Write a Book in 30 Days (Nonfiction)

Emilie Pelletier, Creator & Meditation Facilitator

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13 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Write a Book in 30 Days

    • 2. Your Personal Project

    • 3. Tip: Book Length

    • 4. Step 1

    • 5. Step 2

    • 6. Step 3

    • 7. Step 4

    • 8. Step 5

    • 9. Step 6

    • 10. Step 7

    • 11. Editing Tip To Save Time

    • 12. Step 8

    • 13. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Make Your Book Project Become a Reality!

In this class, I'll share with you the 8-step formula that I use to write nonfiction books in less than 30 days. 

Your personal project for this class is to plan, create, and refine your book project. 

At the end of each section (video) in this class, you'll get clear instructions and tips to help you through this process. 

Whether you want to write a book…

  • As a personal challenge or project
  • To build a following
  • To build your authority in your field
  • To grow your business

This class will help you make your book project happen! 



My name is Emilie, and I’m an entrepreneur and a meditation instructor.

In the past two years, I’ve written three non-fiction books, each of them in less than 30 days, even though English is my second language!  I’m from Montreal, Canada (French Canadian), and did all my schooling and university in French. I was the worst in my English as a second language class through high school.

So, believe me, when I say that “if I can do it, anyone can”, I mean it. No kidding.



In this class, I’ll share the simple 10-step formula with you that I’ve used to write three books in a very short time.

This formula…

  • Makes writing a book easier and faster.
  • Produces books that are easier to read and that better respond to the readers’ needs to enhance the readers’ experiences.
  • Works to create any other type of content that’s information-based, so you can use it to produce other information products in the future.

You’ll see that by following this formula, writing a book is not only doable, but it’s not even that difficult.



In this course, you'll learn: 

  • How to incorporate your writing into your (already busy) schedule.
  • How to stay motivated even when the task appears to be difficult.
  • How to make the writing much more efficient (this tip will make you save a lot of time!).
  • How to write a book that people will want to read and that will sell.
  • And much more.


Join me in this class now and make your book project become a reality!

If you are curious about what kind of books I’ve written, you’ll find two of them below. They are marketing books (my degree and background are in marketing).

How to Start an Online Business: Create a Business Around Your Lifestyle

A War Against Crickets: Build an Audience, Grow Your Influence, and Generate Revenue