Write irresistible press releases: expert advice on writing a unique press release that gets noticed

Sue Keogh, Director and agency owner, Sookio

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10 Lessons (60m)
    • 1. Intro - How to write a (simply) irresistable press release

    • 2. What do journalists want?

    • 3. What's the hook?

    • 4. What goes in to an ideal press release?

    • 5. Crafting a killer headline

    • 6. The middle bit

    • 7. How does it end?

    • 8. Tips for sending your release

    • 9. Don't make these common mistakes!

    • 10. Project - Create that killer press release


About This Class

Learn how to write scintillating press releases that actually get noticed and picked up by busy journalists!

Having worked in the music industry, across news outlets and as an editor, I was inundated with PR agencies, bands and startups trying to get their content noticed and promoted. Now, as an agency owner, we are always writing and sending out press releases for clients. So I've been on both sides of the table across numerous industries and I know what gets picked up! 

Who is this course for:

This course is for anyone who needs to promote their business in the press and is struggling to get their content noticed. I've got practical advice and insider techniques that will get your press release noticed. 


What this course will cover:

  • What do journalists want?
  • The anatomy of an effective press release
  • Writing a killer headline and intro that gets attention
  • The essential bits people forget
  • How to finish an exceptional press release
  • How to get through to the journalists you want
  • Common mistakes to avoid

At the end, we'll hone your knowledge taking you through writing a captivating press release that gets results.

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