Write a Poem for Children (or Adults) - Be a Hero - Have Fun!

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6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Write a Poem for Kids (or Adults) - Be a Hero! Have Fun.

    • 2. Using Skillshare Notes

    • 3. My personal reasons for creating this class

    • 4. Class Project Holly Dog Point of View

    • 5. Poems by Pets Holly Dog Part 1 mono

    • 6. Your Turn Holly Dog


Project Description

This project is simple, and a ton of fun.  The ultimate goal is to watch the video that I have posted in the project area and then write a poem to share.

Sometimes, baby steps are the best way to proceed.  

Deliverable 1: Kickstart your creative juices by posting a poem that you like or the name of a poet that you like. Please say why you like the poem or poet. This may sound simple, but by sharing this information with us, you are taking action, and telling your mind that you are ready to begin the journey of writing a poem(s). Think of it like doing warmups before you practice yoga.  

I will continue to add deliverables based on the responses of students. In that way, they will be relevant.

I encourage you to use the "Notes" feature as you go through this course. Adding a note will allow you to quickly go back to a place that interests you.  If you make the note, "public," then other people who are taking the course can see what you think is important, and can go directly to those areas.

Focus on doing the poem from the point-of-view of a pet, and you will have a unique poem.  Also, you'll start to absorb a skill that will help you in all of your fiction writing, and in narrative non-fiction--how to stay within a point of view.

One of the biggest reasons for rejection of manuscripts is head-hopping--that is jumping from one point-of-view to another one. Formal training will help here, but if you develop an understanding of point-of-view by writing poetry, you'll find that you may need less, or no, formal training in that area.

External Resource http://poetrybypets.weebly.com

Be sure to share your poetry with us.  We will be delighted, and so will you. It's easy to do, just scroll down and fill in the form.

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