Write Your Own Script: Choose Your True Life

Martha Clipp, Innovative Leadership Development

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Take Off What You Need the Least

    • 2. Alexa Run Amok

    • 3. Chaos & Confusion

    • 4. Updates are Available

    • 5. What If ... ?

    • 6. Recap


About This Class

In order to make the wisest decisions that will enhance our daily lives, we must combine two forms of consciousness. We need to listen to our ego, but also allow our creative self to chime in.

This is needed, especially during times of upheaval and change.

I present this class alongside my horse and buddy, Riptide. Since I teach Leadership and Team Building Workshops, with horses as my facilitators, I include my work with horses in these videos.

This class will help students identify what messages their ego is dictating to them. They can decide for themselves if these are the scripts they truly want to live by, or if they would like to look for more creative and productive solutions to life’s challenges.

This class is aimed at anyone who would like to streamline their work, use their energy and time more efficiently, and fan the flames of their true calling.