Write An Amazing "About" Page for Your Blog or Business | Nadia Eldemerdash | Skillshare

Write An Amazing "About" Page for Your Blog or Business

Nadia Eldemerdash, Writer, editor, and blogger

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6 Videos (29m)
    • Intro to "Writing an About Page"

    • Deciding What to Write

    • Style and Tone

    • What NOT to Write

    • Examples of Successful About Pages

    • Class Project: Write Your Own About Page!


About This Class

Whether you're a blogger, entrepreneur, or small business owner, it's crucial that your "About" page reflects your brand and your mission. The "About" page of a site is one of the most important - and most visited - pages on any website - and when someone is on our "About" page, it indicates a serious interest in your work. It's up to you to take advantage of that interest with an "About" page that informs and engages. 

Basically, you've already got your reader where you want them. Now it's up to you to keep them there. So how do you do that? In this class, we'll talk about how to approach the task of writing an "About" page: what you need to consider in terms of content, style, and branding to create a page that converts visitors into customers and readers into fans.  






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Nadia Eldemerdash

Writer, editor, and blogger

I am a professional writer, editor, and blogger. I work as a consultant on matters of public relations, content marketing, and social media management, helping agencies and clients in every industry create compelling content that establishes brands as industry leaders and streamlines the customer pipeline.

As a writer, I've written pieces on everything from politics and current events to lifestyle and entertainment, for publications such as The Tempest, Broad Street Review, Muftah...

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