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Write Like Jurassic World - screenwriting course

Ryan Estabrooks, Screenwriter/Director

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15 Videos (1h)
    • Introduction

    • Themes of Jurassic World

    • World Building

    • Turn a Perceived Character Flaw Into a Source of Conflict

    • Introduce a Character Performing a Skill

    • Introduce a Skill That a Character Isn't an Expert at Yet

    • Let Human Emotion Create Conflict

    • Two Sources of Conflict Are Better Than One

    • Establish a Rule of Safety, Then Break It

    • A Hero Has Control of a Dangerous Thing, Then The Villain Gains Control

    • Elements in the Background that Will Aid Your Protagonist

    • Have a Trump Card in the Pocket

    • Gray & Zach

    • Claire

    • Owen


About This Class


Learn how the writers behind Jurassic World utilized methods to make it one of the biggest films in the world. Instead of talking about abstract screenwriting theories that are hard to grasp, you will see actual scenes dissected so you can understand how the pros are actually writing these big hit movies.

Master Screenwriting Methods Utilized in Jurassic World and Use Them in Your Own Screenplays

Participate in writing activities based on the methods used in Jurassic World

Understand the themes of Jurassic World and how they shape the movie

Learn how different characters are written and what makes them unique

Beef Up Your Screenwriting Skills by Seeing How Big Movies are Written

Jurassic World was one of the biggest films of 2015, breaking the opening weekend box office record at the time. Overall, the success of the film comes down to the writing - this is where every movie starts.

Seeing how the writers of Jurassic World employed methods to their characters, plot points and themes will give you more tools to use in your own writing. It will spark your creativity and show you methods you may have never seen before. And with the included activities, you will be able to practice these methods until you understand them inside and out.

Content and Overview

Geared towards beginning screenwriters but useful to ALL writers, you will see why particular scenes from Jurassic World are so successful, the usage of the characters in the film, and how the themes of the movie drive the story. The lessons included have activities at the end so you can practice writing immediately! Think of them as exercises for your writing muscles.

First, we will cover the themes of Jurassic World, such as the ethics of genetic engineering and what our theme parks tell us about our capitalist society. Then, we will look at lessons taken from individual scenes and plot points. You will see how character skills are introduced, how benefits to characters are suddenly taken away, and how you can surprise your audience with the climax of your movie. Finally, we will focus on the 4 main characters of Jurassic World and understand what makes them unique.

After completing this course, you will have a better understanding as to how professional screenwriters write these big movies. Even better, you will be able to practice these skills with the included exercises and them use them in your OWN movies!





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Ryan Estabrooks


Ryan Estabrooks is an award winning screenwriter who has been writing for more than 12 years. In addition to being a writer, he is also a director, actor, and musician. He has written and/or directed numerous short films, web series, commercials, and documentaries. He is passionate about sharing his knowledge with others so that they can make great art to share with the world.

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