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Write Faster & Finish Your Book Quicker

Bonnie Baguley, WildMind Creative: For Authors

Write Faster & Finish Your Book Quicker

Bonnie Baguley, WildMind Creative: For Authors

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9 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Let's Go!

    • 2. Before You Write

    • 3. Creating a Productive Writing Space

    • 4. Focus

    • 5. The No.1 Way to Write Faster

    • 6. Writing Sprints

    • 7. Staying Motivated

    • 8. Cure Writer's Block for Good

    • 9. Warp-Up & 3 Bonus Tips

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About This Class

Want to write faster and finish your book quicker all while retaining the quality of your work? Yes, it is possible!

In this class you’ll learn simple and effective ways you can write faster, including: 

  • Outlining and researching before you write
  • Setting up a productive writing space
  • Easy ways to increase your focus
  • The number one way to boost your writing speed
  • Writing sprints and challenges
  • Tips for staying motivated
  • How to beat writer’s block

Whether you are a beginner writer or have several books to your name, you’ll find these easy-to-apply writing tips invaluable for increasing your productivity and pushing through self-doubt.


Your Instructor

Bonnie Baguley is an author, marketing mentor, and the founder of WildMind Creative, a site designed to help authors write, publish and market their books.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Bonnie Baguley

WildMind Creative: For Authors


Bonnie Baguley is an author, writing coach, marketing mentor, and the founder of WildMind Creative, an author community created to help you turn writing dreams into reality. 

Originally from Australia, Bonnie now lives by the sea in southern Spain, where she spends her time writing and exploring picturesque villages.

To access the FREE Writer Resource Library head to wildmindcreative.com


Reviews for Become an Unstoppable Writer: Overcome Your Fears & Write Your Novel

"This book is an insightful, and beneficial look into what stops writers from being able to achieve their aspirations. The author not only outlines the misgivings budding, and even highly accomplished writers may have, but also offers extremely valuable advice and t... See full profile

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1. Let's Go! : What if I told you that you could write faster and finish your book quicker, all while retaining the quality of your work? Yes, it is possible. People often think that writing foster comes at the cost of quality. But in fact the opposite is true. More words you produce, the higher the quality of your work. Practice makes perfect, and the more you can practice riding better and faster you'll be able to write. Hi, I'm Bonnie. Thank you, Lee, and I'm very happy to have you join me. I'm in Ortho Marquita and the founder of World Mine. Creative Aside, designed to help older, right publish and promote their books. All writers have their own speed at which they write a book. Yet many would love to write. Foster, you may need to meet a deadline, get that first drop down, or simply write as much as possible in the limited time you have available in this course will be taking a deep dive into tried and tested methods for writing your book faster. We'll talk about outlining, researching before you begin how you can set up a productive writing space Look, regardless of your resource is we'll look at some easy ways to increase your focus and the number one way to boost your writing speed. We'll talk about using running sprints and challenges such as not a remote to kick start. Your story will discuss tips for staying motivated and simple ways to cure writer's book. Finally, I'll be adding in some barns, tips to everything we've lent before we wrap up. So we really do have a lot to cover. Let's dive on in. 2. Before You Write: If you want to write fast, then it's important to begin with the solid foundation. This means having an at large, no matter how basic doing your research beforehand and dividing up your writing into manageable sections. Let's begin with your outline. Your outlining is the scaffolding off your story like a skeleton and provides the barns on which the meat of your story relies. Working from an outline these foster and more effective because you already have a road map for the direction your stories taking. This means less time wasted, trying to come up with ideas on the fly and more time writing. Your outline also ensures that you have a plot that works from the start. Rather than finding yourself midway through a manuscript that's going nowhere, there's a range of different ways you complete your story, including the to react method, the Snow flight method, character driven plots and the Blakes. Not a big cheap experiment to find what best works for you. If you prefer to let your story vote as you brought, then you can keep your outline loose, enoughto adding ideas and details as you progress. Another way to streamline your writing process is by doing your research beforehand. This means getting to know your characters, the sitting and exploring any other details before you sit down to write research allows you to further develop new story ideas and consider any details that you might have otherwise missed without holding out your writing process. Break it down. Writing a book is a big undertaking, so it's natural that you're going to feel a little overwhelmed by the task. Try breaking down your riding into manageable chunks. Look for the easiest, smallest step you can take to begin writing. Keep it simple. You don't have to have it all figured out at the beginning. Focus on the essential and commit to a writing routine that you can maintain if you chip away writing your book little by little, then you'll be able to build up momentum rather than having it looming over you. 3. Creating a Productive Writing Space: while you're celery and last all might know laughter, and I d like riding retreat. That doesn't mean you can't make your writing space a productive century. Begin by finding a dedicated space to write it, whether it's a separate room at the end of the kitchen bench or a quiet corner in your local cafe experiment to find a place that suits you, have a think about the conditions you need to ride. Do you work best while others are working around you? Or, in total silence? Well, a stunning view. Destructor and spy. Get rid of any excess meself your disk and make sure you have everything you need on hand. So you're writing Time isn't disrupted by looking for that spare pin or trying to find your nights. Make it comfortable Having a space where you're comfortable is essential. Consider the ergonomics of your space. Ask yourself what seating you need. Then think about the natural lining, traffic noises and room temperature. Make sure you keep words that a comfortable high and your chair doesn't make you overextend . Trying to rate your work useful Spectrum Light bulbs for other than fluorescent relating to reduce your eye strain posters also import more your writing, so try and sit straight with both your feet on the floor. Position your screen a high level and keep your risks relaxed as you type. Destructions are the enemy to creative work, so eliminate as many as possible before you sit down, close the door. If you have one, put up a do not disturb sign and put on some noise canceling headphones. Or you can try writing at a time when everyone else is asleep. There's no bigger time thief than the Internet, so turn off your phone and disconnect from the WiFi. If this isn't an option, at least turn off your notifications or install an Internet blockers such as freedom or focus. Saranda Soap with inspiration. I want you to close your eyes for a minute and imagine your ideal writing space. What can you recreate from that image? Do you need to put up some quartz or porters that remind you why you're writing? Would a vision board help keep you motivated? Do you need plants? Upper rightfully wool? Make your writing space into a place that you want to spend time in. Fill it with objects that you love, and that will keep you inspired. Make the most of the space that you have. You don't have to wipe for ideal conditions to ride. Keep in mind that the purpose of having a dedicated riding spaces to motivate yourself to write consistently If you spend too long trying to set up your space before each writing session, then you end up reducing your actual writing time. Remember, you're better off running despite the distractions than not writing, it'll. 4. Focus: it's impossible to talk about running for activity without talking about four years. Your ability to focus on the writing at hand is the number one determining factor and successfully telling your story whether you have an entire day and afternoon or just him minutes. There a number of ways you can increase your writing focus. The first is by saving your writing time for writing. One of the biggest killers of productivity is multi tasking. It's tempting to try and do two or three things at once, but studies show that multitasking is not as effective as we'd like to believe. Don't researcher and it while you're riding. If you get stuck, make a note of it and move on. Now is also not the time for messaging that friend that you haven't caught up with him forever or doing the washing up that's been building up over the past week. All that come way now is your time for riding. The second is to take small steps before each writing session. Take a moment to clarify your goals for decision. It can help to refer to your outline each time you finish by taking a few minutes to identify what you need to work on. Next time, you'll ensure that you begin your writing session with a sense of purpose. Another way to do this is to finish your writing meet sentence. This way you'll always be able to pick up your story in the middle of the action, right at the best time for you. Some of us are morning birds what others write best in the quiet hours of the night. Find out when you are at your most focused on creative and schedule your riding time in these hours. Make it important and treated the same as you would any other unbreakable commitment look after yourself. Don't force yourself to run on empty. It's difficult to concentrate effectively when you're run down and tired. Try to get enough sleep, fresh air and exercise. A brisk walk outside before sitting down. To write can help wake up your creativity and get you thinking about your plot before you even begin. And finally coffee because it's a delicious attention. Priest of that fuels Many rise, so thank you coffee. I couldn't do it without you 5. The No.1 Way to Write Faster: So what's the number? One way to write faster. It counts down to one word. Imperfection. Your ability to turn off your inner critic and give yourself permission to write badly. It's one of the greatest indicators of your future success. As a writer, you're probably familiar with getting a critic, that little voice inside that thrives on self death. It's the voice that forces you to endlessly re write. That sentence scrapped that half finished manuscript and sometimes stopped writing altogether. Fortunately, there are some tried and tested ways to silence that unhelpful in a voice. The first is to just keep on writing. Your self doubt is not gonna magically disappear overnight, so face it head on, keep going and keep running through the fear. Used tricks such as writing sprints, word can't goals and group challenges to force yourself to push through. You're not a line about having doubts about your work, and ironically, some of the most talented authors know these feeling all too well. When things are overwhelming, try breaking down. You're writing into manageable goals. Remind yourself of why you began by first, Sing on your passion rather than your fears. You'll continue to move forward even when you're feeling Anson. The second trick is to reframe your fuse. Some authors use. They refuse to drive their work. Try envisioning yourself. Debt is necessary to moving out of your comfort zone and improving your writing. Sit out to prove your fears wrong. It can help to answer your self doubt with a positive affirmation. So remind yourself daily that you have the ability to be a successful and prolific writer. The third Teepees to avoid comparing yourself to others, holding yourself up to the work of successful things can feel overwhelming. Sure, there work maybe amazing, but it's also been edited and had a 1,000,000,000 different copies and run overs before it's been published. Thinking that you're inadequate to other holders doesn't make it true. There will always be bitter unless a Rajasthan yourself you have your own story to tell and your own way to tell it. Conquer your inner critic by taking pride in your own work and knowing that you have something unique to offer the world. Focus on your strengths. Build yourself up rather than tearing yourself down. Don't spend all your time agonizing over your weaknesses. Who could have by You've come rather than half. I. You still have to go. Confidence really is a skill that can be developed, so begin by celebrating your achievements, however small and becoming your own. She later surround yourself with supportive people. Writing can be isolating so cultivated network of fellow writers, family, friends and supporters. Your book doesn't have to be perfect. It just has to be breathing. You might hold yourself up to high standards, but it's hard to begin on your writing when you're continually anxious that how you'll be perceived get comfortable with the idea that your book is never gonna be perfect. But if you continue to show up, it will continue to improve. Start where you are with what you have and during expect perfection. 6. Writing Sprints: If you're ready to take things up a notch, then it's time to talk about time driving sprints. Nothing speeds up your running faster than putting yourself under pressure, said. Give it a try. Set a timer for 10 15 or 25 minutes and then force yourself to write as much as possible. In that time, it might turn out to be a total myth or an unexpected pace of genius. Either way, I will get you out of your head and writing. Many writers use the Pomodoro method on a regular basis, breaking out there riding into a 25 minute blocks of time. If you want to take this feather there, plenty of online governs the organized collective writing sprints or you conform your own. Another way to increase your writings babies. But joining a challenge, possibly the best won't own challenge is non every March, which is also known as National Riding Up. It's an event where thousands of runners around the globe attempt to ride a 50,000 word novel in the month of November. It's a fantastic way for writers to motivate themselves, establish a riding routine, be procrastination and tap into a supportive community of fellow riders. Many successful authors have begun writing this way. A similar event is Camp Non Arema, which has run in April in July. It's slightly different from Nana Re Mert in that brightest can work on any type of creative project, and they're free to sit there. Ironwood can't goals. Writing competitions can also be a great way to silence your inner critic and boost your running speed. Working to the deadline imposed by competition can force you to finish your writing quicker than you normally would. 7. Staying Motivated: as a rod. A. You know how satisfying it is to have that flash of creative inspiration, that feeling that you just can't talk the words fost enough. Unfortunately, that doesn't happen every day. The reality is that you're going to have days when you just don't feel motivated to write at all. Learning to stay motivated is a valuable skill for any writer toe learn. After all, if you waited around to feel 100% motivated before you brought, then you book me, never get written. So let's have a look at what you can do to stay inspired to write. Know why you're writing if you're not feeling motivated to write than it could be because you don't have a clear idea of while riding. Having a reason for writing will help you stick to your routine and put in the hard work. Even on those days when you're not feeling, only you cannot. So the question off why you bright and only you need to know the answer. No, you're worried blocks. Are there certain destructions that consistently railroad your writing progress and cause you to lose momentum? How can you eliminate, or at least reduce these write books. I know myself that I find it difficult to get into the zone on Mondays. After relaxing weekend, I try and start with the easiest piece of work and build up into the day from there. Know what holds you back, and you can focus on finding the solution. Track your progress. Tracking your writing progress is vital to ensuring that you're making progress and keeping yourself motivated to continue whether you track your progress by your word cat hours spent at your desk on while stones or daily streaks. Recent shows that people that track their progress are more likely to achieve their goals. Share your journey bright and conveying Lonely job. And while many writers enjoy this all the time, establishing a network of fellow authors can be an invaluable source of support. Their frustrations that are only those that right understand Talking to sell a writers can be a fantastic way to beat writers, book, brainstorm new ideas and gets a much needed feedback. Teaming up with the writing partner is also a great way to stay accountable to reaching your goal. Consider enlisting the help off, brining mental or riding coach to keep you on track. Finally, try to enjoy your writing. It sounds obvious, but something inspired you to begin writing. Pretend to that when you're feeling down about your progress, beginning trying session with a feeling of anticipation rather than dread. Make your writing space a productive place that you look forward to being in. Write the book you want and celebrate each small win along the journey. 8. Cure Writer's Block for Good: So you finally carved out some time for writing. And yet now you find yourself staring blankly at the computer screen. The frustration of writer's block Friday's book means different things to different writers . For some, it's an unexplained, temporary inability to get with down on the page. For others, it may be due to anxiety or irritation. While some writers find the interest in this story wanes and they feel disengaged, many authors claim that riders book is simply a myth. An excuse for those times when you don't feel like writing or anxiety is holding you back, regardless of how you want to define it. How do you stop writing again when you've come to a standstill? Here's a few tips to get you moving Stop anyway, agonizing over the perfect opening line. Skip it and go into the next scene, or maybe even the next chapter. We'll start your book from the middle. There's nothing wrong with writing the easiest scenes first and leaving that's difficult to write chapters for later. You don't have to write in a lenient fashion. Write down the key scenes. Those that the clearest in your mind and feeling the blanks later free riding free writing is writing whatever comes into your mind. You want to give it a try, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Set a timer and then just right, right? Whatever comes into your head, don't overthink it right without regard for Gramma spelling all storyline, keep running until the time it goes off. The goal of free riding is to write without censoring yourself, free from in ambitions, data or self consciousness. It's a great way to vent your writing fears and hash out any half baked ideas. Switch up your routine. A solo bribing routine is a fantastic way to achieve your running goals, but every now and then you have to allow for a little in a route value. Change it up by writing in a different setting. Try cafe, a library or your local park. Trying different times of the day will turn off your computer and do some writing my hand writing exercises. Creative writing prompts riding sprints or short story excited and get those creative juices flowing again. It could be related to your story. Created backstory for a character. Refine a sitting will think about the things in your work, we'll try something completely different. Write some poetry of low post or general. Step away from your disk. Sometimes the solution is a simple as going for a walk spending, timing, nitric and help Olivia anxiety and connect with the outside world. Daydream a little Free up your imagination rather than trying to force those words. Reconnect with your creative means. Sometimes taking a break is the best thing you can do for your overworked mind. Get to work on something creative drawn it, scribble banging a drum of regions on your living room. Take your mind off running for a while, then returned to your desk with fresh eyes right for yourself. Ditch the perfectionism. Forget about your readers and brought purely for yourself right. Without editing and second guessing yourself, Give your mind timeto wonder and explore random ideas like a kid. Allow yourself to write badly. No one else has to see your writing unless you want to show them. And the majority of authors have drawls poor, poorly written manuscripts. They'd rather that the world did not see show up Regardless. Often the best way out is simply through as variety, John Rogers says. You can't think yourself out of a riding look. You have to write yourself out of a thinking book turned up at your desk and write something, Anything. You don't have to have your story figured out or really know where the storylines going. It'll just get some words down on the page. Often there's no magic trick to inspiration other than to keep writing until your writing improves. Find the cause of the book. Brightest Vulcan generally be attributed to a deeper problem. Fear, perfectionism or need for approval. Take some time out to get to the root of your creative book. Egx. Is this a one time thing or recurrent problem? How can you face the cause of this book? Proactively. Tight breaks Studies show that taking regular breaks short rest every 30 to 60 minutes increases your productivity and creativity. Working for extended periods of time can lead toe eyestrain, exhaustion and burnout. So do your story of favor and step away from the desk from time to time. Break up your writing into time or workout blocks. Change it up. If you need a change of scenery, it can help to leave your house from time to time and spend your writing time working from somewhere ups. It's also a great way to avoid all those at home destructions. 9. Warp-Up & 3 Bonus Tips: and now it's time to put fingers to the keyboard. Turn off your inner critic, set your timer and stop writing to help you on your way. I have three bonus tips to increase your word count. Make writing enjoyable. Writing a book is it began to taking, and they were going to be days. When you simply don't feel like sitting down to write, try to approach her writing with the sense of anticipation. Robin 100 Writing is a choice, and if you look upon it as a gift to yourself, then you are more likely to find the words. If you're struggling to get in the mood, kick off your writing sessions with some free riding or writing prompts. To loosen up your creativity, you might want to add in a ritual, such as making a coffee or clearing off your desk before you begin. Do what works for you. Whether that means playing head banging rockers, you brainstorm or feeling your balls with writing quotes. This is your space and your time to write GAM. If I You're right, Gamification means tending your tasks into games in order to motivate yourself to complete them. We're all motivated by the promise of reward and the feeling of accomplishment. When you turned writing into a game, you offset the challenge of getting the work done by their award you'll receive at the end . There are countless ways that you can gamma phi your riding. Think about linking our award to H writing gold, for example, maybe you'll receive a restaurant. Do you know when you hit 5000 words or punishment for failing to complete your goals for the week? For example, If you miss a day of riding this weight, you have to pay your partner Tim Nola's. There are plenty of apps available, such as Be Mind a ride or die on hubby Tika that can help to turn your girls into a game. The whole idea is simply to challenge yourself, to write in a way that's fun and motivating. Finally, move on rather than spending your whole running Citian sweating of the perfect would or line of dialogue, simply make North to come back and move on. It's a simple trick, but it's surprisingly effective, And that's everything. Thank you so much for joining me for this course. I really hope it's helped you to overcome a writing bird blocks you may have had and increase your writing speeds that you can publish your book quicker. If you have any questions or you want to continue the discussion, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can always contact me by the world mine period of social media channels Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or you can send me a message by the website Contact Page at wild Wind creative dot com. The best of luck with your riding and I look forward to seeing you at the next course.