Write to Ignite - Get Intimate Knowledge of Your Customers in Just 15 Minutes

Steve McDonald, Excel and Photoshop Geek

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6 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Introduction - Getting to Know Your Reader

    • 2. Quick and Easy Market Research

    • 3. Write for People Who Already NEED Your Product

    • 4. Make Your Sales Copy About What THEY Want

    • 5. How to Not Over or Under Sell Your Product with Your Writing

    • 6. Take Immediate Acton On What You've Learned


About This Class

Write to Ignite is a series that teaches you how to write better copy. Everyone with any sort of online business needs copywriting skills that can light a fire under their reader so they want to take action.

This course will show you 3 easy ways to get to know your reader intimately so you can better connect with them on an emotional level. This process only takes a few minutes, but it will drastically improve the power of your copywriting.

This course is for you if you want to:

  1. Learn simple strategies for doing quick customer market research
  2. Make your readers feel like you are writing specifically for them
  3. Get powerful insights into exactly what your customers want and need
  4. Connect with your readers on a deeper emotional level

Get intimate with your customers. See you inside the course!