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Joshua Dickinson, Writer, Director, Actor

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15 Lessons (58m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Screenplays

    • 3. Stories

    • 4. Protagonist, Goal & Obstacle

    • 5. Theme

    • 6. Visual Storytelling

    • 7. Development & Logline (Class Project 1)

    • 8. Structure

    • 9. Acts (Class Project 2)

    • 10. Story Beats

    • 11. Scenes

    • 12. Action

    • 13. Dialogue

    • 14. First Draft

    • 15. Rewriting & Feedback (Class Project 3)

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About This Class

Fade in...

"The struggling screenwriter punches the delete button until the page is blank then slams the laptop closed."

Write Your Screenplay aims to prevent this scenario from happening ever again by demystifying the stages of the screenwriting process and showing you how to put them into practice, leading you towards a well developed and complete screenplay.

Learn the language of screenwriting

Phrases like three act structure, conflict and character arc are thrown around the writers' room. This class covers all the main concepts in screenwriting and explains how to use them to generate ideas.

Develop your original idea into a complete story

Great screenwriters aren't mysterious gurus, they just know the development process: how to take an original idea and craft it into something brilliant using the mechanics of storytelling. This class gives you the tools to craft your story.

Complete class projects towards your first draft

Blank pages are intimidating. Completing these class projects will give you to lots to write about:

  1. Loglines - pitch your story in a sentence.
  2. Structure - outline the major events of your screenplay according to story theory.
  3. Showcase Scene - write your first draft and get feedback on your best scene.

Write Your Screenplay is delivered in short, snappy and fun classes by Joshua Dickinson, a screenwriter, actor and director who teaches screenwriting and filmmaking when he is not working on film sets where he has been involved in feature films and TV projects as diverse as westerns, crime dramas and zombie apocalypses.