Write with Persuasion | Robert Williger | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (37m)
    • 1. Welcome and Introduction

    • 2. Persuasion and Influence Overview

    • 3. Copywriting Formulas & Styles

    • 4. Project: Write Your Own Persuasive Letter

    • 5. Wrap Up


About This Class

Words are a critical part of what we do everyday but we frequently do not consider the impact they can make. Everyone experiences situations in their life when they need to be persuasive. We are exposed to so many messages each day, now more than ever before, the right words are the tool to get what you deserve.





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Robert Williger

Copywriter and Marketing Strategist

Chief Marketing Officer at MapFig, Inc. Experienced copywriter and marketing strategist, helping people who don't think of themselves as marketers bring their offers to the world. U.S. Army Veteran.

Author of Copywriting for Non-Marketers How to be more persuasive with your writing.

You can visit me at www.robertwilliger.com

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