seven Making Sense of it All

    • 9. Session Eight Sharing your Work

    • 10. Session Nine Getting the Details Right

    • 11. Session Ten Phew Moment


About This Class

Write your Family History presents you with strategies to organise, plan and write your family history. It takes you through a series of steps which will lead to either a unique personal journal, sketch book or to a more formal publication. These include; deciding on your audience, finding your voice, searching for information, making sense of it all and exploring ways to share your work with others. Finding out about your family is both rewarding and challenging and as you delve further into the lives of your ancestors you will learn so much about yourself and the social context in which you live. After all the past explains the present.