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Write a Poem for Children (or Adults) - Be a Hero - Have Fun!

teacher avatar Alan H. Jordan, Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (15m)
    • 1. Write a Poem for Kids (or Adults) - Be a Hero! Have Fun.

    • 2. Using Skillshare Notes

    • 3. My personal reasons for creating this class

    • 4. Class Project Holly Dog Point of View

    • 5. Poems by Pets Holly Dog Part 1 mono

    • 6. Your Turn Holly Dog

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About This Class

When this class is over you will be a poet, and you will know why you are a poet.  There's a darn good chance that you will like your poem so much that you will submit it for publication, and because it will be a well-written poem, there's a good chance that it will be accepted for publication. 

However, don't expect to get rich quickly writing poetry. Do expect to have a lot of fun, and here's the best news: You can write this poem by yourself, or you can write it with a child, and help the child to experience the joy of writing.

If you're taking this class alone, that's great. There's nothing like building a new skill and having fun in the process, and there are few things in life that are more satisfying than writing a poem that you really like.  

If you share your poem with a few people, there's a good chance that they'll thank you. 

Hey, if you have kids or grandchildren, why not get them involved with this project--it will probably cost less than going to a movie, parking and buying popcorn.  Heck, why not have some popcorn available as you do this together. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Alan H. Jordan

Writing & Instruction that Entertains & Empowers



Thanks for stopping by. I'm new to Skillshare, but not to writing and instruction. (I also teach on other platforms.)

I have published over 30 books, hundreds of magazine article, many blog posts and more.

My award-winning book The Monster on Top of the Bed is popular with children and their parents. Check it out on Amazon.com or Goodreads.com.

My passion is to motivate people, particularly children, to learn to love to read and write.

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1. Write a Poem for Kids (or Adults) - Be a Hero! Have Fun.: Hello, This is Alan Jordan, and welcome to the first course in Siris, of course, where you're going to write problems and you're going to absorb point of view. As a matter of fact, as you actually do that, this first problem focuses one holly dog on a This guy here who you haven't figured out as a snowman. We built him, and he is one a deck overlooking Lake Tahoe. I thought I would tell you a little bit about myself. I'm a member of the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators. I've written Children's books and a whole slew of books for adults. If your visit amazon dot com, you'll find a lot of books that I've written under the name of Alan H. Jordan, published in major poetry journals like this one. You could google me and find tons of things about what I've done and you can being may and final lots more about the books that I Britain, including all sorts of terrific reviews. I'm looking forward to sharing this course with you. I know we're going to have an exciting adventure. Are you ready? Let's get started 2. Using Skillshare Notes: Hello, It's Alan. In this video, I'm going to show you how to take advantage of the notes. Future of skill share to enhance your enjoyment of my classes and other classes. Noticed that we are at 53 seconds into a video and it is paused. And then when I'm off the video, you don't see anything special. But when I put my cursor on top of the video, we get this bar to pop up in the bars of UAL Notes section. If you click on that, something magic happens. You actually get to see the news that you and other people have put in in the public. Now let's click on two minutes and 20 seconds. We immediately go to that part of the video two minutes of 20 seconds on you can look at what? That your comment? Waas Here We're talking about Jake's profile. He actually is 10 classes and it takes us right to Jakes profile. Now I'm jumping to one of my classes, and I want to show you that if you were in a place he notes on there, you would find that I have made in nude or two in many of the lectures, and I'm encouraging you to add your own newts. You can go in here if you're gonna make a private Newton just quick. Only me and only you will see that where you can make it a public note and put in whatever you want to say here and then post it. And if you do that that other people will be able to see it. Of course, it makes sense at a Newt that really has some value. Not just a bunch of s is in case. The point is you will be able to jump directly to the points in this video that are most important to you. If you make notes also, you'll be able to see what other people say if they had made in public. This can greatly enhance your enjoyment in my courses. I hope that you will use this feature and enjoy. Take care now 3. My personal reasons for creating this class: Welcome back I thought you might like and no my personal reasons for creating this class. They started a long time ago in Hawaii when I took this picture, and years later, I also took this photograph. This is a dog. When the main island of Hawaii, who I was just fascinated with, he came out of that ocean having such a great time with that Frisbee and this. It snowed in Lake Tahoe and we built this snowman on the deck. That's where Tahoe in the background. And it was always just a fascinating photograph to me. Both of these guys really have a point of view if you stop and think about it, even though this one not alive Chris stuffed animals or in a live eater. But a lot of kids will tell you that they have points of view about a lot of things. Years went by. I was teaching a class that grassroots books and Reno in Nevada. There was a class for all the kids came in and never going to write poetry side. The best thing that I could do was to create a website because kids really love websites and then to preach some pictures up on that website and write problems to it. And I did that. Then I went into the store, the bookstore and I taught the class and showed the kids my website and challenged them to write their own poems. And if there wasn't it, we may be put their poems up on the website too. They really got into it and a lot of the kids for some really good poems. During a two hour class, I'm gonna show you in this series of classes how to write problems. But first, I'm going to show you what I've written. Now what? You take a shot at it afterwards. I think you're gonna truly enjoy it. I know the kids in the bookstores that where I teach the class in person really do take care now. 4. Class Project Holly Dog Point of View: Welcome back. It's time to talk about our quest project. This is a project that you can do yourself or you can do it a child or with several Children. And it's a great project if you happen to be a teacher or a home school or two. What it ISS is to take a poem that I've looked at and I've created. And I'll showed you in the next lesson on to view that and understand it and then to create your own poem or more than one pell. And the idea is to do from the point of view of this doll. Later on, we're going tohave other lessons, which will show points of views from different animals. And as you come across these different animals were stuffed animals. You begin to see just how important point of view is, but this class is limited to the point of view off Holly Dole, and I'm going to suggest to you that as you do this, you think in terms of the five senses taste, smell, sight, hearing and touch. As you go through the class and you create your own problems. They don't have to be perfect. Why do you upward them for us to see and comment one. And you get a lot of feedback. And if you do think it's perfect, that's fine, too. Share a perfect one with us so everybody can get excited. Okay, I'm looking forward to seeing your stuff. Take care now. 5. Poems by Pets Holly Dog Part 1 mono: Hi, guys. My name is Alan and in this Wes and we're going to learn to write problems by pets. It's going to be a lot of fun. Actually, your pet doesn't write the pell you do. You just need to think like your pet. It's something called point of view. You watch me and then you'll see how easy it can be. We're going to use stuffed animals and pictures when we do this, and we're going to start by going to a website called Poems by pets dot weebly dot com. Okay, we're at the website Poems by Pets that weebly dot com Here it is, if you want to visit it again. Okay, The first poem is called Howie Dog. Can you write a poem for this talk? She's coming out the ocean in Hawaii. She loves to play with the Frisbee by Think about why she enjoys it. Think about is she bringing the Frisbee to you? Does you like to get wet? How does she smell when she's wet? What would she want to tell you? And then write this poem as if the dog how a dog? We're telling you the words that she wants to say So Here's how I did it. I'm coming. You really through? At that time I had to go. Go, go, swim, swim, swim! I did it. Here it is. Are you ready to go again? I am. I wrote it because I put myself in the place of the dog. And from my perspective, this dog and a lot of other dogs love to chase balls and they love to chase first piece. And they particularly like to go into a nice, warm ocean. And I pictured this dog playing 345 10 times with the owner. Which person throwing the first be out. I put myself in the dog's head and night, and I pictured the dogs swimming way far out this time in order to get the Frisbee because she's coming back and see our tail is wagging and see how happy she is. She's coming back like this, and she's thinking you really through a time I had to go, go, go. In other words, I had to go far after get it. I had a swim, swim, swim, except I didn't put and I had to again because it's redundant means using more than once I did it here. It is a real feeling of accomplishment. She's really enjoying this. Are you ready? Todo again? This dog wants to play more. I can see it in her eyes and I can see it in the way she's doing things I am. So that's the poem that I wrote. No, let's go back one. Here's the questions I asked you. Is he bringing the first be to you? I think the answer is yes, she's not. Just bring it back because she found it in the ocean. Just know what to do with it. She's playing a game. Does she liked to get wet? Well, maybe not in a cold, miserable night, but that could be another Pelham, a poem about a cold, miserable night and how a dog feels about getting wet during that time. How does she smell when she's wet? Well, I didn't put that into this problem, and I didn't put in. Does she like to get weather in the fellow? And I didn't put in Is she bringing the Frisbee to May in the film? But I use thes things to help me think about the dog's point of view the dog's perspective and how Hollywood think. And that's why I came up with this poll. You really through it. I'm coming. You really through. At that time, I had to go. Go, go, swim! Swim! Swim! I did it. Here it is. Are you ready to go again? I am. But we didn't have toe have that power. We could have had a different one. We could have had a dog thinking like this. I'll bring it back to you, but I don't like it. It's cold. I think it's time to go to bed. Doesn't look right from the picture, does it? You have to write a poem that fits the mood off the subject. You have to write the poem as if the dog really really means it. And if you can do it, you write the poem. So you capture that instant that one instant a great poem is something that captures an instant forever. Here's what I want you to do. I want you to go to get a pen and a paper where some crayons and I want you to take a look at this picture right here, and I want you to write your own problem. And then I'd like you to pop mom or died or your friend or your grandmama Grand pop or yourself, if you know how to do it. Paste up home, up into the discussion area and court. Howie. Don't buy. And then your name. And then let's talk about your Pelham. Okay, thanks. 6. Your Turn Holly Dog: welcome back its return. You get to write a poem and after you get the problem, you get to share with us. Thanks for participating. I'm looking forward to meeting you in this class, getting your feedback, getting your interest, developing your skill sets and hopefully you like it. Enough. You join me in another quest. Take care now, and please do let me know what you come up with.