Write a Fantasy Adventure: Discover Mythology and Create Your Epic Tale

Morgan Lindsay Nelson, Visual Artist + Writer

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15 Videos (49m)
    • Trailer

    • Your Class Project, Introduction and Overview

    • Lesson 1: Mythology in Today's Pop Culture

    • Lesson 2: Profiling Fantasy Characters

    • Lesson 3: Story Basics

    • Lesson 4: The Root of Obsession (or: What's at Stake?)

    • Lesson 5: Maximizing Intuition

    • Lesson 6: Pin Your Way to Creativity

    • Lesson 7: How It All Begins

    • Lesson 8: Get It Written, Stress-Free

    • Lesson 9: Done Is Better Than Perfect

    • Bonus Lesson: Battling Crystal Ball Clarity

    • Project: Step 1

    • Project: Step 2

    • Project: Step 3 and Conclusion


About This Class

In this writing class, you'll:

  • Use ancient mythology & hieroglyphics to inspire and expand your imagination.
  • Spark the idea for your own original fantasy world. 
  • Learn to write characters that readers will fall in love with and admire.  
  • Gain new perspective on your favorite fantasy books (like Harry Potter and The Hunger Games)
  • And write the first 10 pages of your epic fantasy tale (all with confidence and ease!) 


Hi, I'm Morgan Lindsay Nelson and I'm thrilled to be teaching this class here at Skillshare!

Here's a bit about myself so you know me better:

  • I am a writer and visual artist. 
  • Writing has been a constant love of mine throughout my life. 
  • I've written screenplays for the past ten years, lifestyle articles for digital startups and pen short stories.
  • I am a total nerd for all things creative.
  • I work with aspiring writers to guide them through the (sometimes-overwhelming) world of writing and energize their creativity so it all feels fresh and fun. 

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I've just finished listening to lesson 7, so far this course has been really helpful! The step-by-step breakdown of the writing process is very well done, and helps alleviate some of the overwhelm that can come when writing a story.
Julie Brunelle

Creating an Artful Life.

I am saying yes, I would share because there alot of good information in the videos
I recommend this class for the assignment, not really for the videos. I don't particularly think I have an extensive background in writing or storytelling, but I didn't learn anything new in the lectures for this class. However, I think the assignment is very well thought out and looks easy enough to not seem daunting and thought-provoking enough to be fully engrossing. I also like the particular way that she's found to give inspiration in a seemingly random yet customized and fun way. Following this, I will definitely come up with a story that I wouldn't have otherwise created, and it's satisfying to check the epic tale I already have planned against the info here to see that it overlaps almost perfectly without me making a conscious effort to follow all or any of these universal points.





Morgan Lindsay Nelson

Visual Artist + Writer

Morgan Lindsay Nelson is a visual artist and writer.

She presently creates comics and teaches other to do the same.

Morgan lives in the Pacific Northwest with her most treasured family and friends…not to mention an out-of-control accumulation of Criterion Collection films and more high-waisted jeans, tees, and loafers than she can keep track of ;)

Learn more about Morgan & her work here: morganlindsaynelson.com