Write In Steps: The Amazing Nonfiction Book Writing Formula

Ian Stables, I'm Here To Help You

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    • Introduction

    • Create simple lists that make everything easier - 1

    • Create simple lists that make everything easier - 2

    • Create simple lists that make everything easier - 3

    • Create simple lists that make everything easier - 4

    • My top 'Conversation Method' - You always know what to say (A game changer)

    • The easy way to word it the way readers love

    • You must answer these questions and the most effective way to do it - Pt 1

    • You must answer these questions and the most effective way to do it - Pt 2

    • You must answer these questions and the most effective way to do it - Pt 3

    • You must answer these questions and the most effective way to do it - Pt 4

    • Two things you should do that make your book top quality

    • Add More Quality Content... With Little Writing (Secret of Professional Books)

    • You need to understand this first

    • Steps 1 and 2 - Save time and find every error and poor wording

    • Step 3 - This makes your words sound natural

    • What I always look for

    • How to finish the rest of your points

    • What is the purpose of your introduction and what to offer readers

    • The hook - You must have this first

    • I reveal the very powerful story of discovery

    • The powerful feature/benefit formula

    • The super easy conclusion - It's simplicity itself (Readers love it)

    • I walk you through all the simple steps

    • How to Write Your Entire Book in a Mindmap - 1

    • How to Write Your Entire Book in a Mindmap - 2

    • How to Write Your Entire Book in a Mindmap - 3

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About This Class

How would you feel if you could write your nonfiction books following super simple steps? Not only that, but end up with a quality book? Every single time.

Watch the First Five Lectures for Free

​This process is undoubtedly new to you.

- No long outlining process.

- No long agonizing writing marathons.

- No long editing sessions at the end.

- Each step includes everything a quality nonfiction book should have.

This is a supercharged game changer for many authors. You'll see this for yourself when you use this process.

You can use this immediately. Works every single time.

Hi. My name is Ian Stables, best-selling author of more than fifty Kindle books. I am going to teach you how to write quality nonfiction books easier and faster.

This ingenious system was developed over many years of trial and error.

It makes it so simple, ANYBODY can do it. Just follow the steps.

You know how it feels to write a book. You are anxious to complete the outline so you can start to write your book. I was the same. I constantly worried in case I had forgotten something.

After the outline, comes the many hours of writing. You struggle trying to decide what to say next and how to say it. When you've done all that, you're still far from finished.

You have to edit everything you've written. How I always hated this long process. I'm sure you are familiar with the feeling in the pit of your stomach as you are faced with this task..

I am an innovator and always look for better ways. After two years of learning, testing, and tweaking, I finally created a simple and repeatable step-by-step process, that easily turns out quality books. Writing is now a lot simpler and faster.

ANYONE can write a quality non-fiction book using this simple step-by-step process.

You can write a book on any subject. Just follow the super simple steps.

Other writing methods follow the long laborious method of creating an outline, writing the book, and finally spending a long time editing it.

The 'Write In Steps' method is different. It is much easier, faster, and produces a top quality result. In simple steps, every ingredient is included that makes for a quality non-fiction book.

The normal way is to spend a lot of time creating the outline. After that, there is the long writing process. Finally, you have to edit everything you've written. I am going to teach you my very effective process that writes top quality non-fiction books. It's far simpler than the normal process and produces superb results.

This method combines all three steps.

You start writing your book from the very first word. The editing is done during the process, which is far easier.

My books have improved since I started using this process. It is so simple. Anybody, who can type, can write a quality non-fiction book.

Overview of the entire process:

1. Create simple lists in just minutes. These are the most important parts of your book.

2. One at a time, easily expand each item using my unique Conversation Method. I will reveal it to you. It is super simple and you'll always know what to say.

3 In easy steps, add examples, analogies, and learning aids.

4 Edit the short section before you repeat with the next. I am going to teach you the most effective way to catch every single error and poor wording. It's a highly effective editing process I developed through trial and error. It doesn't miss a thing.

5 Craft an introduction that practically forces people to buy and read your book. This is a very effective three step process.

6 Write a simple book conclusion that reviewers of my books have they love.

7 When you're done, your book just needs formatting. That's it. Simple.

Stop writing your books the old hard way.

Make nonfiction book writing easy and fast.

Enroll now.

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This style of writing helped me immediately. I think it is easier to organize my thoughts and what I need to convey using his formula for laying out non-fiction. Many thanks, holly
Very good information.





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