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Write SQL in R and Python ( Best of 3 world)

teacher avatar Piyush Sharma, Data Scientist | Project Manger

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

11 Lessons (1h 2m)
    • 1. Introduction to SQL with Python and R

    • 2. Anaconda Installation

    • 3. SQL Python-Upload Market Data

    • 4. Write SQL in Python

    • 5. Visualizations in Python- Seaborn and Pandas

    • 6. MySQL Database Connection with Python

    • 7. R Introduction skill

    • 8. Upload CSV files in R and SQL Queries

    • 9. Data Visualizations in R using ggplot

    • 10. Connecting MySQL with R and DML operations-1

    • 11. Connecting MySQL with R and DDL operations-2

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About This Class

Start using SQL queries in R and Python

Integrate R and Python with Database and execute SQL command on them for data analysis and Visualizations.

Start using filter , having clause , joins with multiple tables ,aggregators etc.

Create DDL commands and modify the schema objects.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Piyush Sharma

Data Scientist | Project Manger


Hello, I'm Piyush

"PG in Data Science - IIIT Bangalore , PMP ( PMI, USA ) , CAPM , B.Tech"

I have over 12 years of industry experience in Python , R and SQL .

Have worked across various international finance companies including Insurance & Banking. I have been instrumental in implementing the various software products .

I am passionate about data and the insights which it gives. I am looking forward to share my experiences with you .  I will guide you step by step so that you can make a leap in your career . The Data Engineers and Data Science experts have the highest demand in the world.

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1. Introduction to SQL with Python and R: in this session, you will goto sequel it Beytin for a date, a sentence or analyst It is important that they should be able to access all the sources of data including RTB Miss database so that they can estate data directly. Founder to bless both of analysts is and regulation. If needed, they can do demon operation. Also the traditional way Wants to Esther data from the device in to see a severe test file and upload this data as a metal frame into fightin. However, this can be very time consuming and it can be done directly but connection by connecting to a database some fightin the interaction between beytin Our database makes for a good witness inside. No steps for RTB miss Condition with fighting in our Paris follow first and foremost install an important libraries for that I guess like oracle for my secret Did it gonna show using you that idea in past schema port of database An I p address of the server were not abuse decide and started in the A sequel Curious doing the secret Injun didn't Steptoe for communicating with the not of this. So here the process floor first of all the developer were light a program in fightin or are console to communicate with the database and get the common toe database that I was. On the other hand, will David request and give back the data, not by 10 or are console will feed the data into Fonda's library if it is fighting on in tow, DJ prod libraries. If it is now, these library can be used to extract several kinds of plots from which the business user can make a good witness inside and can do some data analysis and desolation. 2. Anaconda Installation: let us know. Start the process of installing Anaconda. Before that, let us go toe my computer properties. That's right. Click and go to the properties and no, down the big side off your system. Property system. So here's my offering system is Windows and it is 64 bit offered in system. Now let us go to the fifth your favorite browser and type in a corner dot org. Then here, click on their now lower anaconda on the top. Right. So click here. Now known Anaconda. It will open another my pitch Scott home and then click download. So here, based on your operating system and the bridge side, select the installer. So here I'm selecting 64 bit graphical installer. Since my property system has been nose and insist if away as soon as you click, it will start downloading. So it will take about 1 to 2 minute time, depending on the Internet speed. So I really fast forwarding. So here my insulation is about to complete. You can also refer to the document where I mentioned the step by step process off on a condom installation. So I wonder now not has been completed just click. Open it. So here, click on the next. Have a nice inside human installed for just me And here the destination folder. You can change it, since in my folder I already have another on a tree. I will just change the folder name. So for your kids, if you want you continued other right. You can leave as it is. Since I already have another or not the old installing my system, I'll make another folder. So Anna Corn. Ecuadorean. Good. Okay, Next. So this is an important step. You have to choose both of the options, so I will select both and click on install. So it will take around 10 to 15 minutes. Time to complete the installation here because this is a big file and it will install all the beautiful libraries which Brighton has given to us. So I will go fast forwarding. So he had moments. Colijn is complete. Click on the next click on the next year and then finish it. So our and conduct has been in the stone. Not open the anaconda who start the anaconda. You have to go to the start but and type in a corner and then flick open and to remind Miller down. So they had awesome in vitamin for my turn. Jupiter lab, Jupiter notebook than duty counsel Spider. Then we have we also have our studio for our programming. So in our investigation, we will be working on in Jerusalem. So click on the lunch so it will open on a browser. So at this point, it will ask for the option for the Broza. So collect on the fight. And so here, if you see on the top left, this might turn is only on that matched up. And it will display all the folder on that that stop. So here you can choose and even of the folder. So I had him choosing part in training on the stockholder. So here, this is myself, where you can Ida Buyten scored. So I'm working my first program, being first night off as he good in the other way to as a good is control plus enter. Is he good? So no. So we can say that our fight and corn insulation is successful here. You can gender name of the file. This is the first program. You name it. Click and save it 3. SQL Python-Upload Market Data: let us now start back in the sequel Curies in Brighton before we started in the court. Let me explain you about the letters had that we're going to use in this session. So here I have five files, which is a customer dimension market factor. Other dimension loved I mentioned shipping Dimension. These are basically the market data. So let me open one file and explain to you the say open market factor. Okay, so this is a CSE file for market fact better. And then we have few columns like Hard Raidi product. I d ship I. D customer 80. Not these are the foreign keys for the other files, which are customer dimension water dimension of them, in turn, shipping dimension. Well, here we have information about the sales off the product. This come given on the planet quantity of the order profit shipping costs in front based Martin. So the this is a data set that we're going to use in our fightin program. Farcical. So, first of all, I'm going to upload this file, and then we will write some secret Curie's and study that how we can extract and delivered the data in fightin so the first step in Ah, So the first step in Brighton is too important Libraries. So I'm going to import Number has be in Fort Burned us as PD in port I met black lives The white blood has ability And then for sickle I'm going to use partners SQL Import. I went to import esque ldf function for this one. So as he could, I hope if you are severo food. But the spelling here's at all again the import not just number library they used for the area manipulation find us are used for with a logician and reckon active are useful plotting some graphs and panel SQL a useful writing secret committees and ponders before beginning. You should be aware off. Find us and number I functioning in fightin. If you're not aware, then we look seat and go to some examples in this session so that you can start writing to re directly on partners and number. The second step is to import the CSE Fine. So CSC finally hair, if you see on the left side Really, CSC, find that I'm going to import here not to import CSC file. You have to use PDE read Underscore CSC function. So first is market effect. Really? Three underscore. See SV. So he had mentioned the name of the file Air market and it's good not CSP. So as a goody goody head, let us see it really important successfully, the Buddha you can mention here, Mike Effect. Okay, this sort of the missile a dinner five years so it had been in politics is really so likewise will important understeer to file, so I can simply copy and just he named are fighting here. So my second is shipping dimension in a violin here, shipping on this score Nyman Likewise important. Other files. Name one. - So here we are having five CSC file not going to import. So let's see one by one Whether it has been important not to do that, you have to mention the head function which is going to return the five rows. So just the place market for English So shipping dimension Let me write this security on another self so that you did not being put it again again shipping dimension here then the next year's part of dimension So, like please, you can mention you Can I cuties for the other. You can write the court Father Mother CSC file whether it has been important successfully the fire information if your noodle if you're new to the fightin So here market fact is a variable and this is called under tough for him. So basically all the data off market fax eassey file recited in market fact Little frame Now these mark effected Afrim for fighting is like a table like in my sq. A lot of it is it will be store in a Colorado structure and same way in Piketon. Also it is told in a column row structure. So no since this act as letter table so we can like there were secret Curie's So let us start out in our first Secret Curie's So Let me again and then But within except that he got from here Mark Effect head. Okay, so now it Britain's five rows. Let's see how to write with that secret Curie's. But I know that I went to use painful mission. Pender used to read output. Then I'm going to use a skill the f Then I'm done the court. No, I do. I do it curies Celeb star from market effect there. I'm going toe limit The only $5 support Destiny. Colin. So this is definitely the same way. How do you how you write in my skill that of this is it, you know, So let us know. Started in the secret cooties not to do that. I went to you the Eskil dear function bracket and then another course. You have to mention a rescue cuties. Start from market effect. Need a so market fix. So just want to see me Colin here. So not to get the output on the Annapurna, which is a fighting console. Got to put that print here. Unless you don't know. So, Harry depends on those, like 8398 rows. But I want to print only five rows. So to do that, we can you limit feature limit fight something to give you five euros here to see how to do the come been. So here you can use make implementing account here. Okay, So is given. It gives me 89 9 euros. No, over the standard fightin we can also, with a cold like market effect mark effect not insult. So it will give you give you the information about the columns and give you the count also . So we're having 839 entries which carries our has killed function output. 4. Write SQL in Python: now denied the asker purees. We have to make the use off sequel DF function secretly f and we have to write a secret cuties within the in closing bracket. So select star from market. I think so. As I mentioned before, this market fact act like a table and for fightin it is a data for him. So I want to sell it. Only five goes limit five, Unless you don't put no. Okay. So hated my output. The $5 so likewise to boot account. You have to make use off contention here. I understand. Is he cute? So 80. So we don't need limit five here. Some are putting it to you. 99 That is very fire from the pipe and program. So far, the fighting program might get Feck insulin as he could it. So it gives you here 399 euros. Along with that, it will give you information. Mordor, Other columns. So market fact underscore Info is a fighting program and select go stuff for market fact. This is where the use off secret. So in the secret, you can also write down of your condition and copy paste My previous cord pasted here. So let me select all those that you see. Harmony count. How many courts are having still more than 500. So whatever, Well, put their sales. Get a then 500 Mrs Out court. So I have four years to 90 cars for Sears, more than 500. Select what you can bite the father of your condition. You can play. We can play with the Vietcong Reshuffle track condition your Parton console. So let's move ahead. No, to see how you doing the devil. Another point and wait with during the table is as follow my brother. That's a delight. PD dark money. So you're going to use a much function, make you feel hostile. Find us levity. Nor that PD that represent partners Lavery and much is our join condition in fightin. So when to use, join the table market fact broad. No mention table. How could join it by the elf? I won't go in a joint here. Inner join. And what is the unique column on So foreign key in market fatwas brought 80 which is a primary key in Did I mention a lot of him? So let it execute, and then we will see in our port five rows. So he did not out corn that who let everyone has been much together No letter the same thing By the help of SQL the affection when we lose let's start from the two table market thickness would. And yes, I am here in a joint. The other is automation analysis. Be fun. I m not Ron Peattie. He quit feed or fraud Heidi Semi colon. And then we will also do Okay, let it assigned to. And other tough for him, which is market broad SQL equal. So let's see the output here. Okay, as he could. So here is the output. So now what happens here is dead. We have a sign market part underscored sequel Having the data off both market fact and product dimension Now this market part market underscore print and this classical act as a table So on this table we can write our secret curies. Let's see, here s Kelly affair So I will go here County Let's see the count of nausea ConStor come market according semi colon close of record the output here So they treat My name glows. So now I can do I can play with this date I have, so I can write some goodbye function here. Let's see productivity mention a group. I protect etiquette. See, that would put here now. So he had his output here. You can also mention the values here is Cohn product this court e g. So with the help of a skill, the affection you can buy your sequel curious on Bytom 400 analysts is you might be thinking, if we cannot the same secret curies on my skill for article database, then why do we need to write the sequel periods on Titan? It is because fighting is a very powerful programming language for data analysis on for a data scientist in the next session. Who doing some plots and we will see how we can do that. Analysts is with help off the plus 5. Visualizations in Python- Seaborn and Pandas: in this session, we will do some plots and we lose some the tendencies with the help of the floors. So for that, we're going to use market underscore, underscore sequel data, which in a data for him for fightin and for us it at, like our table. So let me see somebody course first. Let's start from market Jalisco prod underscore, sickle, that we have created my joining the two tables. I wouldn't only fight for us. So this is the five boroughs. Okay. Nine beytin To do the plot, we can make the use off one of the two libraries. Money met bluntly that we have only important the other library, which is a very powerful library for Plus, it's seem one something. Three imports he won had no import, Ceiba as a sinister imports, even SNS imported. They knew the second state head messiness set on this port style anyone? Right? Good. This is a common standard in the fighting program. By Great. Okay, no, let's do some floor. First of all, I will do our distribution plant here. This plot that kid. So when do yours? Oh, market for sickle. And then I want upon shipping cost no dead here. I'm going. The revelation just to show you the power off the magic of using fightin if you want in detail, endless is you can join my other course, which is good analysis on number and find us not to block the opinions of March. Your function here. Okay. Is he good? No. You see that report here? But this is my distribution plot. Here. You can see the most of the shipping costs between gelato 15 and at the shipping cost is increasing the number of the court counties dick using. So, of course, this kind of plot you cannot do on my scale. All article Latavius on deliver. We need fighting. Let me show you some other plots. Let's see. Let's see on sales. Okay. It is my output head. So even the sales retarded lower in has a higher values. Let me show you another part. Which is a box blood. So I want to do on a order. Quantity. So he had the box blood here. Somalia Significance on this box plot it is. They're the most of the quantity off the order. His lies between 20 to 30 on a median value is around quantifies here. Let us see how we can study the relationship between the two variables. To do that When will U S in a joint? Part s in is joint Clark. So name on the variables here. Sales. So in it early in the sale, increasing the profits will also increase. So let us see whether it is really true here. So I'm going toe, see her window draws cat apart. So the devil is market broad secret and guilty. Not sure. Let's see, that would put here. Okay, here's my foot. So if you see, asthma profited, including muscle is also increasing. But then there are some cases where the property is decreasing, but the sale is increasing. So this is the Glen, which is so this is not the correct trend. And it is something to be slagged Buddha market to the businessman. But let's do and that Clark here. So I'm goingto had another cell. Here's some more cells. Okay, so I'm going to do our box plots based on the product category and the profit. It's a box blood here. My ex very well will be product category, so let's see how the product category relates to the prophet. Why I could do if it and did. Not going to take market secret. Special. Little partial. So here we caught the error and the other says that there are duplicate Column. Yes, it can be true because we heard Mazda two tables. So to do, then I'm going to create another table or and the data frame, and it will select profit and product category in the another little frame. So my new table name is Mark effort on the school one. And then I'm going toe fashion the values from select start from But so I want only two columns. Let's say three columns, sales, profit and productivity because you want to focus on for the card again, profit and sales. And then I want only few rows. Yeah, profit his between gentle and 1000 Still the affection. Okay, No, look at you. The same court replace no data. So let's replace. This will underscore one and that is it output now. So here's my output. So you can see there were having tea product category officer play for nature and doing a lousy so the profit margin in case of technology for the category is the highest forward buy furniture and then office supplies, so you can see with the help for pipe pattern and the SQL cuties. It is very easy to analyze the data not to do, and I like the same kind of data on your my skill or are Recoleta vase. You might be needed to write a few lines off courts, and then it cannot be done in duty to the users to the end. Users with that business use it. So in the next session we will see how to connect with my school activities for or collectivist, how we can create the tables on how we confession the records from the doctor is directly on Brighton. 6. MySQL Database Connection with Python: in this session we will goto connecting the dark abyss, which is a my SQL Oh are articular service. So I'm going to take my scale of an example. So to do that, you'll make the user be right. My SQL library, which is in library to connect with them my skill out ofhis likewise for article We're having different library and for four straight not obvious. They're different libraries selected may import first. Okay, now to connect, we have toe have this function. Can it function very any dimension The host. So since so far now our my school database the host in local host. And if it is a server, then you have to give your i p address off the server database user used The user is the user name of the doctor Bill which is the root in our case Password Pastor for the dark abyss and D B. So this chemo you want to connect? So this is that database. So I want to get into my company that abyss. So if you see on the my SQL, you can see now use The name is rude. Local host is my hoste name and the port is T 306 What is he could use one. The Taliban executed? No. I want to fetch the data from that imply table which is built in the company That of is so that we will live, maybe use off, see equal toe connect on not Carson. So C o R N is the variable where we have stored the information off the connection off the database and Custer his use for fetching the data endure memory. Variable a Z Q. There are all the data helping stolen that employees underscore later. Very well, no, this employee in the score data is people. So let's see that it a type of this print night, then play. So this is off type people much since on fightin attached to be under tough for him in our Recon Itis sequel, Curie's. So we'll convert this to pull into our data for him. Been working, Let us develop, would know. So here's my outward. It gives the five laws. Another thing to note here is that it would not display the name of the columns, so he happily explicitly defined the column name. So here, well defined. The common MPD door data for him, least employees in the skirt people. So you didn't mention the column name here. Half name we belong to the first column mean it belonged to the second column. Last name belongs the turn column on likewise d number burrata last column that has a good no. So here's output. So the column has been back to each column. The column. There has been talk to each problems. Now here, I'm going to make a function so that it is easy for us to fetch the data. So this is not funny, Skinhead, where I'm passing the perimeter, which is a condition perimeter said on Curie, is another in perimeter. Will will pass the no. I want actual Demon Commons. Okay, My head and wonder trying. I'm going to create a table which is imply underscore in for one because I killed the name I really having for one in for two with three with four variables employees in this crisis and care nine age in teacher It is his cat 20 National discount 20. So I'm going to store enough memory very which is great and escort you there in the score table. Okay, now this memory very well. I'm going to pass in the function which we have created here as a good under security. No, Here there are two. Perimeter One is the connect perimeter, which have the information about the condition strings. And second is the very well where were crossing on the Emel. Common or deal. Come on. So that says it get. So it's not as the good things that have been executed. So let us go back to the my skill. Not obvious. And let's see if employing the school in photo has been created into the possible. Okay, so here you can see on the left side another table. They didn't employ it. I'm just going in for duvets reiterated just now, So I went to fetch it here. Let's see. Homely records. So is fetching. So, Jiro, return now going to insert somebody cars from fightin. Let's see how we can do it. To do that, I'm having another valuable which is, uh, in sad record. And I'm inserting to recourse. So this Deimel command, I'm going to pass here in the executive beauty function. This president's record then, as he could imitated security, is as cigarettes successfully Oh, last year in the devil in here because my table it was too. Is he good again? Is he good again here and let us know as a kid on a my skillet of is blustery is your discovery. If she lets see that it is better. So there are two later which is already in certain. So this is how we can play with Brighton and we can play with my skill and we can take the advantage of the interaction with Pena to system. 7. R Introduction skill: let me introduce our programming are the most popular programming language. This language. It might be used for data mining statistics and data analysis by San Taste and Professional Visit. And this It is very easy to pick off other beginners, and it is sophisticated enough to perform. Hanley advanced later. Analysts in this course will integrate part of my sickle, and we were like secular are an extra data from database. They will lose some the tabulation and it will go from the journalists before we proceed. Further. You need to install are an Astra do you can pause a video head and you can follow this step ? 8. Upload CSV files in R and SQL Queries: in this session. Even Goto Some are programming and sequel functionality for the terminus is and with elation For this, I'm going to use the two Lebanese first is DJ plot. The second is SQL DF Library. So here in this session, we're going to upload some CFC file from outside and we will do our business case study on me. She will do some analysis and desolation and lose some Italian sites. The first of all, I'm going to upload these five points market fact cause dimension program, Asian shipping, dimension and order Dimension. To do that, we'll be using read dart, CSP information and, uh, may area dimension of high limb and stringers factor as false, which is f so that's as good is before there we have sent the directory. Very. Were this file has been stolen. Are we have to store or save this file in a directory? Revere where me as a good thing about our program to do that, we go to session and then we put the side working directly as to source my location, which is this one certainly reduce source. Are you Can you discovered to mention your own marking directory Okay. Another thing. Here we have this option, which I have commented for. Now this Advil aspirin, you literally in Arco's okay, for now only has a good discord. Okay, now, first of all, we have to upload this file. Let's applaud market factors earlier. Prudent, and you can see here in on the right side where you can see all the objects. LinkedIn here. Let's as even the 2nd 1 to execute. We have to do our control. Enter So cause dimension already uploading for dimension shipping dimension and ordered emission. So all the five finds has been uploading. And then when you definitely care, let's develop Pekin. So it will be shown on this space. So here you can see some data. Somebody the Children are you can see here. Likewise. If you develop click on the market sector, you can see the market effect on data. So let's close this one and we'll go back to our our console. Okay, Now this Esther function will give you some idea. Wonder later You can see in the columns like we have order. I d protect initially highly cost ideas. So the doctor has been uploading? No. What? I'm going to go. I'm going to abstract some data from this did offer him. So when we upload the CSC file into a variable it upwards into our data for him in our same like in fightin. So now for us, market fact act like a table. Same like like rdm a stable. So So here we can make the use off a skilled the off library that we have important just now. And we can I our select curies here inside the bracket. So here, in my first secret purity, I'm going toe extract all those market fact record where the profit is between Jiro toe 1000. So it has been a suspected Nevada's. What happens here is then it creates an animal data frame. You can see here market fact underscore one whether the ties door here and it will act like a table if you'll never pick this one. So you can see in the EC Children are here 9. Data Visualizations in R using ggplot: So now we're going to do some blogging. So ahead. In the previous session, we have operated their time to market fact under school one. So now I'm going to me the use off. Deplored Lavery toe Florida bar plot for product I d unless as a good discord head. So here, market fact is my Children off for him and X axis will be fraud i d. And in a type of floridis gm geo on the school. But unless as you get here, Okay, here you can see the actual plot. So here is not blocked output No, on, uh excessively. You can see proud I d all ready. 123 You really cannot identify. Let us change this one. The vendor who created this plane, the father we're going to use. But on this score team won there were using a team function and then really define some correct restrict off the plot output. So here we are going to display at in some angle with XX is so let's as you can discern. And then they will add this bottomless core team in DJ plan to get a beautiful and the devil course. Then as getting so now here you can see broad one and 10 and it's no readable. So you can see here the part our discourse six is having the maximum count off sales while fraud 10 is having the lowest count and brought 14. Also having the Louis count off sales record. But then this is a product I d chord body on a Children description. So far this what we can do, they're going to use proper dimension data frame that we have uploaded here. So in this part, dimension, let me open this one for dimension, and you can see that they're started border categories. So here you can see prod I d and their productivity description. So no, I'm going to join the two table and then they're going to make on unit Afrim having broke Dimension data. So he added that a skill selection are from mark effect we're giving on on us here. Um, throw dimension on the SSB, they're p dot part i d equal toe. I'm dark, orderly and profit griffin doodle and 1000. So here you can see you can use your same secret logic that we have learned before on my skill and article. So let it as a good this one. And it is going toe store in a new better for him. My kid Fact on the school prod is it good here and, uh, to see that you can see here market the broad market unless go effect on the school part here. Okay, I'm going to import on the levity GPU beer. It'll beautify our plot, and you'll air some colors so that it is more user friendly. Now, here I'm going to use the data from Markit. Fact Ron and my axe Texas will be product category into the part I d. And then we are adding barred him. Then we're going to fill our body some colors and then we're going toe chain a team off the bar, and this is a title for creativity. Let's as they go, Dispose him. So here you can see that we have actually group the product activity into furniture, office supply and technology. And here we have the cone. So if you see Office Supply is having the maximum count off the sales microbiology in the second and furniture and having the lowest, let us give the name toe X and Y axis. To do that, we can make the use of lab function and you can make mention the excessive deported category. My access you convention for me. I'm not making because we only have account unless, as you could hear. So here is my not output. So if you want to export upload, you can take this option export Lord on. If you want to doom less June it. So here's the night Awkward. Okay, let us know. Do another part which is box part. So everything remains the same. It's just that we're changing from June Barn. In the previous example, we have used the D number. We're going to use job US plot and then our right access his cells and excess is product category. So is it a product category way? We'll find out what is my median sales and how the distribution of sales or the product category. So let me for a secured just one. Okay, here you can see the output. So here you can see the lot off out flyers here, but my median is very, very low, and there are some sales which are having very high sales value, especially for that analogy against he is very, very high sales value. Let's see together just know, do have blood on the profit. So everything, even the same. I just replaced the Y axis with the Prophet and accept is productivity, and I'm going to fill it with the orange color I want so going to end up pop teen and thank them Escorted credit Katie XX is displayed a category and why is profit? So here you can see the distribution based on the profit. From this, we can conclude in technology is the most proper table, with a median value between somewhere between 2 55 100 Mind the office supply is having the lowest ah, profit venues. Likewise, let me as you two cells. So this is that are put off the sense. So here you can see office supplying is having the lower cell when technology is having the higher sin. Now, since this blocky not reliable, I went to father feel great out. So I'm going to get a new, better frame, which is market underscore. Fact on the scope, part one. And so let's start for Mike effect for a dimension. Their sales of between 0 to 5000. So it will get a new data frame market on the scope broad one. And you can see here, Uh, here is Mike Effect, Portland. Unless as he could. This one. So here's my Alcorn. Now we can see it more clearly now in this plot, what we have done, we have replaced from the previous market product to market 0.1 because we're starting a new sex, a value in market friend telescope, Part one, and reason that we're goingto were plotting this graph. So let me plot one instagram plot here. So here have indeed made the use of geo history Graham beans 40 and cleverly black and filled with some color. And it really gives you that means sale. Let's see that report here for headache and see that most of the means heels are very, very Hi, Miss Ali. Most of the men cells are very, very low and there are some few skills which are very, very high. I hope you are not clear that my secret, our secret fightin, is very, very powerful because that analysis is very easy on our and in fightin better than on my still or article activities because here the end user can directly see now plots and they can give you some business insight. So in the next session, we will go toe. You didn't the data from Dr Viz directly, and we'll read the letter like employees determined department data that we have important in my sequel or article service. 10. Connecting MySQL with R and DML operations-1: in this session, We're going toe. A strict data from the RTV means that obvious, which is my secret. And if they're using, you can use the article. So, Father, I'm going to use the libraries like DB A and R my sickle and the packages on my sequel. So here we're going to take my secret. An example. So the festival we have to treat a condition through the condition we have to use our my sequel. My secret. Use that I d. Password off your nut abyss the D. V name. I'm going to use a company Hoste House in the I P address off the server where the nervousness stall since we haven't stolen are the best in our local laptop. So you can mention that horse have underneath 7.1 and port is 3306 Our hostin also local last. Let's change to local host. Okay, so I'm important. Every library is important. I'm not executing the first because I already installed the package. So just as a good my TV connection, So it is connected. Okay, number data you want? Okay, One from employees. So let's take a make a variable and we're be stole this very well. So let's start from employees as he could discern. Okay, Now this devious and purity is going toe. Send the common do the database with the help of my Devi condition. So this is a good leader. Sickle. Okay, now this With the help of the fetch, we're going defend the data from the data sequel. So distorting the implied here. So he had a gun. So it has been already exported. So invited. So here you can see the outward, so yes, in my employ idea, let us also important the department table. Select Star. We haven't done it for lead this year. Steps or less. Stuff on department. The masculine department here. So you can see the output here now, Once you have important all the tables, then you have a secret is coming on exist so that it disconnected my leaving. No, we can like our secret Curie's as it did the same way how we wrote on my secular our article. So I'm going to get a new different employees department Having the record from both department with a joint condition off with the inner joined the nation says he could a Z here. So here you can see the out port. And here also, if you don't people you can see that output. Here, let me close. Let me close another. People's under the table. So? So here you can write whatever Gruber function you. Unless there I won't imply count by department. So what you can do? We can leave us killed here in the record close. So stunned S C and D Then let's say department name calling on department them. So let me open. This one is indeed him Denham from imply department Devil. Goodbye. I need it semi colon and that is a good So here is mount put so you can see a new station having three employees headquarters hang one in play and it's such is having for employees so likewise you can like other secret beauties in the same way as you don't for my secret 11. Connecting MySQL with R and DDL operations-2: we can also clear the table directly from the Are so here we have a sample like I'm going to create a table there table e m p underscore. And four. And we're having three column your city. He'll street between the name here street and L A s s float. I'm going to get a table with three columns so far that first you have to assign the common toe a very calculated Nisqually emptiness. Do it now with the help off this India, which is my db Injun. I'm goingto past this common indoor. My secret a secure. So it has been corrected. Let's go back, toe my secret and see if you can Curie. So we have since we helped connected the company. Let us refresh company here the fish on and see that tables here. So here you can see that imply in four which is created and you can see the column with three columns Here, let me insert somebody courts into this to go there we can You visited the same common that we have returned for details. Some women start to records here. Is he cute? And then with the help off Devi send Cootie. It could insert that in court in the spelling. So let s secure the data here. Let's see, Let's start from Company B and B in four. And as he could so you can see the duty courts had been instead of successfully so likewise you can perform and some other Deimel operation you can perform some deal Commons toe have more idea about are functioning and then you can do some own plant of insulation. You can make the use of same. Come on, let me have done before. Two billion concept.