Write a purpose statement: Sharpen your message to improve leads and win sales. | Travis Bragg | Skillshare

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Write a purpose statement: Sharpen your message to improve leads and win sales.

teacher avatar Travis Bragg, I teach the side hustle game

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. Write The Perfect Purpose Statement: Intro

    • 2. The purpose of a purpose statement

    • 3. The 4 part structure of a purpose statement

    • 4. Develop the structure of your purpose statement

    • 5. Write your purpose statement

    • 6. Bonus: Where to display your purpose statement

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About This Class

The worlds greatest brands communicate their value effectively and succinctly with a tight purpose statement that anyone can understand - and so can you.

Join creative director and brand strategist Travis Bragg as he walks you through 4 easy steps to distill your brand value into a short statement that you can display across every touchpoint of your business. Earn better leads, improve retention, and optimize the visibility of your brand online with an awesome purpose statement.

What is a purpose statement?
A purpose statement condenses 4 critical aspects of your brand into one or two sentences that anyone can understand. In under 20 minutes, you will learn:

  1. The purpose of a purpose statement
  2. The 4 part structure of a purpose statement
  3. Develop the structure of your purpose statement
  4. Write your purpose statement
  5. [BONUS] Where to display your purpose statement

Whether you're growing a personal brand or a business brand, a purpose statement can sharpen your message and improve the quality of your leads. This class is perfect for:

✔ Small business owner
✔ Side hustler
✔ Soloprenuer

A fast solution for better leads
By the end of this class you will have a short body of text that full clarifies your brand that you can proudly display for the world to discover.

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Travis Bragg

I teach the side hustle game


Hi there! My name is Travis Bragg.

I empower and teach everyday entrepreneurs to translate their knowledge, skill or passion into income.

I am a creative director, brand strategist, and serial entrepreneur/side hustler with over a decade of experience launching and nurturing radical startups in a variety of industries including agriculture and farming, SaaS, and green technology.

Whether you’re looking to make a few hundreds dollars or $10,000, my purpose is to translate the big dog solutions, strategies and tactics that scale startups, and teach them to everyday entrepreneurs.

Thanks for checking out my profile. Get in touch.

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1. Write The Perfect Purpose Statement: Intro: Hi, I'm Travis Brag. I am a graphic designer, brand strategist and creative director. I'm the founder of Start Up Stamina, and I'm passionate about helping solo entrepreneurs and small businesses lift up and amplify their brands. And one quick and powerful way to amplify your brand is with a purpose. And that's what this class is all about. In 20 or 30 minutes, I'm gonna teach you how to write the perfect purpose state. Whether you're developing a personal brand or business brand, getting your high level messaging just right can improve. Your leads can improve recall and retention of your brand, differentiate you from your competitors. In the best part, writing a purpose statement doesn't take long, but the value you will derive from it ever in four lessons will briefly review some brands of current crushing it with a purpose. Statement will look at the structure of how you write a purpose statement and then step by step. We will write one together. By the end of this class, you will have a perfect purpose that you can deploy across any of your brand touchpoints. Speaking of which stick around for the bonus episode at the end of the class, and I'll show you where to deploy your purpose. Statement for greatest impact. Okay, Ready to maximize the impact of your brand in 20 or 30 minutes? I'll see you in the first lesson. 2. The purpose of a purpose statement: Welcome to the first lesson of writing the perfect purpose. David. Let's dive right in with a great example, I found a purpose. Statement is a higher order, reason for a brand's existence that goes beyond making money and adds value to society, meaning your purpose. Dave is not a sales pitch, so let's talk about breath. Me. The most affected brands in the world do one thing really well. They communicate their value to inform delight and motivated their audience to take action . Let me give an example. I have a particular affinity for the life is good brand. It speaks to my personal values and reinforces my perception of the world. But at the end of the day is just another clothing company, one with a cool design aesthetic. So what makes them so much more? In the eyes of fans like me, it all starts with the way they pitched themselves. Let's take a look. The life is good. Brand is centered around the theme of optimism. They don't talk about the quality of their materials, their business practices, their pricing structure or any tangible features. What they talk about is their purpose, why they exist on the planet and for whom the life is good. Purpose statement is incredibly simple to spread the power of optimism. It's so simple, in fact, that for people knew the brand, they might mistake it for something else entirely. But for fans, this statement resonates emotionally. The life is good. Brand empowers its fans to celebrate all the good things in life, even when things are a little bit tough. It's an emotional play, one that attempts to associate feeling with a tangible product in this case T shirts. And it's working out really well for them. They spend zero traditional marketing dollars, and yet they have over $100 million in revenue. Something's working this emotional connection with their fans in all start with their purpose and their purpose statement. Now let's take a look at a life. Is good competitors er the gap? Their purpose statement is to democratize fashion and make shopping fun again to bring incredible style and quality to families the world over. This is an example of a more traditional purpose statement, and it's one. We're gonna follow a little bit more closely for this class, but you can certainly take lessons from both in two short sentences. Viewer has a complete understanding of what the gap is. There's little ambiguity in their purpose statement, which makes it quick and easy to comprehend. This is the approach I recommend taking for most brands, especially those that are young or not very well known. It may not be as exciting as the life is good purpose statement, but it is more clear and easy to understand, and I think that's a big take away here. In the case of life is good. Viewers have to dig a little deeper to understand what the company is all about because it's not immediately obvious in their purpose. Statement. Ambiguous messaging doesn't USUALLY work. Let me give you an example. Hi, I'm Travis Brag, and I empower entrepreneurs to succeed in business or Hi, I'm Travis Brag. I empower and teach entrepreneurs to translate their knowledge into digital products that they can monetize. See the difference. Option one is pretty hazy. Option two gives the viewer everything they need to know about me and my offering, and that's the purpose of a purpose statement. Give your audience exactly what they need to know in this few words, as possible. That way they can make an informed decision about whether they want engage further in the next lesson, we're gonna look at the best approach to writing the perfect purpose statement. I'll see you there. 3. The 4 part structure of a purpose statement: welcome to lessen to a purpose statement is sort of like the North Star for your brand. It can help inform business decisions in power employees or inspire audience. But at its most fundamental, it should distill the reason why your brand exists. Let's take a look at another example. Can you guess which brand this purpose statement represents to inspire and develop Children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future? Experiencing the endless human possibility? It's a longer one. Any guesses, It's Lego. What I appreciate about Lego statement is that it's highly aspirational. It connects emotionally, and it positions itself. Is the greatest toy over made without actually saying so. It's not using sales language or business jargon. It's conducting emotionally to the creative inside of all of us, and then it ties itself into a grander purpose that goes well beyond the function of a toy . It's really cool, in my opinion. No, compare the Lego purpose statement to this one to be Earth's most customer centric company to build a place where people can come to find and discover anything they don't want to buy online. Well, we all know who this is its Amazon. But one of these two purpose statements both have in common. There's a sink, and they get right to the point about what they offer and who they are. The perfect Purpose statement answers four fundamental questions that how, Who, what and why of your brand? In the case of Starbucks, their purpose statement is to inspire and nurture the human spirit one person, one cup in one neighborhood at a time. The how is one spirit, one cup in one neighborhood at a time. The Who is human spirit? The what is, well, it's left out because we all know it's coffee in the UAE is inspiring nurture. To recap. A purpose statement is a declared of sentence that summarizes the specifics of a brand to ensure that your audience gets it immediately. Here's a few rules of thumb that the prior example follows. Each one is specific and precise. One or two sentences Max clear, coherent and Gordon large and establish friends have a little bit of leeway with the way they write their purpose statement. For example, Starbucks complete left out coffee from their purpose statement, and it's because we already know what they offer Some purpose statements are ambiguous, like life is good or aspirational, like the gap or a little bit dry, like Amazon. But for personal brands and small businesses, your purpose statement should be designed for maximum clarity in the next lesson or breakdown before components of a purpose statement and then get you on your way to writing . 4. Develop the structure of your purpose statement: welcome to the next lesson in developing your purpose. Statement. This is action time answering that how, who, what and why of your brand is a surefire way to develop high impact statement that will take your brand a lot further with your messaging. So let's get started in this step will uncover all of the answers to each of these questions. To help develop the structure of your purpose statement. Pull out a blank sheet of paper at this point or used included interactive pdf. To capture your answers, feel free deposits Lesson. As you're right, I'm gonna go through each question step by step number one. Let's start with how How does your brand work? Reach and serve your audience. This could be fairly literal and straightforward. Number two. Let's answer the Who Who is your audience? Try to be specific and targeted here. Number three. Let's answer your what? What is the core product service or benefit of your brand? This could be tangible and actionable. Number four. Finally, let's answer your why. Why does your brand exist? This answer can be emotional, aspirational or purposeful. How'd it go? Did you get stuck on any of those questions. If so, I would love to empower you to take advantage of the community around this class, the free to share answers and get feedback and also give feedback. And when in doubt, just be really literal about your answers because in the next lesson, wolf finesse it and make it sound a whole lot better. Speaking of which, I will see you in the next lesson for the wrap up. 5. Write your purpose statement: Welcome to the fourth lesson of writing your perfect purpose. Statement. You are on a roll and congrats for answering those four critical questions. You answer that how, who, what and why of your brand? And you are now ready to translate those into a high impact purposes. And guess what? You come to the easy part. Go ahead and look at your four answers from the last lesson and read them line by line. They almost form a sentence all by themselves. For my purpose statement. I answered the four key questions like So how is I am powered? Teach the Who is everyday entrepreneurs. The what is translate their knowledge into digital products, and the why is to monetize. It's a little clunky if you just read it from top to bottom, so I'm gonna finesse it a little bit. Since my purpose statement is a personal brand, I'm going to start with I. But if yours is a business brand, go ahead and start with the name of your business. Here is my personal example. I am power and teach everyday entrepreneurs to translate their knowledge into digital products that they can monetize with just a few additional words. There wasn't very much I had to change, but noticed I started with my how you don't have to. You can go in the order. That sounds best. The Starbucks purpose statement starts with their why, so there's no right or wrong order. Try stringing your answers together in a few different ways to see which flows best. So go ahead and pull out that blank piece of paper or go to the second part of the interactive. Pdf Teoh. Take your four answers and translate them into a sentence. Your purpose. Statement. And remember, you can always share with the class and get feedback and see how they crafted their purpose of it. As long as it's specific and precise. One or two sentences backs clear, coherent. And Gordon, thank you so much for taking this class. If you found our time together insightful and useful, please give it a review and go ahead and pass it along to any small businesses that you know that could use a little help with their messaging. As you know, the perfect purpose statement is designed to improve your leads, increase retention of your brand and differentiate you from your competitors. It's also a fabulous way to optimize your brand visibility. Which leads me to the bonus lesson. That's right. Stick with me for one more lesson and I'm gonna show you all the brand touchpoints where you can display your purpose statement. Probably for everyone to see. See you in the bonus. 6. Bonus: Where to display your purpose statement: Welcome to the bonus lesson. Congrats. You have an awesome purpose statement that you're ready to share with the world. In this final lesson, I'm gonna show you all of my favorite places to display your purpose. Statement for maximum impact. Remember, the purpose of a purpose statement is to communicate the value of your brand. So you want this body of text, toe live and as many places as possible where someone is likely to encounter your brand. Here are my favorite proven spots to place it Website homepage. People have limited attention spans when shopping for solutions online, so make it easy for them to choose. You place your purpose statement at the top of your home page. It should be the first thing that they see. And if it resonates with them, they'll continue to learn more about and dive deeper into your offering. Social channels in your about section make your purpose statement the first thing that people read. Feel free to embellish further below, but your purpose statement should be front center again. Make it easier for them to quickly get your brand is all about social content. Your purpose statement is a great piece of content to share online crafted into a social media post and link it to a Lenny page that goes deeper into what your brand has to offer. Blogged about it, expending on the four points of your purpose. Statement. The how, Who, what and why is excellent content for block post. Go deeper with each of your answers to provide a thorough review of your brand. Better yet, craft a block post for each point. Keep it oriented around the needs of your audience and the solutions you offer without being too. Sales E Under Business Card Business cards are increasing the past A in our digital first world. But for those of you who do a ton of in person sandals, add your purpose statement to the back of your card and refer to it. It might be just the thing that carries your sale over to the finish line. Print Collateral. A purpose statement looks great and is affected messaging for any sales oriented print materials. Put on the cover of a brochure on a tri fold on a standing banner or exhibit both in conjunction with your logo. You have a fully communicated brand in one place that could be highly visible. Turn improved leads and sales random places. Place your purpose statement on the entrance door to your office, just below the logo or at a is a detail to the back of your business vehicle printed on a giveaway or printed on a T shirt. Okay, that's a ton of brand touch points where you can place your purpose statement for maximum visibility. If you do just two of these things, you're going to see some traction if you do all seven. Well, Mike, drop. You got this again. Thank you so much for spending. I hope this class was helpful. And I wish you a ton amazing success with your purpose statement. You could find me at start of stamina.