Write to Ignite - Get Intimate Knowledge of Your Customers in Just 15 Minutes

Steve McDonald, Author, Instructor, Digital Entrepreneur

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction - Getting to Know Your Reader

    • 2. Quick and Easy Market Research

    • 3. Write for People Who Already NEED Your Product

    • 4. Make Your Sales Copy About What THEY Want

    • 5. How to Not Over or Under Sell Your Product with Your Writing

    • 6. Take Immediate Acton On What You've Learned


Project Description

As you'll see in the course, I did a quick search (5 minutes) and I learned a TON about potential customers of running socks. Here are the 2 things they were happy and about and their two biggest complaints:


  1. They loved the socks for fitting extremely well, which helped prevent blisters.
  2. They loved the colors and design of the socks because they're easier to find in the dryer and they're easier to put on correctly the first time.


  1. Customers were upset that the product description said they were no-show, but the actual socks showed above the shoe line.
  2. Several customers were unhappy that the socks wore out faster than they expected.

Customer research is that simple. Try it yourself and share your findings here.

Take action on what you learn immediately to see greater results!

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