Write Better Business Emails in 6 Easy Steps - with Tiffany Markman

Tiffany Markman, Business writing coach & trainer

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8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Welcome and what to expect

    • 2. Step 1: Know your audience

    • 3. Step 2: Plan ahead

    • 4. Step 3: Use plain language

    • 5. Step 4: Structure emails optimally

    • 6. Step 5: Proofread emails carefully

    • 7. Step 6: Create powerful subject lines

    • 8. Summary & overview of class project


About This Class

This beginner-level class is for anyone who wants to write better business emails in less than 25 minutes. Join skilled international teacher Tiffany Markman as she guides you through the 6 critical steps of creating best-practice business emails:

  1. Know your audience
  2. Plan ahead
  3. Use plain language 
  4. Structure optimally
  5. Proof-read carefully
  6. Create good subject lines

None of this is rocket science but millions of people are getting these all-important elements wrong every day - not to mention, feeling anxious about the first impression their writing creates.

Complete this practical, outcomes-based class and you'll start to master the 6 techniques of better email writing. More importantly, however, you'll become more confident and more capable in your daily work.

To complete this class, all you need is a basic working knowledge of business English, a notebook and pen, and access to your email programme of choice. Join Tiffany Markman today - this is going to be fun!