Write Your First Short Horror Story: The bare bones

Henry Gacia, Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A little more about this class and why I write horror

    • 3. Ideas and Cliches

    • 4. What's an Outline?

    • 5. Perspective: 1st or 3rd?

    • 6. Show, don't tell

    • 7. What type of story you want to write?

    • 8. Opening line and paragraphs

    • 9. The conflict

    • 10. The Climax

    • 11. The End

    • 12. Congratulations!


Project Description

This project will be in several parts. Watch each video and post accordingly to where you are in the class. 

  • Introduce yourself and tell us why you want to write horror.
  • Give us your idea variation to the story "A family moves to a haunted house".
  • Extra: Can you think of any other good written horror book or story that uses a very common and simple idea?
  • Share with us your outline for this story.
  • Show us your killer opening line
  • Extra: Share with us your opening paragraphs if you want to. Remember that this part works as an introduction to your story elements as well as to creat the setting and mood.
  • Tell us about the conflict you created or even better, share with us that part of your story!
  • Keep writing, show us what your climax looks like. 
  • Did you write a post-climax ending? Tell us why you chose this and share it with us! Also if you didn't, write an epilogue, what happens next? 
  • Don't forget to comment and give feedback on your fellow students projects.

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