Write Your First Short Horror Story: The bare bones | Henry Gacia | Skillshare

Write Your First Short Horror Story: The bare bones

Henry Gacia, Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

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12 Lessons (42m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. A little more about this class and why I write horror

    • 3. Ideas and Cliches

    • 4. What's an Outline?

    • 5. Perspective: 1st or 3rd?

    • 6. Show, don't tell

    • 7. What type of story you want to write?

    • 8. Opening line and paragraphs

    • 9. The conflict

    • 10. The Climax

    • 11. The End

    • 12. Congratulations!


About This Class


Welcome to Horror Academy. 

Learn how to start writing your own very first horror story, from coming up with ideas all the way to crafting a great and satisfying ending

You'll join me in sharing your own variation of a specific horror story as well as every part of the process as showed on each module of this class. At any given time I'll be given tips and feedback to every project that is posted (as much as possible) so be on the lookout!

This class is for beginners, every single person that has ever thought of coming up with a horror story be it for fun or profit, but have no idea where or how to start. As well as any new-ish author that is currently struggling with coming up with a fool proof method to just keep writing. In short, the bare bones.

Welcome once again to Horror Acedemy, see you in class.





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Henry Gacia

Horror Scholar and Wordsmith

I believe Horror fiction is a gateway to a more Magical life and as such it's been my obsession for all of my life.

My goal here is to create the tools for people to learn to better understand how to appreciate and create horror in all of its shapes; from literature, films, videogames, art, comics, and so on.

Welcome to Horror Academy. May you learn something new today. See you in class.

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